That’s My Look! Resort Edition

We — as in, all of us — are sharing our favorite looks from the Resort season. All aboard!


When you announce that something is “so you,” there is an underlying sense of hope. You hope that everyone around you will recognize your proclamation for what it is beneath the obvious, “Here are my preferences.”

It’s your try at social proprietorship — a public exclamation of mutual affinity that positions you next to whatever it is you call “you” as an arbiter of not just inclinations but of damn good taste.

When a new season of fashion is involved and you’re clicking through the pages of, say, in these withering, numbered days, and thinking to yourself, “Me, me, not me, never me, so me, O-M-G THAT’S MY LOOK!,” there is even more on the line.

This is how you begin to road map who you’ll be the following quarter. And if last season my looks emerged out of slip dresses and layered suits, Victorian sleeves and high-waist leggings to culminate in an identity I will define by its evocative confusion, an inability to place itself in a pre-arranged box, this season — the Resort in tow — seems to be suggesting that by the time my personal cruise collection comes to fruition, I’ll be wearing belts that tie and those that snap, errant straps and charming flaps.

My waist might be hugged tight but my thighs will appear concealed definitively. There may be ruffles around my shins and uneven weight allocated to my earlobes. I will call myself Prairie-core infused by a kick that looks a lot like a double breasted vest. I might attempt to buy you dinner, or all but demand that you get me drunk. It will be confusing, it always is, but when all is said and done, you’ll know: That’s. My. Look.

And while I like to think that what’s mine is yours, you’re far too educated, opinionated, complicated for that, so make like Team Man Repeller and the above slideshow of our looks. Get involved, share your favorites and shout it loud so everyone knows: that’s your look.

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