Jane Birkin feat. the South of France

Always appropriate year-round


If Jane Birkin had an Instagram, we would definitely have followed her.

You’re chained to your computer and smartphone, I’m chained to mine, so let’s make the best of this fortresses — not prisons — and pretend we’re on a beach. Here’s a slideshow of photos of Jane Birkin with her main squeeze Serge in the South of France to properly re-position your sense of joie de vivre. Become one with her bangs. Ask yourself why you’ve not yet jumped aboard the straw basket-as-bag train and then remember that you’re on the train headed east to go apple picking. Get off that train and consider a pair of low rise flare-leg jeans. If there’s no sailboat in your proximity, I get it (there are none in mine, either) but lean against something, anything, and imagine the French Riviera’s breeze combing your hair into a mystical state of natural oblivion. Ask yourself what natural oblivion means.

Now take it back, I don’t have an answer.

Forget bras, eat cinnamon ice cream. Reconsider the ballet flat. Then fart glitter because Céline, my friends, is going on sale soon. Make a case for espadrilles. Ask your best friend to stop buttoning his or her shirt and understand that with great style comes the urge to shop. Give in with:


And bags!

So many bags.


And crops! Then stripes!

And frivolity! Such necessary frivolity.

Now go home.

Want to keep shopping? These coats, while not for summer, are amazing. Oh, you’d rather drink? It’s kind of early but who am I to judge your timezone. Or just counting down the minutes until you can leave work? Pass the time with this.

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  • Lua Jane

    Jumping on a straw basket as a bag train, forgoing bra’s and accepting ballet flat as a footwear of choice sounds divine.

  • Allie Fasanella

    just sighed really loudly while looking through that slideshow. oh for the love of jb, man.

  • Denise
  • Stephanie

    Your first paragraph says it all! What time can I respectably leave the office and have it round up to a “full day’s work”?

    • Aydan

      was just discussing this with co-workers in the kitchen…I’m doomed as I have a client call LATE this afternoon…grrrr

  • Blakey

    Personally, I make all decisions (outfit or otherwise) based upon this incredibly sophisticated yet delightfully I Woke Up Like This ensemble. like omg i have to write a report? Let’s drool on this pic and bask in its glory and let it seep deep into my fashion soul (before getting anything done obvi):

    Francoise Hardy Circa 1960-something

    • Dunkay Del Rey

      jean shrimpton!!!!!! not FH

    • Blakey Bessire


    • Sara

      The woman in that pic is actually Jean Shrimpton 😉

      • Sara

        Oh sorry, someone already replied… They’re both gorgeous style icons anyway!

  • Claudia Tetreault-Percy

    best freaking procrastination I have all done day. Thanks MR.

  • Dani Morales

    ugh. i just want out of my prison and into this vision <3

  • lisbette

    Very nice. Very, very nice.

  • Paz Orgeira

    behold the first camel toe, showing jane birkin is human

  • Iconic beauty! The most beautiful woman
    Lots of love, xx


  • HannahGS

    Hey Leandra, a picture of you is on the RealReal website sale heading thingymajigger item.

  • Love Jane and Montauk!


  • she’s my favorite!!


  • Cool outfit ideas. Thank you.


  • She is so hot. I need to post it on my blog. here it is: http://www.menz-fashion.com/

  • Ola

    This is incredible. I feel stuck at my desk and I’ve been dreaming of going to cote d’azur! !!! Wichniarek btw is impossible this decade, lol. So check this out


  • Autumn

    She even makes cameltoe look good (image #10).

  • Kirby

    Ugh those shoes in picture #16–I need them right now. Jane Birkin is the ultimate babe of effortless beauty and I will never not be jealous of her lack of need for a bra

  • Does everyone else miss inflatable chairs?! Pic #12 has me feeling all nostalgic XD

  • Gré Tee

    god she is so cool!!!!!

  • StephDS

    Une fraîcheur et élégance déconcertantes!✨💛✨

  • Dale Chong

    Celine is going on sale? Tell me more!!