How to Dress in Weather Limbo

Starring Goldilox and the best bowl of quinoa porridge known to mankind


If this was a selfie, the backdrop was actually the white wall that separates my kitchen from my bathroom, and the reflection through which we both examine this outfit was that sorry-ass mirror from Bed Bath and Beyond that makes my legs two inches wider and shorter, I’d probably insert a caption right here that says something to the effect of, “Business man on holiday in Maldives, who didn’t get the memo that wool is not a suitable fabric to exist in that region of Asia but is wearing it anyway because it’s fashion week and while we’re at it, that also explains the boots.”

But we’re not assigning hypotheticals to a selfie, not an official one at least, and the real impetus behind this outfit, which started with high waist blue jeans and a leather jacket this morning but became a pair of “relaxed” fit white jeans because I both needed to relax and feel a little lighter, is mastering — or at least attempting to master– The Transition.

That hell awkward, lukewarm time between March and early May when it’s not hot, it’s not exactly cold, and you’d rather microwave your own thumb than wear another pilled sweater but it’s just not appropriate to break out the gold sandals yet.

So what do you do?

Possibly abide by a dressing tenet instituted by my friend Lara, which mandates that if you can’t beat them, you confuse them. Wear your most colorful, closed-toe shoes with a pair of white jeans and a nonpartisan shirt that could have once danced along the coast of Tulum but also across the frozen Imperial Gardens of Japan. Add bright, saucy necklaces because they are basically a smaller, portable happy lamp.

Then when that’s all done, you consider this reality: you still need a full layer of winter. Cull that layer from the fall that came before the one we’re about to champion. Remember where you were, who you were, what excited you at the time. Re-live it. Call it a fashion memory book, if you want to, go on and write a book. Then embroider a dragonfly into your wool and shimmy the F on.

Still with me?

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  • BH

    I love your necklaces! You can try Whatoweather, a free app that gives you the weather forecast (max, min and meteor) and an adapted outfit to the weather.

  • 89 Damsels

    Leandra Medine: The chief of good writing. Love reading your stuff.

  • I love this outfit, looks so good on you.

  • Into this. Also decided that March is the time of light clothing and dark polish. Because while I can’t be bothered to spend what feels like hours soaking my nails in polish remover, I can definitely run around like a crazy person recovering white jeans and sundresses.

  • Kelsey Moody

    This is essentially how to dress in SF; layers, jeans, booties– noted.

  • ksenia

    love everything about this!!

    xx ksenia |

  • Ohh la la love the outfits!

  • Great post, currently experiencing the same dilemma in London with the awful weather chance.

    You look incredible as always

    With love from London, Hayley x

  • Jane

    This is the best site! This compliment is coming from a 44 year old mom of two who only wishes this most excellent was around in the dark ages 20 years ago. Brava!

  • Natali

    You always amaze me with your unique outfits! These boots and blazer are major!

  • I can’t decide.

    One of my friends recently posted that a maxi dress was the best tribute to warmer temperatures while keeping in mind three months of not shaving. I believe she was correct.

  • Yes, am about ready to banish blacks forever.

  • Ellie

    Are you sick Leandra?

    • Leandra Medine

      Like, emotionally? Not that I am aware of

      • Ellie

        Ellie, how could you? I think you look totally well

  • Cinamaron

    that blazer is the best tbh

  • pm.


    1) When can I wear sandals without looking ridiculous? Is it a temp or a date? I know, I know. I can wear them whenever I want. But…

    2) I now own several of the wide leg/ flare crops. When I wear a tunic-ish shirt with them I look fat. SHould I just go with it?

    These are the things that are keeping me up at night.

    • Leandra Medine

      would you ever wear socks with your sandals? and try to be unironic about it, just make it like you’re keeping warm and even though it looks like you’re “making a statement” you’re not at all? because then you can wear them now. to avoid hypothermia, though, i’d say you probably to want to wait until, we’re seeing consistent 55-60 degree days. re: wide leg flare crops, do you FEEL fat? doesn’t quite matter how you think you look bc if you feel great, that’s what will show. i know i know it sounds platitudinal but it’s also annoyingly true.

      • pm.

        OH! I have and do wear socks with my Swedish Hasbeens! My husband says I look “cute” when I do this, which isn’t exactly what I’m going for but whatever. But you’re SO SMART! I am going to try some socks with some other sandal choices. I might even rock some tights and sandals since the weather dipped down to 50 again.

        You are so right about the feeling great – looking good thing. Thanks for the reminder.

        You’re the best.

        • pm.

          I can’t believe i typed ” I might even rock some tights and sandals since the weather dipped down to 50 again.” I got so PUMPED and PSYCHED, gonna ROCK IT.

  • Stephanie

    Your blazer & shoes are awesome! I love it <3

  • I really like the shoes but would’ve probably paired them with a head-to-ankle white look.

    Check my NYC blog, which chronicles my fashionable adventures in the city. Also looking for any new bloggers to collaborate with!

    With love from NYC,


  • LOVE the Valentino booties <3


  • Guest

    Those boots! A heart attack every time I see them! Fab!

  • Those boots! A heart attack every time I see them! Fab!

  • Ask Socratic

    Love the necklace! My kind of accessory.

  • Tracy

    Those booties…I need them in my life!

  • The Fashion Horn

    Is their anything to be said for wearing microwavable hand-warmers?

  • Denise

    Love your look! I just now discovered your blog!

  • crazyloverblue

    Some days I dress like this in Spring and other days (like today it was in the 60’s) I dress in summer clothes and don’t care what anyone thinks. I need more dresses. I mostly own summer clothes and winter clothes. PNW problems

  • I don’t know why, but I couldn’t figure out how to dress last spring despite living in NYC for seven years. The layers or jackets I chose left me either too hot or too cold. I usually spend my spring weekends walking around NYC with my boyfriend, so this can be problematic.

  • Trinity
  • I loved your comment about “spring weather”. The moment when you haven’t change wardrobe yet, but you want to burn your coat; the moment when you are cold or too warm, depending on how the weather wanted to be that day…

    Here my latest post, about Louboutin’s new strategy of reaching younger consumers by engaging them with a special Tribal inspired action in their website.


  • Sabrina Krichevsky

    forever loving your writing and style Leandra!
    London is being a hassle, although it is currently sunny, the wind is here to stay 🙁


  • mercy
  • your tassels are so hot.

  • Amadee Stenzel

    “shimmy the F on.” That last sentence was brilliant, I feel like I might have to pinch that as a new catch-phrase.