Office Apropos: Spring 2015

See what we wore to the work-store and more!


The sun comes out! Here are four girls, five days, twenty outfits in Office Apropos, installment six. Click through the slideshow to read all the weird shit we have to say about our looks and shop them should you feel so inclined.

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  • tysongilbert88

    Nice! 🙂

  • DANG guys. Just everything. Everything.

  • Have I been reading this too long? I saw the first slide with your bandage on and thought “wow, that looks cool” before I read that you were wearing it for actual medical reasons. Amelia, I have this one striped sweater my roommates call bae because I wear it 3x a week. Anything else in my wardrobe that is striped is a different form of bae: bae jr, summer bae, spring bae, sunday bae, club bae. I really enjoy your collection of baes in these slides. Esther, your neck steals the show. and HIIII Elizabeth! Nice to meet you, my name is Courtney, but my ‘net friends call me ceeeej. Sorry this comment was so winded, I’ve been sick all week and just finished my bottle of cough syrup. :-/

    • Esther Levy

      When I first saw Leandra’s ace bandage, I asked her if she was wearing it “for show.” sizzzzurp

      • Hannah Cole

        Almost took a note to self to wear a bandage tomorrow

    • Julie Meowmeows

      It’s the new Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez bandaid.

    • Catalina

      is it just me or does anyone else get mild anxiety when co-workers, boyfriends, girlfriends, non-gender specific roomies… comment on the recycled clothing? i.e. my PINK AF vintage paisley shirt… i wear that shit all the time. its seasonless. and my co workers are like…. “o0o0o0o0o the shirt is on today!”

      and i’m like since when are we taking inventory of my inventory yall!?



      should i just purchase more shirts?

      • Catalina

        pink AF vintage paisley shirt and i in front of the white house… CUZ WE STRAIGHT GOVERNMENTAL in dis biiiitch

        • Catalina

          1.Paisley and I drinking excessively with a group of friends in NYC…

          2. Me and Paisley eating some Thai food in Pakistan…

          3. Paisley and and I drinking some beers in the OBX

          4. Paisley and I in the back of a cab in Turkey

          Paisley goes everywhere wit me.

          • Esther Levy

            You wear the shit out of that paisley shirt.

          • Catalina

            girl u awwwwready kno

          • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

            Paisley’s taking you places. The other girl reminds me of Natalie of Facts of Life.

      • hahaha I hear you! But everyone has a favorite, it’s ok to embrace it. Your version of clothing bae sounds so kewl!!! I would be proud of that ish.

  • You guys are the coolest, and also the cutest and the best.

  • parkzark

    Whata bunch of cool gals. Yall are the best.

  • Elizabeth Tamkin

    So excited to be a part of the ~official repellent~ team! Hi everyone!

    • Paris Keane

      Yes! you have excellent taste in rings. Jennie Kwan is the best-est.

      • Elizabeth Tamkin

        The best!! Wwake jewelry is great too–I’m just waiting for the right time to break the bank.

  • Love Elizabeth’s outfit…she looks so cool:)


  • Allie Fasanella

    Elizabeth, you look like everything I wish I was. Amelia, look 19 made me laugh (Killin it as always.) Esther, lovin the choker game. Leandra, that white denim asymmetrical skirt is incredible. I just have an unhealthy amount of love for this slideshow.

  • Elizabeth!! You have revolutionized my way of thinking. Two shirts to avoid butt showage?! YES! I have a couple dresses that have shrunk to the point that if I inhale deep enough you will see more butt. I love the idea of tying a shirt or something underneath. Have to try this immediately because I’m not ready to part with these dresses. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    • Aydan

      Or tights. Somehow I feel like extra long see through shirts/tunics become office appropriate thanks to tights. Yes? I’ll leave that to my coworkers to decide today…

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      YES! Two shirts is the way to go! I’ve accidentally cut a fair share of my dresses too short (yes, with scissors in my kitchen), and I’ve salvaged them by a) stitching a hem or b) double-shirting-it.

  • I’m so glad this is here. I have been wearing plastic Walgreens bags to work this past week in lieu of MR direction.

  • Rhia B.

    Elizabeth, love your style, especially the last look! At first glance I thought the white scarf was a sleeveless mock turtleneck under the boxy top. And if that was the case, I was considering raiding Mom’s closet to copy it.

    • Elizabeth Tamkin

      The shirt itself is actually a mock-turtleneck (or maybe one would consider it a mock-mock one?), but that’s such a great idea!

  • You guys killed this installment! And Elizabeth is adorable! Welcome to the maxi pad chica! 🙂

  • Can I like these looks more? Why won’t the sun come to Canada yet!! SHORTS MY LEGS ARE READY FOR YOU.

  • Jamie Leland

    Access to Esther’s closet, plz.

  • Andrea Raymer

    Now I miss my knee brace. It was a street style staple in my closet from 2004-2008 when soccer and marching band killed my knees.

  • Julie Meowmeows

    Mrraaah! I’ve looked at those gingko earrings on Shop MR Picks a dozen times. I want theeem.

    • Leandra Medine

      WHY DIDNT YOU GET THEM! I can timeshare my pair with you

      • Julie Meowmeows

        Okay, but I’ll need them for the weeks of Memorial Day and the Fourth of July! ;D

  • Amelia, I am convinced that you are actually a cartoon character. Speaking of PANTS – FRIDAY – U KILT IT!

    • Amelia Diamond

      hahahah why?? because i wear the same thing every day?

      • YES, but in a good way.

        • Amelia Diamond

          cartoons rule

  • Hannah Cole

    The underwear tuck – secret fashions best friend.
    Ps I probably took a screenshot of almost every look just because, and I need to get some more office motivation, dat fashion makes or breaks my day

  • Liz Warners

    Amelia, you inspire me every day to live life to the stripiest. I believe I have more stripes in my wardrobe than the average 25 year old, but you remind me to never stop buying that blue and white.

