The Chatroom: Linda Rodin

The founder of RODIN on style, career, and the empowering freedom that comes with realizing you don’t “have to” get married.


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You may know Linda Rodin, the stylist. You may know her from the The Row’s look book circa Pre-Fall 2014. You may be more familiar with her eponymous beauty line, RODIN, and her cult-status Olio Lusso. But what you may not know is that she created the face oil in 2007, turned it into a business and then partnered with Estée Lauder, essentially changing her life’s course at an age where we who are not “there yet” assume one’s career path is set in stone. In fact, she says she’s never had a plan a day in her life.

Rodin, however, is far from “wishy-washy.” She’s established her personal style. She created a perfume based off memory alone — that takes more than trial and error; that takes aesthetic resolution. She’s precise in her mannerisms, sure in her convictions, and understands that too many opinions can cloud the most important vision: your own.

But why am I telling you all this when there’s a Chatroom featuring Linda Rodin in the space above? Watch and learn, pretty young things. May your version of grey hair and glasses find you soon, too.

Want more interviews with inspiring women?  Watch Leandra speak to Inès de la Fressange, Jenny Slate, Rashida Jones, Jenna Lyons, Haim the band, Iris Apfel and Joanna Coles. Linda Rodin talks about the memory of her mother’s smell in this video — we too have talked about perfume’s nostalgic properties. As for why Linda chose to remain single? Maybe that’s like asking Leandra why she doesn’t wear makeup.

Follow Linda (and Winky!) on Instagram here. You can also follow her on Twitter, and Facebook right here. Check out the RODIN website here. (That perfume she mentioned can be found right here.)

Thank you to Stone Fox Bride for letting us film in your studio!

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis

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  • Allie Fasanella

    i adore her. “it’s not as if i chose this style, it chose me.” she’s so damn refreshing and endearing. i think it’s so true that it’s important to not get too many opinions bc then you lose sight of what you want. queeeeen

  • March and May

    Such an amazing and beautiful lady. She is so right. To many opinions can cloud the one that matters the most. Your own.

    March and May

  • Amelia Diamond

    I want to be this calm and assured in life. And I want to look this good with grey hair because I’m secretly half way there. AND I want pointy flats. And that dog.

    • Hadley

      And those iconic glasses!

      • Lua Jane

        Both pointed flats, and those glasses. And carefully curated black wardrobe too.

    • aza ziegler


  • Lizzy

    I get that she has created this magical serum that can improve your complexion and glow, but how is her skin so elastic at 65!?! She just doesn’t look 65. She looks like some young hipster who is trying out the cool grey hair thing. Bravo for her! Bravo for her honesty about marriage, too. I’ve said a million times that I wish my husband and I lived separate sides of a duplex. I love him, but sheesh!

    • Leandra Medine

      i asked her about this! she only uses her face oil!

  • Jessica Peterson

    When you say “tell us a little bit about your fragrance” and she says “it smells like my mother” I cried a little bit inside! That’s the perfect little bit of something to say! She couldn’t have said anything better at that moment. Brava.

  • Goddess.

  • Lua Jane

    Awe inspiring woman. One can only hope to mature into someone with at least a bit of that cool.

  • starryhye

    Ugh that gold jacket amazing!

  • Catalina

    pink velvet, man…

  • Emma Rogers

    What a dreamboat she is.Thank you for creating inspiring, honest content MR!!

  • Love to watch authentic and iconic people like her! So inspiring!

  • Aubrey Green

    ahhhh, love her.

  • Cora

    ———- that’s a full enjoy with manrepeller……. ^^–^^

    _________ Continue Reading

  • Ali

    Leandra – can you ID the beautiful striped top you wore in the interview?

    Speaking of which – LOVED your chat with Linda. To see a person so comfortable in her own skin is as inspiring as it is refreshing.

    Thank you!

    • adagio

      I bet it’s the JCrew striped shirt she’s wearing over a bathing suit in the 15June Manstagram shot …

      (Am I a weirdo if i respond to RFIs intended for Leandra??)

    • adagio

      hey, ali: i just compared the two shirts & the one leandra’s wearing in the vid is not the same as the one in her 15Jun photo. …sorry about that! : (

      • Amelia Diamond

        Hi! I think it’s Equipment

  • adagio


    Love this introduction to a fabulous woman I’d never heard of.

