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Rebecca Harrington
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Welcome to the second episode of Oh Boy, hosted by Jay Buim and featuring intimate conversations with women who are so g-dang cool, it makes you reconsider your get-of-town policy in conjunction with New York’s winter.

Was that trying too hard?

I’m sorry. With my wit, which incidentally is falling flat, I’m just trying to impress Rebecca Harrington, this week’s guest. She once wrote about wrinkle cream for us and is known as the resident dieter for The Cut (you may remember when she tried the Liz Taylor diet on for size, or only ate aphrodisiacs for a day…or that time she consumed more Pumpkin Spice lattes than a SoulCycle-to-brunch enthusiast does while on the Taylor Swift diet) and the prolific writer of such books as “Penelope” and the recently-released “I’ll Have What She’s Having.” Hopefully after today, she’s also willing to take on the title, “Leandra’s best friend.”

Tune in as she and Jay discuss what it’s like to wear an eyepatch (not to be confused with iPatch, a new smart vision-blocker that shows you a better version of reality than the one you live in) as a kid, why 19th century archaeologists make sense within her narrative and how a website dedicated to William Howard Taft’s sleep apnea and subsequent diet led to her second book, “I’ll Have What She’s Having.”

OH! AND HERE’S A COOL PIECE OF INFORMATION FOR YOU! The Man Repeller Podcast is officially on iTunes (and currently holding the #1 spot in the Fashion and Beauty vertical), so subscribe, rate us and if you missed last week’s episode, featuring me, listen to that one too. We are so excited my nipples are literally going to fall off. Like just hit the ground running.

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  • I just got to the part where Rebecca mentions her dream of writing a novel about dinosaur hunters in the 19th century. She’s my favorite. Thank you, Jay and Man Repeller!

    • Leandra Medine


  • courtney

    THIS IS SO GOOD. Both episodes were so good. Leandra, I think you’re my spirit animal *insert flutter heart emoji*

  • Sophia Simons

    She sort of reminds me of Shoshana from Girls haha!

  • BB

    You guys… This podcast is the best!!! Leandra, I love you. And Rebecca’s diary about the woman who constantly faints in Paris. dying…

  • Julie Kirk

    You know you’re in good company when the conversation turns to the “epistolary novel”! And I so want to read ‘Alfred’s Afflictions’. Great episode.