Cheap Sunglasses for Cool Chicks

I don’t want to hear a peep about the cold: it’s sunny and that’s reason enough to start shopping!


In the eyes of a baby chicken, all sunglasses are cheep.

In the hands of a human, though, some sunglasses are actually quite expensive. Especially the pair you inevitably lose — you know, the ones that you saved up for and rationalized by reminding yourself that you wear sunglasses every single day, even in the workplace when hungover, which means that these black plastic bad boys were technically a mere 25 cents a day if you’re also exceptionally creative at math.

When you lose that pair, the feeling is akin to chopping your foot off and then taking too long to bring it to the hospital in an ice bucket, causing the doctor to refuse surgery and respond things like, “No can do, pal. You’re officially a pirate.”

Sort of.

Moving on.

The good news is that cheap sunglasses do exist. The best news is that they don’t all “look cheap.” In fact, they look awesome. Just because a pair of tinted ‘specs are colorful, bold, patterned or shaped like Yoko Ono doesn’t mean that they’ll prohibit you from eating lunch for a month. Sunglasses may very well be our most democratic accessory besides stickers in that way.

BUT! You should look for a few key, important things when choosing your pair:

1) They should be irrefutably fun. Let them be the outfit. The glee to your jeans and white tee. For less than $60, who has the time to consider such absurdities as: “When will I ever wear these?”

Now, you pirate! You’ll wear them now!

2) They should fill you with the same amount of pride (if not more) that you might experience via a pair that likely requires insurance or at the very least, a financial guarantor.

And not that anyone’s counting figs, but sometimes you don’t need your annoying friend to know that you didn’t purchase your sunglasses directly from the Elton John archives like you fibbed about and said you did. It’s no one’s business whether they’re cheap or cheep or not.

3) Speaking of Elton John…

(Five dollar YOLO amiright?)

4) And finally, while number one and two posit that cheap sunglasses should feel no less special than a money whopper, they should paradoxically also feel no more special.

Why? Because sometimes less is more so it has to look like more pretending it’s less in order to cost less but be more. You know?

Or if you don’t know, you’ll get this: sunglasses are not forever. They are ephemeral friends with travel lust; man do they love the backs of cabs and bottoms of oceans. But as the saying goes, if you love someone, let them go. They may never come back, but at least you can still afford a hat.

Looking for things to wear with your newly acquired sunglasses? Here are some ideas.

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  • I’m more the type that wears sunglasses when is really sunny or when I really have to look cool ^^

    I don’t wear them to protect my eyes, because they are uncomfortable. I wear them as a status accessorize… therefore, I rather buy just one pair, very cool and expensive!

    Here my latest post, about how Armani invites consumers to participate on the brand’s 40th anniversary special website through the hashtag #Atribute.

    I hope you enjoy it! Bests 🙂

  • Allie Fasanella

    This is a snapchat of me in my favorite cheap sunnies. I thought I looked exceptionally cool here and I had to crop out the ‘chat” portion bc it’s too embarrassing. Pls know that I saved this image to my computer as ‘dope.’

    • Esther Levy


      • Allie Fasanella

        ya know whats also s’cute? justin bieber’s new pup that I heard he named after you

  • Catherine Elizabeth

    I am allergic to 99% of contact solution (that 1% being simple saline, which is not actually awesome to use to clean your lenses) so I wear glasses every day and they are my staple accessory. I have like 4 or 5 pairs in rotation. And part of the way to do that is to not buy one pair of excessively expensive frames. Get a few that are cheaper and switch them out depending on mood, outfit, which ever one is closest while running out the door to work, etc.

    Same goes with sunglasses. Why buy ONE pair of really expensive ones when you can buy a few cheap ones and change them out. Adding one pricier pair to the bunch can be good if you hold onto them for a few seasons, like a classic cat eye, but why limit your accessorizing options? Glasses/sunglasses should not be the most monotone part of your look.

    • Amelia Diamond

      Exactly!!!! Let’s see some glasses pictures!

      • Aydan

        yes! And can I say prescription sunglasses are soooo fun (THANKS WARBY)!!!! Also, girls you read my mind. I was planning on buying sun glasses after work today….

