Musician Flo Morrissey’s Got Serious Style

Great music, cool clothes and an anti-writer’s block remedy, all in one post.


In an industry saturated with uniform pop ballads, UK-born Flo Morrissey’s voice is both refreshing and familiar.

Inspired by the music of Devendra Banhart, Neil Young and the style of the late 60s and 70s, Flo’s music captures the ethos of a glorified time in music while expressing the perpetual longing and desire that plague modern life. Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful demonstrates Flo’s unique ability to hold up a mirror to the world around her.

Flo was kind enough to talk style (she’s inspired by Françoise Hardy and Jane Birkin), writing tricks and music, even after I threatened to steal her trunk full of vintage wonders.

Since you’ve been on tour, have any cities inspired your style?

San Francisco and Portland have been quite cool to see. I think New York is actually very chic and more my kind of style than L.A., though that city has elements of what I like, too. I used to prefer dressing more “hippie,” but I’m trying to find that balance while being graceful too.

I feel like the bohemian/hippie stage is kind of like a rite of passage, style-wise.

Right, exactly. I’m into not buying mass-produced things. I appreciate sustainable, long lasting pieces that mean something, rather than buying 20 versions of the same T-shirt. It’s more eco-friendly, and friendlier to your purse, too.

You come from a big family — nine siblings, right? — do guys all share clothing?

I take all of my dad’s jackets! And my mom’s clothes. And somehow, I always seem to find something in the wardrobes of my younger brothers and sisters as well. I don’t see it as hand-me-downs, but more so using the things that are around me, seeing the beauty in my little brother’s top, because even if it’s too small, it brings something with it. I’m lucky that they dress well!

You left school to pursue music, can you talk about what that experience has been like for you?

I always knew I didn’t want to go to university. It made more sense for me to actually play music in the real world rather than study it, and I’m lucky that my parents were so supportive of that. They trusted that I wouldn’t sit around all day on the Internet.

I started putting music up online from a young age on MySpace. That lead me to a manager. It was risk, but sometimes you just gotta go for it.

To an older generation though — like for example, my grandparents — it’s a bit risky that I didn’t go to university. But I think, hey, we’ve got to stand up for ourselves. It’s good.

Do you have any weird tricks for jogging your creative muscle? What inspires you to write a song? 

I’ve had to work more at writing and to find inspiration in mundane things as I’ve gotten older. That’s kind of what the message of my album Tomorrow will be Beautiful is — finding that you can make something ordinary really beautiful.

I’ve gotten into meditation and yoga to help me get into the zone. Routine is also really important to me. I’ll tell myself, “Okay, at 10 a.m. every day I’m going to sit down and write. No matter what.” That’s been really important.

Keeping busy is the main thing. You can sit around all day and tell yourself, “I’m researching stuff on the internet.” We like to pretend that we’re being productive.

The key, I’m realizing, is being open. You never know when an interaction with somebody will suddenly spark a line in a song.

It’s time for our rapid fire round! DIY or buy?


If you could sing a duet with anybody who would it be?

Billie Holiday.

Exercise or meditation?


Favorite musician who doesn’t inspire your sound?

James Blake.

Is there anything that people don’t know about you that you would like them to know?

I’m not related to Morrissey, the singer — he’s not my dad. And I was born on Christmas day.

Follow Flo on Instagram, Twitter and on Soundcloud here

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  • Thanks for this feature. Flo has a really unique, retro style that sends me somewhere nostalgic. I don’t know where. :]

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    I’ve been loving Flo Morrisey for a while now- her music is so dreamy and her style perfect- so thank you for this feature!


  • Flo is a DREAM!

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