How to Fix Your Split Ends With Avocado Toast

For real.


It’s a sad day when you realize that your metabolism is no longer what it was back in high school. My hair just wrote that sentence, because as recently as last week we both learned that I had officially damaged what I’d long thought was un-damageable.

The news was delivered at 8 a.m. on a Wednesday. GlamSquad angel TéQuan Johnson was giving me the old Connie Britton Blowout when he paused for long enough that I was brought back to elementary school where my stomach would drop at any sign of hair-check hesitation: a pause meant lice. This morning, however, it meant severe split ends.

He wanted to know what I “did” to my hair. His tone hinted that maybe I sometimes stick it in fire for fun. My response was that of an exasperated teen and then, finally, I confessed to feeding it junk food. He pointed to a calendar, noted April’s close proximity to June and suggested that my hair as it currently stood (on ends) was far from its summer body.

But my hair’s a crash dieter. It likes instant results. According to TéQuan, it needed instant results, so he provided me with the recipe for a super cheap DIY hair mask that works right away.

You will need:


– Half an avocado (or a whole one for super long/big hair)
– 1/4 a cup of olive oil
– 2 big scoops of mayonnaise
– A teaspoon of lemon juice if you’re blonde or ombre’d or want to bring out natural highlights
– An old t-shirt that you DGAF about
– A scrunchie that you can wash or toss
– A plastic bag

*Pro tip: if you don’t want to buy olive oil or mayo, go to a deli counter and ask for olive oil and a bunch of mayo packets on the side.

Here’s what you do:

1) Put on your DGAF shirt.

2) Mix the ingredients in a bowl.

3) Take a deep breath, then dunk your hand into the unholy guacamole you’ve just made and apply it to dry hair starting just below your ears, all the way down to the tips. (If your scalp is flaky, apply all over, but be prepared to wear a hat the next day if your grease hits like lightning.)

4) Tie your hair into a bun, cover bun with any excess goop, then put a plastic bag over your head like a very sad bonnet. Please do not put the plastic bag over your face. Leave this on for 30 minutes. Meditate.

5) Rinse your hair out then shampoo twice in a row. (Lather, rinse, repeat — for real. You’ll smell like a BLT otherwise.) Apply conditioner as you normally would and apologize to your roommate for what just happened in the apartment.

Repeat this once every two weeks for bounce, shine, and smooth, happy ends.

I will not lie: this process was disgusting. I gagged frequently from the mayo but it was 200% worth it: after just one treatment, my hair has abs again, the supplies were cheap, and I have enough leftovers to make one very Instagram-worthy piece of avocado toast.

Images via Malibu Kitchen, Harper’s Bazaar, and shot by Krista Anna Lewis

Follow TéQuan Johnson on Instagram here, or visit his website here

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  • Allie Fasanella

    I’m now starving and putting my hair up because it doesn’t have abs. It is the equivalent of if you just ate way too much avocado toast and you can’t suck in. This process seems nasty af but the likelihood of me trying it is about 88% percent.

    • Amelia Diamond

      It was disgusting but worked amazingly well. I’ll probably do it a ton this summer!

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    • Lua Jane

      Same here. I almost gagged while reading it, because I don’t enev like mayo as food, but I might just man up and endure it, because my hair too is far from it’s summer body and almond/coconut oil concoction doesn’t do the job.

      • Allie Fasanella

        I just lold

    • Rebecca

      Hi Allie! You’re right, it does sound disgusting! The results are well worth it though. I’ve been using avocado oil in my hair for a couple months and the difference is amazing! I suggest Aviva Pure Avocado Coconut Oil Hair mask. I use it once per week.

  • 1. I just got my first haircut in over a year on Monday. Wish you posted this last Friday so my bleached straw ends could have looked fancy as f*ck!!!
    2. Did you have to use 3 avocados?
    3. excellent pro tip
    4. you are hilarious

  • rhiarhia


  • marina

    avocado? yes. olive oil? oh yes. MAYO ON MY HAIR? NEVAH

    • Amelia Diamond

      girl i’m TELLING you. it works.

  • The most healthy and shiny my hair has ever looked was after I just rubbed an avocado all over my head. So I feel this.

  • oh man my grandma told me about something like this once but it involved raw eggs! (didn’t even bother making them into mayo yet!) talk about NOPE

    • Amelia Diamond

      I’ve heard about raw eggs for your face!

      • that sounds so gag-worthy! and is probably also amazing for you lol

      • Adardame

        I tried the raw eggs on the face for acne. It’s a no go. Also it smells awful. But you can peel flakes of egg off after it dries and deposit them on your little brother, so that’s a plus.

