How to DIY a 1970s Turban

This one’s easier than the hair-beads. I’ll walk you through it.


Heat apparently escapes through our heads. It’s why grandmothers are so psychotic about us wearing hats. If this logic proves to be true (YOU TELL ME, science!), then I wonder if the same thing could be said for glamour.

We tend to wax nostalgic on the golden days of style. Of Old Hollywood and 1970s-Elizabeth Taylor and the Kentucky Derby before it was tacky, and how we’ve lost the drama of getting dressed. I’d argue that we lost it the moment we stopped considering hats to be as necessary to public attire as that which covers our most private parts.

Maybe the moment we took our hats off for good, all the glamour rose to the top and peaced the hell out of our ears.

But we can recapture the flame. We can put a lid on our own pots and up the ante to a fashion boil — and we can do this in a matter of minutes.

Step 1: Locate a large scarf. I like to open Leandra’s desk and see what she’s currently hoarding, but you can do the same with your aforementioned grandmother, or! you can buy one. We styled Elizabeth’s head with a scarf from Slow Factory.

Step 2: Fold your large scarf into a triangle.


Step 3: Place the top of the triangle over your head like a widow’s peak a la Eddie the werewolf from The Munsters, then pull down to your chin.


Step 4: Pick up the wings…


Step 5: And cross them OVER your face, like you’re blindfolding yourself.


Step 6: Then twist like this:


Step 7: Keeping the twist by your brows, knot the two tails behind your head. Lock ’em in good, because this will secure your turban.


Step 8: Now we apply the “clean room method.” Simply twist the excess fabric hanging in front of your face and tuck it UP and UNDER your head hat.




And just like that, we’ve got our #glamourback. Sing about that, Justin Timberlake. We’ll make a turban for you, too.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis. Accessory origami figured out by Ella Viscardi, inspired by Kate Barnett.


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