Make Your Own Dress Using Two Silk Scarves

Insofar the most cost effective fashion DIY idea we’ve ever had.


To be filed under:

a) One of the simplest DIYs of all time, Chow Chow (Martha Stewart’s dog) could have done it

b) Another great use for the dense collection of silk scarves this website has probably bullied your sock drawer into

Is the do-it-yourself mini dress, which requires exactly zero design skills but a mentality that espouses the virtues of working smarter, not harder.

I fell upon the accidental dress last weekend in Long Island when it occurred to me on Saturday that I packed a lot of silk shit to wear around my neck and in my hair but virtually no real clothing to wear on my person. Yes, I thought about the implications of nudity as a style choice that could snowball into a story, no I did not act upon the idea. What I did do, however, is this.

If you’re thinking to yourself, hold the phone what the fuck is that, I ask you to reconsider your gut and its reaction.

Because all you need are:

1. A pair of silk scarves

2. A belt (and if you listened to our make-your-own-rope-belt suggestion, you already have one of these — self-made and all)

3. Hands that are capable of tying knots

4. The ability to stand akimbo and pose for photos while flailing one of your wrists because everyone will be like, “Where’d you get that great dress?” And you’ll have to be like, “I made it, here’s an autograph.”

If you’re curious about the creation phase, I invite you to click through the above slideshow, which illustrates the process of building the dress — and if you’re naked and wondering what to wear while only in the presence of, say, towels or sarongs or scarves, table cloths, enormous napkins and other large squares of fabric, now you know.

Scarves by Hermès, Sunglasses by Garrett Leight California Optical; photographed by Krista Anna Lewis


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