The Last Hurrah

Featuring trench coats as skirts and the like.


I am sorry we keep bringing this up but you have to admit the end of summer was jarring this season. That shit slipped in late, like no one had been expecting it following the fiercely dramatic tundra that was 2015, quarters one and two, and then disappeared while we were still on a quest to try every good ice cream cone from all five boroughs. It just ain’t fair, but it’s like my dad used to say when I’d complain that I don’t get to live in the White House: life isn’t fair.

So here we are, addressing the last hurrah, dressing for the last hurrah and compacting it for you in a slideshow we shall henceforth call 16 outfit ideas to take you through the next four weeks of warm weather sprinkled over the expulsion of summer Fridays. The good news is, you’ll look really cool. The bad news is, surprise! There is no bad news, you’re kicking anxiety to the curb this September, remember? Click through the slideshow, listen to last week’s playlist and read our weird captions. They are pretty much love letters to you under the guise of outfit explanations.

Also, here’s a music video to describe our current emotional state.

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  • Wow, Leandra, Amelia, Krista, Elizabeth — everyone really looks quite impeccable at summer’s end!

    Makes me happy to see so many crisp, white garments and fun cuts and fabrics, but alas:

    🙁 au revoir summer. Indeed impossible to escape the melancholy!


    • Amelia Diamond


  • ThisPersonSleeps

    This is great, and I love that song.

  • tiffany dalton

    dear leandra and friends,

    on my phone, the links in the photo narratives are not working properly. some either force a click on the next photo, or just don’t click through at all. just thought you’d like to know.

    thanks, love the work!

    • Leandra Medine

      Thanks Tiffany!

  • Sally Waits

    Bought a pair of white vintage Levi’s and I intend on wearing them all through fall. How I am going to keep them stain-free with everyday-all-day horizontal rain from now till probably next August, I have yet to figure out.
    You guys look awesome!

    • Sally Waits

      Oh and the fold-down knee highs? Thank you, cheap sartorial Gods!

    • Amelia Diamond

      have stains, will travel

      • Sally Waits

        ..woah Baby will travel

  • A Girl

    Oh Amelia u in that perfect olive green cargo short is just wow

    • Amelia Diamond

      You are just wow!

  • Edie Lottison

    In Newcastle (northern, northern England), it has felt like November since the middle of August so summer has felt long gone for me haha

    • Amelia Diamond

      what are you wearin!

  • Kirby

    I would do all kinds of things to get that ASOS denim jumpsuit

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      It’s wallet friendly! And surprisingly fits super well–just don’t expect to go to the bathroom without a buddy…

  • bianca

    How many posts till Leandra wears that amazing Rosie Assoulin bag as a hat? Because, honestly. That bag is a hat. It is not serving its purpose.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Allie Fasanella

    using you babes as a procrastination tactic for not doing my linguistics powerpoint. ya’ll have ALLLL the style

  • Greer

    Krista I fall more in love with you every post

  • Bella Charlwood

    I have like 4 BKR bottles i love them

  • White jeans! Oh god – that’s two summers that I forgot to get white jeans. Argh.

  • Lua Jane

    You all look amazing, although I’m a bit partial to those Dries pants on Leandra and Caroline Constas top on Amelia. Also Amelia’s hair!!

  • Greer

    I had a thought!! I’d be interested to see how Kate, Cristina and Sofia etc. dress in the next Office Apropos, or post like this. How does one dress fashun when your job isn’t strictly fashun.
    (Which, you know, is what I’ve kind of realistically resigned myself too because Engineering undergrads typically don’t get jobs in the fashion but I still love that crap.)

  • You girls are fabulous! 🙂


  • thanks, love the work!

  • Audrey Bell

    Awesome all are looking quite and simple !!