Resort ’16 Forecasts Fun

A look at Lanvin, Stella McCartney, Rosie Assoulin and Thom Browne



It’s here!

We have arrived!

Fashion is giving us fads again. It’s zoning in on granular themes and blowing them out of proportion.

First, conceptually, as evidenced Monday night when Stella McCartney invited press and friends of the brand to smoke Cuban cigars and place flowers in their hair, to dance like they are human Sriracha bottles and admire the models shaking their maracas in embroidered mini dresses and bright maxi dresses built for Resort in the midst of a Nolita garden.

But it’s happening literally, too. Just look at the sleeves on some of those Rosie Assoulin garments; she managed to successfully evince the spirit of summer camp (this comes a year after her identifying and executing a collection made of surf staples). It’s the kind of camp where you might meet a new boyfriend who turns you onto jam bands but never lets you forget where you come from (The School of Salsa Dancing Emoji). There were layered silk sleeves and slit pants in tie dye and pinstripe. There were glittery cargo pants and bandana-style tops and fuschia taffeta silk and jumpsuits! Floral cut outs on evening wear and day clothes! Sweet, wearable childhood paraphernalia built through the lens of an adult in consistent pursuit of the collective joie de vivre.

And speaking of life (vivre), Lanvin‘s Alber Elbaz knows a thing about color. With the combinations of larger-than-life Kermit green and bright ketchup red rendered on varying degrees of both fringed and un-fringed leather, he did his part to keep the eye traveling. There were ruffles — more ruffles, and lamé leopard print shown with florals, sequins and earrings so lush they appeared as fur collars. It was an eye feast, really. One that fit in so seamlessly with the season’s narrative arc in the wake of Gucci’s resort unveiling last week.

There was also Thom Browne who, with the exception of last season (where he held a funeral procession for the Vineyard Vine whale), has been inching towards the party bus since his clothes first learned — or is taught us? — to dance. For his Spring 2015 collection, patches of color and jacket pins and hair wraps perpetuated the grandeur of his characteristically theatrical approach. And while sure, for Resort these cues appeared as though they’d been fed Xanax (there are prints and there is color, yet nothing reads decidedly unwearable), the drama, the climax, the fanfare was there.

Present enough, at least, for me to wonder what this means for us, the prospective consumers. Perhaps not of the de facto garments currently on display but certainly as those who will digest the multifarious and diffusive byproducts that will emerge. Can it be that minimalism is approaching its death? Are you ready to say so long to the white sneaker-laden walks of yore in order to welcome with open, ruffle-decorated arms the ballyhoo of this Next Great Phase?

So. Much. Fun.

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Loving Resort ’16? What about that damn flip flop? Fall style is pretty sweet too at CG Designer Chris Gelinas’ studio. Try stepping off the runway and check out Sophie Auster’s mix of high and low. If you dig her, you’ll love denim guru Jane Bishop’s looks. Heck, look through all of the closets!

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  • AlexaJuno

    Also loving Isa Arfen and Christian Siriano. But Stella? Stella nails it every time. The Beatles have given the world so much.

    • Leandra Medine


  • parkzark

    Ok so 35 from Thom. I want a really cool preschool teacher to wear this. So visually stimulating for the kiddos and she’ll be the most stylin teacher in school.

  • But it’s happening literally, too. Just look at the sleeves on some of those Rosie Assoulin garments; she managed to successfully

  • omg slide 38 is POP’IN!!!!

    • BK

      i fully concur

  • This has been one of the best Resort seasons ever and I know why, more and more designers are doing it! So many designers are really creating care-free designs because Resort has almost become America’s couture. Not by production means of course but by the fact that designers find these in-between seasons as a time to create some wild and fun shit! My favorites this season are DKNY, Novis, Christian Siriano, Cushnie et Ochs, Public School… honestly almost all of them. What a time to be alive!!!

  • Hannah Cole

    Favourite thing ever – the school of salsa dancing emoji

  • Dawn

    Again, with her red snap-front pants, Rosie takes one exaggerated element and heralds something unique. A sash falls into a cascade of ruffles down the leg of a trouser. The free-doodling billows of that spectator dress! Leandra, I enjoyed the fun trend you chose to highlight with this group of designers.

  • Ruth

    SSSSSSoooooo Extra Cute profit with manrepeller…….

    ———- Continue Reading

  • Some seriously cool dresses there! We have some equally fabulous shoes on offer to go with them