  • parkzark

    The coolest ones I ever had are the ones in my disqus picture. I left them out a party once, and I’ve never seen the precious babies again 🙁

    • Aydan

      I am upvoting the glasses, not the dreaded never-to-be-seen-again thing that (sun)glasses always seem to do

  • pm.

    Slide 3. What and where. Loving them.

  • Love these suggestions, especially the cat sunglasses !

    With love from London, Hayley ♥

  • Kelsey Moody
    • Amelia Diamond

      this is one of those songs where i had NO idea they were saying “cheap sunglasses.” I thought it was “chips and glasses” which makes…not a lot of sense considering the following sentence helps contextualize “cheap sunglasses.” WHATEVER.

  • Jamie Leland

    Engage cheap sunglasses sequence…

    Maximum coolness achieved.

    • Allie Fasanella

      you look TRILL

      • Jamie Leland

        That may be the best compliment I have ever received.

  • I wish I had perfect vision so that I could indulge myself in some super fun sunglasses. 8( Those pics above are making me lust after a new pair.

    • Amelia Diamond

      If you don’t wear contacts (and you’re a glasses girl) maybe your eye doctor could put prescription sun glass lenses in the frames of a pair you liked? I wear contacts but I’m pretttty sure my eye dr offers this service.

      • Yes. I do have prescription sunglasses. It’s just costly. I’ve never lost a pair. I wish I could get cheap sunglasses every season though.

        • Amelia Diamond

          eyeballs can be such a hassle.

  • Alexa~FurnishMyWay

    Love these sunglasses! I also appreciate the fact that these glasses are on the more affordable side as well! I have a bad habit of misplacing my sunglasses so this blog post is awesome.

  • Esty Turner

    I was just looking for a new pair! And $100 or less items are my favorite kind of items! Also I would definitely not be opposed to more segments like this.

    • Amelia Diamond

      GOOD 2 know. Let me know if you end up buying a pair from this, want to see!

  • Sunglasses are the worst and the best all at the same time. I struggle from wide head syndrome, so finding a pair that fits the width of my noggin is difficult to say the last. Not to mention a football that hit me in the nose once and created the slightest bump via broken cartilage in just the right spot – which also serves as a bunny hill slightly propping up just one side of the glasses. All that aside, when finding the perfect pair nothing else in the world matters. Except maybe the next episode of Rita (Danish tv show — google with English subtitles like yesterday).

    • Amelia Diamond

      I struggle with wide head syndrome and a nose bump (genetic) too! AND lopsided ears. Googling Rita now…

      • Genetics are hard. Let me know if you like! Rita is my GIRLCRUSH/SPIRITANIMAL

  • Hannah

    $60 is cheap? Um, we have very different definitions of “cheap,” MR; I’m a $5-Chinatown-sunnies kind of gal.

    • Amelia Diamond

      We’ve got some 5 (6) dollar picks up in here!

  • BK

    I select all of my glasses – both sun and eye – based on how much they make me resemble my late grandfather during his mid-30s and just hang the expense (or lack thereof)

  • Rosaka

    It should be tsumori chisato. It is mispelled.

  • Stephanie

    Those sunglasses are very awesome! <3

  • Because I’m still recovering from the trauma that came with my contacts ripping the protective lining off my eyeballs a few years back (no joke), and am all but blind without glasses (hello, astigmatism) I’m stuck with expensive sunglasses. And while the one’s I currently own are Rayban Wayfarers, the larger expense was most definitely the lenses themselves. Having an expensive prescription forces you not to be a dick to your glasses and sunglasses, this I have learned.

    If, however, I do give contacts another try – or just decide not walking into walls is overrated – I am all over those ASOS Round Sunglasses.

  • Do you guys have any suggestions of where I can buy cheap cool sunglasses from?

  • marcy

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  • chloe
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  • It’s nice to see the price points of sunglasses coming down to a reasonable area. For a long time you couldn’t get a good looking frame that didn’t feel like it was from a dollar store. Technology has changed quite a bit over the years allowing for significant price drops.