Summer Wedding Outfit Jeopardy

Because Wedding Season has only just begun.


Cady Heron became a star the moment she provided the Mathlete state championship-winning answer: “the limit does not exist.”

We could then take that very same answer and turn this into a game of Jeopardy, with Cady’s quote as Alex Trebek’s clue and the correct response being, “If it begins in May, when does wedding season end?”

Get it? Because wedding season, like high school math class in general, seems to never, ever end. It, like the hopeful love we celebrate, is eternal.

(I’m not sure I know how Jeopardy works, btw.)

But I do know how clothes work! So what in the hooternanny are you supposed to wear come mid-July when you’ve worn through every slip dress, Zara frock and repurposed bridesmaid gown in your wardrobe repertoire? (If this looks familiar, that’s because it is, by the way — thought we’d remind you…)

What are: culottes, midi-skirts and flats.

Wide Leg Pants That Are Just as Dressy as Your Dang Dress

My guess is that by now you own at least one pair of culottes, right? Seize the wide leg! Counter it with a blouse that could be worn off the shoulder. You can DIY your own helicopter wings or forgo them all together. Wear really tall, fun heels because all wedding shoes should make your feet look like a Pinterest board.


(Pictured: Rosie Assoulin top and pants, Charlotte Olympia wedges)

The Bottom-Wear Equivalent of Three-Quarter Length Sleeves

In the event you have not started collecting straight ankle length skirts, may I politely recommend that you get your ass to it ASAYesterday. If 2014 was year of the roomy pant, 2015 is on track to become year of the cropped maxi skirt. That sounds paradoxical, but that’s only because it is. Counter the pin straight nature of your skirt with a voluminous top that may or may not allude to your being pregnant. Drink a lot of alcohol to throw the bridal party off.


(Pictured: Rosie Assoulin skirt, Vika Gazinskaya top, Olympia Le Tan clutch, Christian Louboutin-by-way-of-the Real Real mules)

Shoes That Give You Happy Feet

This look is much more about the region south of the ankle. If you’re looking to wear flats to an imminent wedding, don’t ask questions, just do. The best way to achieve this is by opting for a dress that hits your ankle in a capacity similar to the above skirt but perhaps does so in a slightly more formal fashion. The con: You’re a bit shorter. The pro: You’re the most comfortable maid in the room.


(Pictured: Alessandra Rich dress, Michael Kors sandals, Shourouk basket)

You won! Now take your prize money to the nearest open bar and run!

Oh god, did the bride ask you to “say a few words,” but you have zero? Let us help. And check out our latest office apropos, for more summer styling tips. 

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