A List of Annoying Words Cultivated in 2015

See if you agree, then add your own


At Planet Repeller, we value freedom of speech more than we do spontaneous cupcake deliveries. That freedom is precisely what keeps the wheels of this website in motion. We extol the virtues of shouting shit from mountain tops with giant banners. Say what you will, my friends! It’s your life, your voice, and we’re just here to clap you on.

But — and you know (especially in the era of Kardashian fame) — that there is always a “but,” there are words that we at MR either say too much, can’t stand hearing or can’t stand hearing ourselves say. Some of them are offensive. Some are more innocent than kittens on a fire escape. Some sound more futile and possibly counterproductive than toothpaste made from Laffy Taffy, but what’s important to remember is that what we’ve identified here are the idiosyncrasies that define why they’re also annoying. As such, we’re putting a mandate in place — a diet if you will — that shall cleanse the palette of unnecessary words.

If you don’t want to cut them, you don’t have to, but do feel free to throw coins at our elbows if you hear us say them. Without further ado, we bring you the updated version of the 2014 Words List — the goal being to make communication easier, possibly even more intellectual, and at the very least, a little less cringe-worthy.

Beach Body, eliminated entirely

Cause of termination: Negative physical connotations aside (too obvious to reiterate), “beach body” also makes no sense. Are you made of sand? Is your hair the ocean? Is there a shovel stuck in your head? Probably, no.

Sorry, suspended

Cause of suspension: See: Margaret Boykin’s week without it, Amelia’s etiquette lesson as it pertains to spoiler alerts.

Vibes, suspended

Cause of suspension: Exorbitant overuse on social media thus resulting in social media consumer fatigue. Expect more from your audience and its ability to reason deductively — your knees in front of a pool on a Monday speak for themselves, you know?

The Struggle is Real, suspended

Cause of suspension: We’ve already voted this saying off the planet and yet, here it is again. “The struggle” is 9 times out of 10 a hangover humblebrag. (“Sunglasses on at brunch because last night was so wild! #thestruggleisreal “) The struggle is fake. You’re fine. Here’s a Gatorade.

Real Woman, eliminated entirely

Cause of termination: Every woman is a real woman unless she is made of paper or a hologram like Tupac at Coachella that one time.

To bring back instead:

BBHMM (Bitch Better Have My Money), eliminated entirely

Cause of termination: Because it technically has the b-word in it and we previously put an MR-mandated ban on that. Also because it’s weird that Rihanna doesn’t just send a Venmo request.

THOT (That Hoe Over There), eliminated entirely

Cause of termination: It has the word “hoe” in it and when “hoe” is not chased by a “down” plus a pair of cowboy boots, we feel lactose intolerant only the intolerance has nothing to do with dairy and everything to do with the way in which we are addressed as females. Also, though, it’s annoying when people say, “That THOT,” which is a verbal typo. It translates to, “That that hoe over there.” <-Spell check, please catch.

Never Not, to be replaced, not necessarily banned

Reason for replacement: Because we’re never not doing it. Going forward we’ll just be direct instead. Maybe. I hope. Or we’ll take a coin to the elbow.

All the Feels, eliminated entirely

Cause of termination: It has become cliché. Be better than the cliché! Try saying, “Not to be dramatic, but I have so many emotions pouring out me right now that I could teach 10 back-to-back Soul Cycle classes in a row and never once fall short of motivating the people to persevere through the fifth round of the arm series using their triceps to open up their hearts.”

Rosé, to be replaced, not necessarily banned

Reason for replacement: Because it will be funny to order “pink wine” instead. (Also, you’re probably not sick of drinking it, but aren’t you sick of saying/hashtagging it?)

Influencer/Tastemaker, indefinite ban

Reason for full life ban: Because both words sound like bad nightclubs and could potentially attract a similarly confounding crowd.

Fleek, on probation

Reason for probation: Because the sartorial 70s made it back — in fact, it’s been a year and they’re still going (Leandra is wearing a striped lamé tank sweater today for example). And so we wonder where the cultural lingo that comes with the fashion has been? If we’re going to embrace umbrella words — accurate communication be damned! — we should match them to our striped lamé sweaters, shouldn’t we?

Solution: the word “Groovy,” which has heretofore been on amber alert.

Probational loophole for Fleek: if you can rhyme it, then it’s yours to keepk.

Got it? Groovy! Now add your own.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis


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  • kevynryan

    I need someone to explain to me the use of “Mom” as an exclamation on social media. Mainly instagram. It seems to mean like “queen!” but instead the kids are saying “MOM!” …?

  • Blondes & Bagels

    Omg “the struggle is real” bahahaha! Because yes – 99.9% of the time that struggle totally is a a hangover and can be cured with a bottle of Pedialite. Love it.

  • Olivia O

    “Monday’s are hard” accompanied by a vacation picture.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Ogbeun ‘jasmine’ Nimide



    • Amelia Diamond

      hawt will (unfortunately) never die. that has been around since AIM and probably earlier

      • BK

        Like cockroaches and nuclear holocausts, if you can survive AIM you can survive anything

    • sparksflyy

      agreed…bae has got to go

    • PCE

      YES bae and slay should be on the list

  • azulena☁️

    I love you omg but let’s also put a life time ban no chance of probation on the word “dank” oh and “bae” it’s just annoying especially when people say it more than 10 times in one sentence

    • Amelia Diamond

      my cousins say dank. it means cool right?