  • Andy

    Love the Zara kimono Esther! Definitely inspired my outfits for the working week!

  • Sickest. work. attire. ever.

  • Lyric

    “I tucked it into my underwear from the waist to make it ankle length.”

    YES! Much cooler than the t-shirt into underwear tuck I pulled in elementary school.

  • Denise

    I LOVE that outfti! You look amazing.

  • You all look gorgeous. Every single one of you. I’m jealous.

  • Lua Jane

    Esther’s little Bo Peep outfit is adorable! And how are all of you guys so darn cute? Also Elizabeth is a cool stylish addition to the team. Aaaand it’s official now: stripes are the new black!!

  • Othelie

    Haha, I love all the overalls! However I try to stay clear of them in May. You see in Norway we have this really wierd tradition for when we graduate from high school; all 18/19 years olds dress up in bright red/blue/green/black (depending on what subjects you studied) overalls for 1-17th of may and go crazy, we call it “Russefeiring”.

    I can’t wait for it to be over. I long to wear overalls without being gunned down by someone playing with water bazookas on my way to work! (Yes, that did happen once, or twice.)

  • Nala

    this is my favortie installment next to any video content (and actually i love everything on here). since you posted this yesterday i got so inspired that i filled like four different shopping carts to the brim and keep checking back and flipping through the slide show! thank you

    • Leandra Medine

      ooooo did you get anything?

  • That Prada Sandals is amazing!

  • kduck

    Here’s the deal. 80% of the people I work with are male engineers over 45. Therefore I’m basically required to dress with a certain level of professionalism/conservatism. But I’m only 24 and don’t want to marry myself to the basic blouse/slack combo forever. Tips? Tricks? Finding a more fashion-forward workplace is not an option…

    • Amelia Diamond

      k thinkin on this

      • kduck

        My hero.

        • Leandra Medine

          what if you pull the mullet party trick? business in the front, party in the back. khakis up top, freaky shoes down below?

          • kduck

            This is great! Always looking for another excuse to wear freaky shoes. I’ll go from “that girl” to “that girl with the shoes”. Thanks!

  • pm.

    At the risk of coming across as a total shithead…

    So, I know you guys declared Normcore dead in February, but I have to wonder how we’re defining Normcore. You can say “normcore is mom jeans with tevas,” but here’s the thing: a) mom jeans with tevas is actually gaining momentum (i.e., not dead or over), and b) those are just examples of normcore but not a definition.

    I guess I see normcore as the (re-)emergence of common everyday clothes (mall clothes) into boutique and even haute couture. It’s not necessarily ironic – at it’s best, it’s completely unironic and its own moment.

    Maybe it comes down to intention? Like this:
    MALL CLOTHES: wearing jeans and tevas because they make sense, were on sale, are comfy, are useful in the yard; alternatively: absolutely no intention behind clothing choices at all.

    NORMCORE-IDEALIST: wearing jeans and tevas because it’s so uncool, and fuck cool, fuck everyone who thinks cool matters. Nothing about fashion matters.

    NORMCORE-CONFORMIST: wearing jeans and tevas because it’s so uncool it’s cool. Looking like you don’t care? Even cooler. (but you do care. You got the nicest Rachel Comey mom jeans in the biz, boss.)

    NORMCORE-ARTIST: yes, yes, ok, mom jeans and tevas. I will take this and I will turn it slightly on its head and make it beautiful and interesting. We can talk about having roots in the petty bourgeosie, if you insist. Or we can say that this is what it was always meant to be, a culmination of the cycles of time to this present moment. I don’t talk about my art (but you should, please).

    I don’t know what I’m talking about here. Can you please write about normcore? And don’t say it’s dead! It just isn’t. Look at your jeans!

    • Leandra Medine

      what a great idea (to define it, that is) — so the term is a marriage of the words normal and hardcore, right? it’s defined by the wearing of “average” looking clothing which in itself is hugely subjective (i don’t find 501s average looking at all but maybe by the rules of trend inception thats also because i’m too deep into them) but since the term has become so popular, the definition has taken on several different identities. possibly as ironic, then also as boring, sometimes as straight-up sportswear. we declared it dead because of the high levels of fatigue we started experiencing during the last fashion week season. white sneakers, ripped jeans, athletic insignia started to feel really stale, right? normcore seems to suggest a fad-less world but you can’t quite be in fashion, or at least excited by it, if you’re not submitting yourself to the nuances that appease its flights of fancies. normcore doesn’t quite do that and so while the residual effects of the trend are still very much in motion, we’re predicting an imminent backlash. maybe dead wasn’t the right word.

      • pm.

        Awesome, thank you for the thoughtful response! That’s why I love MR.

        For the record, I adore all of your wardrobe choices and am, myself, wearing some eileen fishereque pajamafied workclothes, all thanks to you. So know that I do not dismiss your insight.

  • me

    hey: where’s charlotte????! we miss you !!

    • Amelia Diamond

      char has flown the mr nest 🙁

  • Stephanie

    Leandra Day #2 =

  • vzukelman

    Adore the gold espadrille slides (I named those correctly right?) I also did a post recently about Gold shoes so I understand!

  • brb gotta go put on my favorite underwear-tucked maxi dresses and blazers — ALL AT THE SAME TIME <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Laura

    Elizabeth is divine

  • Natella Klycheva

    Did You Guys Include interns too?! Awesoome!

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  • Lizlizo

    Yes I needed this!! It’s so hard to dress work appropriate when it’s hot outside!

    – Liz

  • Humitivem

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  • I bet that you matched your outfit to the bandage:) It actually really works well together, despite it being a bandage!

  • Ana

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  • Connie