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If Man Repeller was stranded inside a deserted dictionary and could only use one word to describe itself, it would manipulate the notion of generation portmanteau and choose “Funtent.” This is a combination of fun and content, but the caveat here is that fun doesn’t just mean fun — it also means fucking great. Capital curse words and all. So, Man Repeller at its core strives to produce content that is fun(ny) and fucking great. Period

As such, it doesn’t matter how it’s presented — written word, photography, video, cartoon, smoke signals made of farts — but as far as I’m concerned, we haven’t done our job unless you’ve walked away feeling something: accomplished, enlightened, satisfied, nourished; even angry. Enter one more way to pull emotion out of you: the most recent medium we’re adding to the roster of ways to connect includes audio and our inaugural podcast, Oh Boy, hosted by our filmmaker, Jay Buim. In it, he sits down with cool women for one-on-one conversations about their life and work.

The first episode of Oh Boy bends the rules by foregoing the clause about cool women to feature one weird one, or the artist formerly known as me. Listen to it while you meditate, drive home from work, eat cereal, walk to the grocery shop to buy avocados, breast feed your baby or walk aimlessly through the streets near your home and then let us know what you think. We look forward to connecting with your ear lobes.

Also! Check back next week, same day, same place for a brand !new! episode. This is going to be a lot of fun.

Respect, waist bands and high-crown top hats,


Oh Boy logo designed by Kelly Shami

Looking for Oh Boy on iTunes? We are, too! It should be live in the iTunes store imminently; we’ll update with a link once it’s up. Until then, enjoy above and on Soundcloud


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  • Maggie Dickman

    Well, I know what I’ll be doing for the next 42 minutes. THIS MADE MY DAY. Caps were needed, for sure.

    Maggie Dickman

  • Sarah

    In the words of Etta James – At Last!

  • rabbitboxer

    Could you guys put this on podcast app?

    • Kate Barnett

      it will be! itunes is in the process of reviewing as we speak!

      • Mônica Holsback Udo

        Will the podcast be available for android? I listen to podcasts on an app called Stitcher!

        • Kate Barnett

          Sure will!

        • Catalina

          Agreed. I haven’t been able to figure out Sound Cloud & I am a self-professed nerd… (they need some UX love)

    • Fignola

      So excited that it’s coming to itunes! I need this in my ears whilst commuting!

  • Marie-Laure Dumon

    OMG this is such a good idea!

  • Kirsten

    Leandra!!!! This was so wonderful just to be able to sit and here you talk for an extended period of time.

    • Kirsten

      fuck *hear

  • Quinn Halman
  • thebalancingunicorn

    LEANDRAA!! I just finished listening to this and the honesty and authenticity that i heard was Ahhhh H Hhmazinggg!! The thing about you creating MR and finding people like you and feeling good about it uhhh h h h i love it like pls let me be your friend i loved it

  • jen

    Leandra, thanks for being you. Totally wish you were the gal next store

  • Charlotte


    • Charlotte

      Also, freaky coincidence! I was following a YouTube podcast live stream earlier today and I said to my sister – now it would be cool if people like Leandra, Amelia or any other MR team member or fashion editors (I would love Julia Sarr-Jamois) would do this too! UNAGI!

  • Lucy Korn


  • Caro

    Hey, wow, this was fun to listen to. I really enjoyed how it felt like such a normal/natural conversation, it just flows. I feel like Jay’s questions were so, just like, real and I loved how he would drive to get his answer or an answer.
    And, I keep going back to how you said maintaining hope is work. And describing your daily struggles/anxieties. GIRL, we are all doin it, ya know.
    Okay last thing, how you said manrepeller is about you but ultimately it’s about the reader. That is how our lives are! Our lives are so so so about us and at the same time, not about us because we are such tiny tiny people in the grand scheme. It’s about finding our balance and as an outsider, i think you’re doing an admirable job.

  • Jasmine

    Man I loved this! Can I just say, it’s so nice to hear an interview or conversation with you where you’re not saying the same stuff about “trends women love and men hate.” I feel like we all just got to know you 10x better and in a more intellectual way. Thank you for a real cool 43 minutes.

    • Bia Campedelli

      I loved your comment, you said exactly what I wanted to say! I feel like we got to know the real Leandra and what are her drives, and it is so helpful to realize we all go through similar stuff. Loved loved loved the podcast! I secretly wish we would hear her every week 😀

  • Sabrina Krichevsky

    This is the best thing I have heard in a while, especially when Leandra said “because a woman is interested in fashion, that doesn’t mean that her level of intellect is lower than anyone else.” I am currently at an internship (not in fashion) and my boss asked me “what are your hobbies?” I said “well I love fashion, so I do like to shop” and he looked at me as if I was an airhead. I thank you Leandra for understanding and making want to just say “yaaaaas!” throughout the whole podcast!!