  • Francalou

    As an Australian living in the US, I want to bring up the Mayo vs. Cool Whip debate because it gets people hot and bothered. But as it relates to application to the hair.

    • Amelia Diamond


    • Drumm03

      I think you mean mayo vs miracle whip. Cool whip is oil based whipped cream. However, you may be on to something

  • Quinn Halman

    The only mayo I have is my dad’s weird curry flavoured one :/

  • parkzark

    But wasting an avocado on my hair>?!! IDK man IDK.

    • In this boat too tbh…..but results are tempting, esp. If I’m looking to grow BMDs (braids of mass destruction.)

    • Adardame

      You know the avocado you bought for $2 the other day just to find it was brown? I’m sure hair doesn’t care.

  • Abigail

    I have this weird avocado oil that I cook with instead of olive oil, can i use that or does it have to be olive? Don’t want to avoload please advise thanks!!!

    • Amelia Diamond

      I don’t think you can avoload! My mom just emailed me and said coconut oil works too

      • I’ve used pure coconut oil (hold the mayo) on my hair, and I slept in it overnight with f*king SARAN WRAP on my head (so as not to besmirch my pillow)! My hair was shiny and soft, but not limp, once I washed it all out the next day. It’s a winner.

        • Amelia Diamond

          SARAN WRAP

        • Adardame

          Yeah, I’m going to get a shower cap.

        • Bianca

          I use coconut oil- I apply copious amounts on my hair, specially on ends (also cool for scalp issues:red spots, dandruff, etc it works miracles, so apply and massage scalp) then put the hair up in a bun. I just put a towel on my pillow to get me through the night. Your bedroom smells like you baked cookies all night AND you have great hair!

  • BK

    this sounds ideal, but at the same time, my hair colour falls in the hard-to-achieve zone of silver fox and I’m frightened of the impact a technicolour green avocado could have on my sharing common ground with Roger Sterling

    • Amelia Diamond

      HMM. I don’t think avocado dyes hair…I am going to look into this for you.

      • BK

        I don’t think so either but I can’t be *completely* sure. Can’t find my chill about it

        • BK

          WAIT HANG ON what if I mixed in a dainty quantity of bottled squid ink (blonde toning shampoo) to tint it a more Sterling-friendly lilac hue?

  • I’m not sure I could resist eating the avocado! 😉

  • Nina

    Pleasee tell me you thought about this scene from I Love Lucy:

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Alt method – Step One: Make Guacamole. Step Two: *Lean In*

  • i want that ab too!

  • Andy

    you guys my grandma told me to put beer on my hair for shine – it works but you also smell like a bar for dayyyysss

    • Amelia Diamond

      mine too! i’ve also heard chamomile tea which sounds more pleasant.

      • Clau

        Chamomile tea will enhance natural highlights too!

  • dustUP

    Coconut oil is the one that can penetrate deep into the hair fiber, all other oils just linger and temporarily lubricate. It is most efficient if used on hair 1-20 hours before washing, preferably on hair that is free of any styling substances and products. This counts for all hair masks and treatments!

  • That’s really interesting, I have to try it! Putting mayo into my hair doesn’t sound good, but it’s still better than my grandma’s way (putting raw egg into your hair).

  • Emily Adam

    Do the oils here strip your hair if it’s dyed? I heard coconut oil did, so (to my chagrin, as it worked so well) I was avoiding it.

    • Bianca

      I have dyed hair (balayage, goes from dark brown to light blonde) and coconut oil never turned on me like that! I think it really works best on damaged hair since it hydrates it really well.

  • kduck

    I’m definitely trying this. Right now my hair is going through “the change”. I have no idea what to do. There are weird 2 inch curlies navigating through my board straight hair and sticking straight out from my scalp. If smothering mayo on my head doesn’t work, I can’t imagine there’s anything more drastic/desperate I can do.

  • nela

    i like this post , awesome ,
    blazer wanita

  • livs_mbm

    Reader, I did it.

    Smells … not delightful. but SO EFFECTIVE> better than the oil ones I’ve tried 😮

  • Inês

    Herdade do Esporão!! Portuguese olive oil! Only the best for your hair apparently 🙂

  • I love a good DIY hair treatment so I’ve got to try this one out!

  • CarlotaLMorais

    Just read this story and I have to say that I love this mask! But my favourite is the vinegar mask, gives amazing shine! Smells bad but works wonders!!
    BTW, how did you get Herdade do Esporão in America? It’s amazing quality olive oil, don’t waist it inyour hair!!!