Ye Feather Peplum

Feathers of a Repeller flock together


They say that birds of a feather flock together. We’d like to amend that idiom with this: it’s actually the feathers of a Repeller that flock together.

In a story about the multifarious ways to wear a turtleneck that ran in January, I paired a feather peplum by Peter Som with a turtleneck and the same high waist jeans that are about to poke your eyes out right here and now. While the peplum left behind a trail that told of my travels, Charlotte, do-it-yourself wunderkind and photo taker extraordinaire began waxing poetic on the simplicity with which we could likely execute our own DIY.

And so, we took to Amazon in pursuit of boas that we would order, cut and ultimately paste.

After having settled on colors that called to mind the kind of visions of Sesame Street that only a true sociopath couldn’t happily recognize, the process began. Below you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial so that you too can DIY, and the next time you find a trail of feathers circling Soho, you can (possibly) rest-assured that a kindred spirit or at least likeminded Repeller can’t be far.

The items you will need:

– A t-shirt (I chose a white v-neck but a button up could also work nicely.)

– Feather boas (We opted for three but a fourth layer wouldn’t have hurt.)

– Safety pins (In case you need to crop the shirt)

– A glue gun (Duh)

– Scissors and a broom (Where Ship Your Enemies Glitter may fail, a feather’s proclivity to shed never will.)


Step 1: If you’re using multiple color boas, conceptualize the color order. We opted for a light to dark gradient.


Step 2: Pin the boas on to the shirt once you’ve decided where you want the layers to sit (height-wise). Before you get messy with glue, make sure to hold up the shirt with the boas pinned securely to see how they’re falling.


Step 3: Flatten shirt again. Un-pin (or leave pinned if this makes it easier for you), and then, starting with your bottom boa layer, begin to glue. Be sure you are gluing from the rope in the center of the boa and not just arbitrarily tacking down feathers — a secure hold arbitrary feathers do not make.


Step 4: Don’t be afraid of glue. The more the merrier. Glue all the way around the shirt and check for any open pockets that didn’t stick down. Add more glue — heck, make like Miss Lippy and glue your eyes shut should you so please.


Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 with additional layers. Leave the tails of the boas a bit longer in case there is a gap you want to fill post-application.


Step 6: Cut the remainder of the feathers. Try to get a clean cut right on the rope and then glue down the tips.


Step 7: Try on the shirt. Ours started a little long, so we cheated the length by hemming the extra fabric under the boas to adjust the height of the peplum.


 Step 8: Tell the world you’re here to party.

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