4 Great NYC Blowouts

We’ve scoped out the best places to get your hair did to combat your sweaty head


Welcome to summer: it’s hot and humid and I’m literally always sweating. In the past, I’ve resigned myself to the appearance of a glistening, frizzy composer until mid-September, but this summer, I swore it would be different.

I’d get blowouts.

I tried three of the newest Manhattan hotspots, plus one rustic salon in Brooklyn for the Dan Humphrey effect. Below: the recaps for your own sweaty-headed salvation should you find yourself this side of the steamy city.


RPZL is a blowout and extensions bar – you can walk in with a bob and out with, well, Rapunzel hair.

I showed up late. I was sweating. The staff was understanding and kind; they sat me immediately, offered a beverage (they had six choices of tea!), gave me a sparkly mini cupcake and an iPad with the hair style menu.

I decided on the “romantic” look and my stylist went to work. She’s an Aquarius.

When the blowout was done and my clip-in extensions were chosen, matched and styled into my hair, I felt like a princess. I had a breakdown of joy.

The salon provided extension instructions and extra hair in a silver tote bag. The hair is yours to keep! And RPZL offers free extension applications anytime you come back in for a blow-out.

I left feeling fly and ran into a college friend. All he said was, “Damn.”

TLDR: Convenient location (right off Union Square L), great service, awesome staff, phone chargers, I got “Damn’d.”

Blowout: $40 (tip not included)
Extensions: $250



I was sick of sweating en route to salons so I tried Priv: Seamless for blowouts.

Shavaughn arrived five minutes early, which for normal people is fine. But for people like me who are somehow late to appointments in their own bedrooms, I still needed to shower.

She was a good sport though; she bonded with my Dachshund, Lou. I considered asking her to style his hair but didn’t because what the hell do I ever think.

Then came the blowdry. Shavaughn laughed at my jokes and told me about the celebrities whose hair she’s done. I felt like a movie star, too.

Priv not only provides great service, but it’s an awesome app overall. It notifies you how far your stylist is and allows you to chat with him or her. It also provides a bio, reviews and a profile photo of your stylist, like LinkedIn but way more fun.

Tax and tip is included in the cost and customer service chat responds quicker than your best friend via iMessage.

And! They do lots more than just hair: manicures, pedicures, massages, haircuts, makeup, personal training, spray tans, you name it.

TLDR: Lots of options, great app, great service, stylist bonded with my dog.

Blowout: $50 (tax & tip included)



I tried another blowout app a few days later: GlamSquad. And TeQuan gave me the best blow out I have ever gotten. I swear. Ever. (He’s also the same guy who fixed Amelia’s split ends.)

TeQuan was on time and super friendly. He’s a Capricorn and hair enthusiast.

Despite being in my room, my sweat levels were high, but he blew out my hair to perfection and provided a complimentary extension application.

He was quick, too, and within a few minutes I looked in the mirror – I almost cried. My once-sweaty head looked amazing.

Only downside: The app is a bit glitchy – it shuts down out of nowhere, but for this blowout, I forgive them.

TLDR: Great service, amazing blowout, pricey, but got an amazing Instagram photo out of it.

Blowout: $50 + 20% gratuity and tax


Foxy Salon

I walked into Foxy Salon in Brooklyn and — you guessed it – I was sweating. Then I accidentally drank water out of a mason jar with hair-dye on it. After I panicked about that, I sat down with Nora and discussed my hair.

A few minutes in, I realized something: I sweat too much. Long hair wasn’t helping.

So I bit the bullet and had Nora cut it all off.

Most of it. I am now the proud owner of a “lob” and it is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Nora.

If you’re not planning on going full bob-or-lob this summer, I got a blowout here with my extensions before the cut and it was great. The experience was fast, fun (yes fun!) and professional, plus it costs about the same as the other three places.

Foxy is a small, comfortable salon without the fluorescent lights that often haunt the bigger blow bars in Manhattan. If you’re looking a smaller, rustic, Williamsburg vibe, Foxy Salon’s the spot.

Plus, there’s a great juice bar across the street. I recommend their açaí bowls.

TLDR: Brooklyn, cute, small, rustic, beware of mason jars with hair dye

Blow Out: $50


Now share your favorite hair apps, blowdry spots (Manhattan or not) and photos of hairdos below. We’re all in this sweaty summer together — it’s best we stay informed.

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Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis


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  • Kate Danger Baynham

    I love that this quest for luxurious long locks ended in a resounding “fuck it.”

    • Aydan

      I see this happening to me in the VERY NEAR future…

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    • kointyu
  • That Jared Leto GIF. My heart exploded. #futurehusband #settinggoals #realisticones

    p.s. Lobs before blobs

  • AlexaJuno

    Blow bars…

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Lua Jane

    I gave up trying to style my hair on this terrible heat wave we have here, in any other way than a messy french braid around my face. It’s sweatproof, looks like a made a little effort and has vintage-peasant wibe to it. Any attempt to maintain a blowout on 98 degrees would fail miserably, and I’d end up with a bowl of dark brown spagetti on my head with frizzy ends.

  • Hereshoping Themayanswereright

    Would have loved to see your before/after pics for the blowouts.

  • If I lived somewhere that I could book an appointment online and have someone show up AT MY HOUSE to blow dry my hair, my monthly expenses would increase 10x. All I’d need is my own soundtrack and I’d be a movie star.

  • disqus_8FE9Oh8cbp

    Ummm, Vive, guys! Not that my hair is usually a not-the-sexy-type of mess, but its $99 a month for unlimited blowouts…

  • María Belén

    I wish you had taken pictures! I’m dying to see the results!

  • Abbie Mason

    Having long, thick hair for my entire life has meant that I’ve really had such a tough time finding stylists who truly understand the amount of upkeep needed to keep my hair looking great. This list was super accurate – and I definitely recommend checking out Vive.co! They’ve been my go-to now for several years. (Their app is amazing too: itunes.apple.com/us/app/vive-unlimited-blowouts-at/id968719635?mt=8)

  • Kate Scott Miller

    Great article ! You should try out oneblowdrybar , blow dry bar in the garmet district at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC

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