      • BK

        Yes. Like “memes so dank you got to air your phone out”

      • Sugar Bones

        Oh man, my dad was getting texts from a mystery number offering him “some of that dank, bro.” He asked me what to do if he was being solicited for sex by a number he doesn’t even know. I could barely stop laughing long enough to explain the pot reference. Pretty much the best day of my life.

  • dustUP

    Perfect – give it a rest and explore everything else until perfection becomes obsolete. Get a life, as they say.

    …is life & ….is everything – eliminate it entirely because it’s lazy and stupid.

    All words of praise and excitement that are incorrectly spelled and pronounced. They are just not that cute and don’t give anybody street cred but make you sound like you have bad teeth.

    Because….. – Just because full sentences are sexier.

    Bae – no idea what it means anymore. Eliminate it, can’t even. Oops that was another one that needs to vanish!

  • KT


    • Leandra Medine

      is that a thing?

      • Leandra Medine

        new ban: “a thing”

        • Alisha

          Quick save there, Leandra!

      • pamb

        “fashion ambassador”, “style ambassador”= paid spokesperson, but it sounds nicer to say “ambassador”.

  • Kelsey Moody

    “(adjective) AF” (as fuck) — suspended, pending accompanying adjective; example of banned phrasing: this burrito is dank AF; example of questionable phrasing: that performance was fly AF; example of acceptable phrasing: its Monday Im tired AF

    • PCE

      I second this.

  • BK

    I’m (not) sorry if this makes me sound like a total B (…..arnacle) but I haven’t used the phrase “all the ” since late 2012. In Germany. I don’t understand why the world struggles to keep up with me so much. Also I’m getting sick of “slay”, and by extension “werk” if that’s still a thing

  • Chloe Moss

    The “about last night…” hashtag on Instagram

    • Leandra Medine

      that is its own study on why eggs and avocado explain something happened other than sleep and possibly meditation happened the night before?

  • Bianchi


  • Meagan Cortinas

    Say yes to Guac and no to Guap


  • Goals. It really bothers me that taking the perfect picture is everyone’s goal now.

  • Juliluli

    Literally “literally”. No, you are not “literally” dying. Oh and while we’re at it are you really “obsessed” with mini key lime pies? that might be the reason why you’re dying so much.

    • laprairielily

      I use literally when I actually mean literally, and people don’t understand anymore. “That class was so hard; I literally failed the midterm.”

  • “YAAAAAASSSSS” — I cringe every time.

    • Jenelle

      I absolutely hate it.

    • nstwick

      and from there: “YASSS KWEEENNN”. it was fun for a hot sec but has since been used&abused.

    • PCE

      I’ve said it, and I hated myself for it.

    • Ashley Symone Scott-Bradley

      Tell me about it every time I hear thot, I have a hard time controlling my anger to the point where I am looking forward to slapping someone across the face like “Will you please shut up?”

  • Pink wine is so great.

  • Ann Louise

    completely agree with thot oh my. I’ve heard girls at my school claim that it isn’t slut shaming when it’s completely offensive



  • Lucy Korn

    YES! ‘REAL WOMAN’ IS SO ANNOYING. Every time I read/hear it I want to scream. While we’re at it, let’s eliminate ‘real men’ too, just so we’re equal.

  • Cherryblossomgirl08

    If you google “Man Repeller,” the FIRST thing that pops up on the side is: “Logos are back, bitchezzz.” Does that mean “bitch” is only banned if not succeeded by innumerable z’s?

  • and here I was, barely understanding what fleek was… gotta get with the times!

    • Jenelle

      I’m definitely kind of over girl boss as well. I’m an entrepreneur but I’m 26 & married, I consider myself a woman. But if you are a teenage female entrepreneur then by all means.

  • Andy

    “werk” eg: “werk it girl”

  • Lua Jane

    “Bae” must go. I may be viewing it from perspective of a thirtysomething, and thus see it even more annoying than it already is, but, by God, it is awful. Admittedly, I use “on fleek” but this is a good opportunity to start the annoying phrases diet and test how long can I go without using any of them.

  • Mariana

    In Brazil, most women have this annoying habit of calling their female friends “girlfriend” (“amiga” or even worst, “miga”) all the freaking time. Just call your friend by her given name, her mother spent a whole lot of time picking it, be respectful

    And sometimes, it’s just in an ironic way, which is worst

  • Elizabeth

    Here’s some confounding words to try out instead, or make up your own as you go… http://thoughtcatalog.com/matt-powers/2014/12/14-bay-area-slang-words-we-all-need-to-start-using/

  • Anything followed up by the word ‘tho’…as if writing out the other three letter’s is just too much of a struggle (the real kind…)

  • Brittany Berckes

    “i can’t.”

    cause of suspension: overuse and unclear of what’s implied when used.

    ex. “soup dumplings for dinner?!? i can’t.” are you allergic or so grossed out by soup dumplings that you’re shocked such a suggestion was even uttered? or, are you just so perturbed that soup dumplings are the topic of conversation and you just cannot partake in a discussion about them? or, are you like me, and can’t fathom how something so wonderful and pure and beautiful could exist for culinary pleasure?

    too much confusion. i can’t.

