12 Alternative Balls to Attend (Should Your Met Ball Invite Get Lost in the Mail)

Whether or not you wear a dramatic designer gown is up to you.


In the event that you were not invited to the Met Ball and have limited interest in the merits of bunion friendly footwear (I, for one, am not going because I have a Dr. Scholls convention to attend), here are all the balls you most definitely were invited to attend.

The best part? There are no dress codes although those attending the Matzo Ball are encouraged to go starch-free. Also, a loose turban statue was put in place at the Crystal Ball.

If you feel so inclined, wear a pair of cropped flares to the Disco Ball and pat yourself on the back because lady, YOU WERE INVITED TO SO MANY BALLS! We recommend clicking through the neat-o-slideshow above in order to get a sense of precisely what you can be attending.

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