Creepy Habits: We Spent a Week Style Stalking Lucy Chadwick

Who is she and why does she look so g-dang cool all the time


There is no experience so profound as identifying a new face on the street style circuit and subsequently pledging allegiance to his or her mode of dress.

An element of very welcome discomfort washes over you as you observe this new face wear a double breasted poplin dress — neither branded nor too-dressy — that is striped in red, white and blue and looks not at all like a walking promotion for the vaguely imminent presidential elections so much as she does the most compelling case for using toothpaste as a style icon to aspire toward.

Then there is also the question of how long you must wait for your eyesight to depreciate in order to approximate both the thick rimmed eye glasses and wire frame aviators so endemic to her style, which perfectly compliment a pair of brocade Dries Van Noten boots that you thought were a myth and prompted a goose hunt across New York City once you realized they were not so that you too could call them your own.

And those varying tonal shades of barely-worth-mentioning white! Or is it earth? What must I do in order to wear a sand-colored linen blouse with a dove gray trench coat and white culottes without looking like a millennial cross between Morticia Addams (as in, dead) and this one gym teacher, a failed artist, that I had in high school?

Speaking of culottes, there’s another pair that’s striped! And it’s cleverly paired with alternatively striped slides. WHERE DO YOU BUY YOUR STUFF?

I could be that girl.

Can’t I be that girl?

But see, nothing feels as satisfying as realizing, once you’ve finally addressed with her the vaguely creepy circumstance at hand (you’ve had your photographer style-stalking her all week), that she maintains an English accent, does not work in fashion (she’s a gallery director, of course!) and agrees with you, absolutely, that toothpaste-chic trumps designer anything.

By a landslide.


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  • deb

    OH! She is definitely stalk-worthy!!!!

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  • AH. she is the epitome of cool.

  • Julia

    You might want to check an old video about her by The Selby for Zara. It just makes you love her even more

  • Adore her. I used her as inspiration so many days. Somehow I end up looking like Patti Mayonnaise from Doug. Always.

  • She doesn’t try too hard, and that’s why she’s great. That’s her style…always.

  • Aydan

    Deffo channeling this at work right now. So glad great minds think alike!!

  • Allie Fasanella

    i love the girl’s face in the background of the main photo. also those pants she’s sporting at Eckhaus Latta, i’d get married in those, easily.

  • Isabel
    • yes! this is the little video that launched a thousand ‘style-stalks!’

      • Leandra Medine

        Hi ems. Miss u

  • Lucy Chadwick! I, like many I’m sure, fell in love with Ms. Chadwick in that Selby x Zara mini-film from some years back. Everything in her life seemed to carry some sort of ease and elegance, with a bit of novelty! Just like her style.

    And per your point about not working in fashion. That’s so interesting because there was a piece on i-D’s site back in May that raised the question as to whether or not ‘art people’ are more stylish than ‘fashion people.’ Of course there is no linear answer — and also, who is to say — but when this is applied to the designers themselves, it seems to make a lot of sense. The other day my friend and I were discussing the “dope-ness” that was the Eckhaus Latta show, and of course both Eckhaus and Latta were art students at RISD.
    Seeing that the aforementioned humble art institution in Providence is sort of the Harvard equivalent of art schools in its own right, this example could be a hyper-manifestation of this notion of the art vs. fashion person, but I think the merit in the argument lies in the ability to bring context into any scenario. The ‘art girl’ may be more stylish than the ‘fashion girl’ simply by virtue of deep external knowledge. Bubbles, man! Works wonders to pop them for a fresh perspective!

  • Rachel Coleman

    She’s beyond cool. Seriously, those boots with the denim dress. ahhhhhh

  • Ero Fix

    Is anyone else crushing on the peplum photobombing Chadwick in the first photo?

  • TheRanta

    Her aesthetic is so beautifully effortless. You can see that she puts care into her choices (fashion, decor, etc.), but she’s not fussy or precious. I love the cuts of what she wears, too — drapey, a bit oversized/boxy, menswear-qua-womenswear, and always beautiful on her, because she owns her look.

  • Emma – GMS Silver Jewellery

    Oh Die! Is she on insta?

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    Thank you for sharing a new style stalk. Because like we all stalk ADR, LEANDRA MEDINE, me, but now you’ve brought a new stalk suspect into the mix for all of those who weren’t aware of the magic which is LC

  • Denise

    AMAZING outfit! Just felt in LOVE!


  • super late but welcome to the fan club Medine.

  • Isn’t Lucy Chadwick the kind of person that creates trends, sometimes years before society is ready to follow them? And why not, maybe life and fashion are destined to keep following art and creativity. As you should follow our new bags collection with a 30% discount at

  • Maureen McCloskey

    I also stalked. There’s something (a few things) magical about a woman who can wear the same white mesh skirt at her wedding, and again with a blue oxford and Birkenstocks.

  • Sarah Bump

    omg who makes the blue shirt dress in pic #2