The Stripes Are Rebelling

They have feelings too, you know — beyond the white and blue


Resort is the New Big Season. That’s probably the most prevalent trend to emerge from this past month’s mega-push of designer collections, which filled up with just as much voice as Fall. February and September are bossy months in our industry, so if Resort is going to be heard, it needs to put both hands over its mouth, stand up on the room’s tallest chair, and shout.


Turns out it shouted so loud that confetti fell out.

At Trademark, Chanel, Tome and Sonia Rykiel, the formerly-nautical stripe rebelled against old faithful — blue and white — and demanded to party just as much as the season’s florals or ginghams. In fact, one striped set from Karl Lagerfeld’s lineup partied so hard that the parallel lines more or less broke up. (See it in the slideshow? It looks like sprinkles.)

The sky-toned stripes at 10 Crosby only appeared to play it safe. Upon closer investigation you’ll see the static of a smashed-in television. (Rock stars can’t be trusted even when they claim to be on their “best behavior.”) Meanwhile, at Derek Lam, the multicolored mutiny stretched across a skirt for all to see.

Gucci blew a bubble chewed from a pack of Fruit Stripe Gum — #TBT.

Calvin Klein had to stay muted (it is Calvin, after all), bending the rules with subtlety after a series of black and white via a crush of yellow.

But it’s my prediction that the Striped Revolution has only just begun. They already started to shape-shift at Tory Burch — the tremors of an earthquake? — and at Altuzarra, instead of stripes, is was beaded chevrons inspired by pointy Ikat. Different than a stripe, yes. But polar opposite? Not quite.

Suppose you’ve made it this far and you’re into all the color, but not the pattern. You want to join the movement and get loud, but also bold.

Edun holds the solution in a shock of hot pink suits.


No stripes, but what a statement.

Now cup your hands over your mouth, find the tallest chair and shout. Leandra said this was going to be fun. She was right!

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  • Lua Jane

    But I kinda hoped for more stripes. Because, stripes are everything. And florals, hot pinks and yellows, are all fine, but when accompanied with a healthy dose of nautical pattern.

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    That hot pink suit is everything and makes me as happy as this hippe.

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    Thank God they are rebelling. Lol

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