  • She’s SO gorgeous. The bone structure in her face is incredible. On a superficial note, I’d love to know what brand and colour of red lipstick she is wearing; it is the perfect blend of shouty red and soft red.

  • Anon

    It’s hard to concentrate on the interview because it’s competing with the music. I like the music because it’s the theme but it’s still too loud .. distracting. But I love these interviews. Thanks for posting them.

    • LilyP

      I agree…wish the music wasn’t so prominent.


    I loooooooove Linda, I adore her!! totally!! thanks Leandra for this.

  • deb

    She is so inspiring. Thank you for asking her the right questions, Leandra.

  • PYTs. it’s not age, it’s honesty. in who you are, and what you do. that’s good tip. thanks, linda, and leandra…

  • Anna

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  • alexiada

    Dear Leandra, you really should consider doing a full length
    chatroom, ~5mins are not enough 😀

    • Leandra Medine

      We’re toying with the idea of turning them into podcasts. How does that sound!?

      • alexiada

        You mean episodic series? uuu, startling idea 😀 Also those mini-series were great! Constructive!

      • tj

        YES PLEASE, Leandra.

  • Durged

    < ✜✱✪✪✲✜ +manrepeller +*********….. < Now Go R­e­­a­d M­o­r­e


  • Sarah McCarron

    Great interview Leandra, thank you!

  • Great interview !!she has a sense of style and this is like elegance or you have it or not…

    Yael Guetta

  • Carol Lynne Lee

    Love this woman. Totally relate to her life views <3

  • Purvisha

    She’s a badass, inspiring, mentor for @Vishaskincare and others bringing good products that work into the world. Thank you for interviewing her

  • LilyP

    I feel like this is exactly what I needed to hear today. Being in my late 30s and never having been married or had kids, I’ve been doubting myself recently. Linda’s words are an inspiration, they give me hope.

  • tj

    Great video! I adore this woman — so inspiring. And that jacket… those glasses… stunning.

  • ok, well that woman is fantastic. does anyone happen to know what lipstick she is wearing?

  • Who needs a man when you’ve got a dog like Winks?

  • Velvet Crystal

    Very inspiring woman, powerful and charming, elegant and confident.

  • Jennifer

    I absolutely LOVE these interviews! Keep them coming ! (Maybe interview those in other design related industries like Interior, Photography etc? )

    • Jennifer

      ps. Linda is so chic and even more beautiful on film!

  • Love her! But who is the designer for the gold jacket she is wearing!!! Can you share???

  • Mikalsen M

    so inspiring =) What an relaxed and pleasant interview =) What a great to the end of the day =) Thank u for that =))))))

  • Mikalsen M

    She is so inspiring =) What a relaxed and pleasant interview =)And what a great end to this day =) Goodnight and thank u =))))))

  • Zoe Penina Baker

    The interview was lovely but the background music was waaaay too loud and very distracting! I would definitely nix it or keep it more minimal for future vids. 🙂

  • To be honest, I have found The Chatroom sessions a bit dull so far, but I really enjoyed he conversation with Linda Rodin; she’s so charming!

  • Sylvie

    Please remove the background music next time. It’s distracting!

  • KMSJ

    When I first moved to NYC 6 years ago – I saw her walking down the street in Chelsea. I had no idea who she was at the time, but I noticed this majestic, incredibly chic woman and I was taking her in. A weird man yelled at her for no reason (“you stupid bitch” or similar) and she didn’t miss a beat, in fact she put a bounce in her step, held her head high and said “Oh, drop dead!” clearly, but not too loud, and never even turned back to look.

    All I could think is… “I love NYC women like that! I want to be that woman, she is amazing”. One day not long after I read about Linda Rodin and connected the dots! She is truly beautiful.

  • Newallover Williams

    Hi Ms. Rodin!!! I need your help like fish needs water.. I have a beautiful peep toe pump thats turns colors, that I’m DESPERATE to wear for New Years Eves may you please assist me in this manner. I HAVE INCLUDED A PICTURE OF MYSELF AND SHOE TO GV AN IDEA👠👠👠💄💋