Wes Anderson Makes a Great Case for Wearing Yellow

It’s either cinematic magic or the secret color of cool


Yellow is great as it emerges from the vocal chords of one Chris Martin. It is great on a banana, then in a smoothie, then in me. I remain a fan of lemonade, baby chickens, rubber ducks and Pinterest in general, but when it comes to wearing yellow, I am at a loss. Flag up and coated in shades of amber.

Why? Because I am pale. Because it washes me out and when I attempt it, I look like a banana, which as fact would have it is not nearly as much fun as drinking a banana. But I’ve got gumption, and when I like something, I want to be with it — a part of it. Don’t leave me out. When it comes to prints and patterns and a box of Crayolas, shouldn’t everyone have the option to participate?

What our relationship needed was a little help. Sartorial guidance. A spark. Couples therapy, if you will.

So I looked to Wes Anderson: the filmmaker whose characters have mastered the art of the color.

Take the Wilson brothers in Bottle Rocket, clad in lemon, head-to-toe.

Bottle Rocket via Style Caster

Consider the the canary mini dresses seen on Suzy Bishop in Moonrise Kingdom and the Fantastic Mr. Fox’s Mrs. Fox, both of which were echoed in the Fendi Resort 2016 collection.

Moonrise Kingdom via The Wire

The mustard hotel robes worn in Hotel Chevalier and The Darjeeling Limited look glamorous and exotic. So too does the leather racing suit Jason Schwartzman sports in Castello Cavalcanti, which reminds me of a look from the latest collection of our pal, Rosie Assoulin. No bananas here.

Castello Cavalcanti via Indiewire

The butter yellow shade I fell for in Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2012 collection became feasible as sportswear when I saw Dudley sport it on the trim of his tee in The Royal Tenenbaums. Not to mention a similar parmesan color — straight from the Prada Spring 2012 runway — that cloaked Léa Seydoux in the form of a cozy fur coat in his (very) short film, Prada Candy L’Eau.

The Royal Tenenbaums via Carbon Costume

Sometimes all you need is a bit of inspiration; someone else’s eye to see through. So thank you to the artist formerly known as Wes Anderson, presently referenced as unwitting therapist. Next stop: green eggs, no ham.


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