  • ValiantlyVarnished

    This is such exciting news!


  • Alex Gross

    Leandra!! That spin-the-can memory recap… wow. awesome. I just got a flashback to my mom asking if I was involved…and being like… NO. NO I WAS NOT (and secretly wishing I was..hahaha).

  • Dear Leandra,
    the podcast is a different kind of project that somehow forecasts the development and future steps where MR is undergoing. Saying that, and listened to the podcast, I wanted to ask if we have to consider MR only as a place to feel free of expression hosted by the good listener of Leandra Medine, women movement, or simply that alternative way of being different and not be afraid admitting it?
    Finally, if you have to project yourself in 15 yrs, would you still see yourself behind MR or do you think that MR could be a grown up child to walk on her feet?
    Thnx in advance.

  • I listened to it already! It was awesome, and I completely relate to the relationship Leandra has with her parents. That’s basically how mine is.

    One suggestion, having the audio a bit louder would be nice. I listened to this during work and had to turn up the volume to hear properly. Which meant that when emails and messages came in, I was blasted with a ping sound.

  • Katy

    I usually don’t comment but FUCK YEA! My boyfriend has gotten me into all of his comedy podcast – which are great (shout out to Pete Holmes) – but I’ve been diligently looking for one that was a little more me. Gonna listen to this on the bus ride home.

  • Sarah

    This is exactly what MR needed, well done

  • my prayers are answered! finally I can manrepel at work!

  • soniadelvalle

    I could listen to Leandra talk about eating boogers all day, every day.

  • Thank you for this podcast. I’m listening to it in the library while trying to get my shit together and writing some of my first ever pieces of homework for college (week 1 ahhh). I love how real and nonchalant you are. It’s refreshing to have someone like you to look up to, Leandra. I hope someday I can possess your confidence.

  • Alejandra

    Can you tweet me when its on the podcast app.. @aleeemarr. Thanks in advanced .

    • Kate Barnett

      we’ll tweet out as soon as it’s live on itunes!

  • Regarding Susan Sontag – thanks for everything Leandra x

  • – thanks for everything Leandra x

  • Gillian

    Really enjoyed this – thank you Leandra, Jay and Team Man repeller.

  • I have been away from the Internet for so long, and now that I’m back, I see this. Praise hands, all over. MR is one of the best things to happen to the Internet.

  • Lou

    Loved listening to this. So good.

  • Thrilled!! I have a serious love for podcasts and will sadly never be able to catch/keep up with all the ones I listen to. That being said, I’m so happy to add this to my list!

  • bloomaglow

    about time!!

  • bloomaglow

    P.S LOVE it! Love your vulnerability and honesty. You are such an inspiration to me

  • Katherine Sargeant

    This is my dream come true

  • Emily Moran

    Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, thank you for this gift.

  • Leandra, after listening to this while a neon green clay mask dried on my face for far too long it’s safe to say that I have never felt more parallel to you and the freaks above and below me in this MR joint.

    I’d give everyone high fives but I, too, have not washed my hands since using the restroom.

  • Natalie Taftian

    I just finished listening to the podcast, and it was one the most authentic podcasts I’ve heard in a long time. From talking about your family, funny stories, and even a little bit about your Jewish day school, I really enjoyed it. But, I think the most important part of the podcast for me was how honest you are about the work you’re doing, and how you didn’t bullshit about being intimidated in fashion. Then you overcame it. I’m looking forward to the next podcast! It was really a pleasure.

  • southhaus

    I love leandra so much. I loved hearing her voice vs reading.

  • Oh my gee just listened to this podcast and LOVE IT. The Man Repeller institution has been such a driver / inspiration for me since the first day I landed in New York 3 years ago (from Boulder with no friends). Leandra you are an idol – please don’t take that in a creepy way – but it’s true. You inspire me to do more and to be less afraid of what others might (or might not) think. In your own words… none of us come out of this alive, so why not?

    Thank you thank you.

    Can’t wait to listen to more.

  • Noemadi

    Great interview, I love the part ” I want to be a voice for every women”

  • Arielle Shiri

    You are 100000% a microphone. i totally relate to your (non-weird!!!) habits when you were younger – i sleep with and love the smell of my blankie that ive had since i was born (18 now).
    you and the rest of team MR are such honest, fresh and humorous voices in fashion.
    seriously loved this thank you leandra

  • Karel Paragh

    This is a terrific idea!

  • Sophia Spralja

    What’s the song called in the beginning?