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Amy Odell
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Meet Amy Odell, the editor at Cosmopolitan.com, who formerly helped launch New York Magazine’s The Cut and the author of Tales from the Back Row, a book about life behind-the-scenes as a journalist in the fashion industry.

Jay sat down with Amy for our most recent episode of Man Repeller’s podcast series Oh Boy to peek behind the curtain and learn more about Amy’s trajectory. Check out the conversation (or download on iTunes! And Subscribe! And rate us! Because we’re on iTunes now! Wheeeeee!) for the details of an interview she details with Anna Wintour when she ran for a position at Vogue, the stuff she loved doing as a kid (studying), how she got started in fashion, why Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat restores her faith in humanity and the changes she’s making at Cosmo along with the kind of career advice that actually helps.

So, plug in your head phones, and enjoy the balmy walk home from work with us! Your pals at Man Repeller.

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  • Sarah

    Who is this idiot? What Kylie Jenner is doing on snapchat is not “very important.” Looking into different cultures by global stories are important, not Kylie Jenner

    • I do think that the over-exaggeration of certain things was a bit uninformed (e.g. “writing is the most difficult thing in the world”). But I just try to keep in mind that she is a fashion journalist and was probably not taught to actually consider more complicated aspects of reality.

      Kylie Jenner, in her field, is probably important. For me personally, not at all.

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  • She said some useful things (self-promotion comment). But there are some things I didn’t really care much for. Perhaps her distaste for argumentative people is her lack of ability to contribute to an argument. I don’t think arguments are such evil things if it’s really just a discussion and people are communicating.

    I don’t read Cosmo, and probably won’t be reading her book, but it was a good listen nevertheless.

  • Alessandra

    So much up-talk- hard to get through. I did appreciate her insight into how we consume content, however.

  • 4washedoutglitter4

    I did like it! However I wished she showed more vulnerability, while she might think that never having a problem or a setback is great, I can’t honestly believe she never felt frustrated or lost at least for a second. By caring too much about what she portrays she hides some parts of her which I respect but, it would be more appealing to have the whole picture. On a side note Jay Buim is great!!!

  • Lou

    I love Jay, but this interview was worthless. She’s the opposite of inspiring; she’s depressing and lacks any self-awareness.

  • Rachel

    any reason my podcast has been saying “temporarily unavailable” since it downloaded?

  • JimenaVDL

    when is the next one coming out??