  • jojo

    I would like to nominate “BAE” for removal or indefinite prohibition. “Early morning runyon hike with Before All Else?” How did Father Time make it to the top of runyon with you? Or, was “with” a typo and your hike was really early?

  • can we bring meand girls’ “do your thang” back?

  • Sydney Boniface

    I’m already sick of SQUAD or SQUADTINGS, especially in a hashtag. Also TURNT… when will it die?!?!

    • PCE

      And by association, #squadgoals

  • lknmre

    Most of these words weren’t invented in 2015 and are actually AAVE that white people just heard of. Sorry, as a Black woman, y’all don’t get to say what words in MY culture you’re sick of. Stick to your “all the feels” bull but leave fleek and bae alone.

    • Shaly Edman Robison

      I think any word, regardless of origin, will get annoying when overused or used incorrectly. But white people do often latch on to AAVE phrases and ruin them for everyone.

    • Nicole

      This ^

    • sarah a. m. outland

      I was thinking this exactly.

  • What about Sorry Not Sorry?

  • LOVE this! ‘Bae’ defintiely has to go!

  • bae.

  • zoe

    da faq

  • mollie blackwood

    This is more of a hashtag ban for me but I really could do without people using #my(insert noun)isbetterthanyours. For example, some poor soul felt so inclined to post a picture of flowers on their Instagram and then they use the hashtag: #myboyfriendisbetterthanyours. It’s obnoxious, the picture and the hashtag. I see it intermittently and I want to choke people.

  • What does Bye Felicia mean or what is it? Like a refernce to a show or song?

    • Leandra Medine
      • Jo

        You’ve never seen Friday??!

      • Jazz

        Are you kidding? So woefully ignorant of the African-American culture you folks steal these phrases from! *sigh* go watch the movie Friday, starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. Then come back. without box braids, please.

  • Cee

    Hate the over-use of ” it’s been a journey ” on reality shows when a contestant makes her/his farewell speech after not compiling enough votes to stay on said show.

    …and any expression/catchphrase that shames/disrespects women ( ho/bitch/skank/slut, etc. ) is a huge turn off.

  • Leigh

    The worst thing is when you just learned a word or phrase and think it’s funny and then realize it’s over. Ugh. I wish I could stop saying “hipster”. Help me.

  • Please Dont

    “Woe.” We get it. You listen to Drake. How current of you.

  • Bae. Just…..don’t.

  • Ellandge

    Squadgoals could be retired forever

  • Emmi

    Goals af

  • OliviaM

    ‘V’ instead of ‘very’, “cc”ing people on social, lewk, zee, ___ game strong, goals and/or squad goals

  • Linda Kenyon

    Happy to keep “Groovy” in rotation.

  • sarah

    “snackable” (with regards to digital media content). unless its actually snack time, lets not use this word!!!

  • belladonna_16


  • pamb

    Oh, oh! I vote for ‘curated’ (you are not a museum director, and your store is not a museum) and ‘iconic’ (unless the object of desire has stood the test of time, it’s not iconic).

  • Anabel Herrera

    Please ban “Bae”. It´s danish for poop. And it sounds awful, Im not even sure how to pronounce it. Bee… Bie?… No.

  • MelinHH

    Hahahahaha! I love this.
    BAE is quite annoying. I hear/see it every where (especially on IG) and never know what it meant. Just googled it. Now I get it. Google also mentioned that Bae is poop in Danish. Which made me laugh louder.

  • Abi

    This might be a younger generation thing, but every time someone turns 22, they quote the Taylor Swift song. It wasn’t funny/clever the first time, and it continues to not be funny/clever….especially when someone wrote “insert Taylor Swift lyric here.” It’s just not good.

  • Faye Shneider

    Can we add “epic,” “living the dream” and “work hard, play hard” to this?!! Along with “legend” when referring to a person!!!

  • Gonna let you style my threads as well as my language usage because I’m “’bout that Man-Repelling lyfe”

  • Karel Paragh

    “Beachbody” are you made of sand? This is the best, thank you

  • Kim Rice

    My Oh My – MOM

    • I don’t know what some of these mean..As someone mentioned, the use of words that are used in African American culture by white people..used out of context or improperly ..that bothers me. Also, are ” sunday funday ” and ” word ” still a thing because I wish those would go away..

  • Run by Rural

    can we talk about the overuse of the word cultivated? how about curated? authentic? crafted? mmk.

  • KF

    “curated”- so over-used it means nothing. “swooned, swooning, swoon-worthy
    all “swoon-related”.

  • anja

    Blessed – girl, it’s just a bagel, coffee (or any other food) and a fancy IG filer. It’s surely nice but blessed??
    Bae – It’s four letters, you’re not an infant who’s just learning how to speak, just type that second b.

  • Iris721

    I loathe the word bae.