Call it the New Goth or not, but Norm’s literally dead.


Effective as of two weeks ago, irony in fashion passed away. It’s true that dad jeans and mom sweaters vanished at the turn of Seinfeld’s decade — only to be resurrected fifteen years later — but on February 16th, 2015, Thom Browne was caught with a candlestick in the Billiard Room and at exactly 8:07 PM, Normcore was pronounced dead.

Baseball caps seem to have died too; they must have swallowed the poison. So have white athletic socks and Hawaiian shirts and water park slides and anything with “New York” printed on it. Larry David’s closet had its renaissance but now it’s time to close the book on Reeboks.

Bowery kids, street style stars, ska lovers, are you listening? Severe austerity has succeeded Times Square tourism.

#Funeralcore is in.

Think head-to-toe black ensembles, lace veils, fishnet stockings and patent leather brogues. Suck it, Uber: anyone who is anyone is traveling via stretcher. At the aforementioned Browne show, models somberly traipsed between the pews where viewers sat, stone-faced and fidgeting in their suddenly-antiquated Stan Smiths.

In London, the Giles models — black-lipped and peachy eyed, as though they’d recently recovered from a good, long cry — moped down the runway.

And the drama. If #normcore was all about the understated laugh, #funeralcore lives for the spectacle: Elizabethan collars, ruched Victorian sleeves and satin capes that scream, “WILL SOMEONE BRING ME MY EVIAN, please.”

At Alexander Wang, the models let their hair hang over their foreheads like stringy pieces slicked with enough oil to solve the offshore drilling crisis. Because really, who has the time for dry shampoo these days? Black velvet tuxedos, combat boots and goth anteriors underscored the collection. There was a rare pop of color, most probably worn by a distant cousin of the deceased. Excuse me, athleisure, this seat is reserved for Wednesday Addams.

Back in the bygone era of 2014, The Cut accredited #normcore to artists who used it, “not to describe a particular look but a general attitude: embracing sameness deliberately as a new way of being cool, rather than striving for ‘difference’ or ‘authenticity.'”

To them I say, what’s more innately authentic than death?

Images via Style.com

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  • L

    Offshore drilling crisis? Not an accurate description.

  • Lyric

    Yes! This is my dream look!

  • BK

    This is a timely article because ever since somebody on TheRealReal purchased out from under my nose these really important wool & velvet D&G slides (incidentally an ideal merging of cores both norm and funeral; they would have been just right to wear in the intermission between the two trends/the several weeks it takes to convince my ex-military father to help me spit-shine my favourite brogues back up to ceremonial appropriateness, official patent classification, Wednesday Addams’ standards, whatever you like to call it), my entire life has essentially been a funeral. My own funeral, in which the casket is open and my shoes for eternal rest are neither wool & velvet slides nor appropriately buffed brogues.

    • Esther Levy

      Want this on my tombstone.

      • Amelia Diamond


  • This collection is so cool:) Love the black:)


  • Allie Fasanella

    “Anyone who is anyone is traveling via stretcher.” Dying. I have always been into wearing all black, it just makes me feel witchy and dramatic. I did this little article a couple months ago about werking the all black ensemble. I’m all about the funeral attire. Also, i want my tombstone to say, “The Pretty Twin.”

    • Charlotte

      Loved that you streched it to ‘Dying.’ haha!

  • Cinamaron

    This validates my decision to dress like a witch this summer. Thanks manrepeller!

  • all black done right as fuck!! these collections are absolutely killer. i’m REALLY feeling these looks, you feel me?

    also, someone absolutely must include “Living Dead” by Marina and the Diamonds in the soundtrack for any of these #funeralcore themed shows.


  • Love black, love a birdcage veil on the face… I’m all over this trend. Nothing looks more at home in a city than black. The 1970s redux… #NOTATALL.

  • Loved that greasy hair at Wang.


  • This frightens me..



  • Tiana

    Love the head-to-toe black, but fishnets I don’t think we could do!


  • Kate

    Soon town cars will be replaced with hearses. A coffin would make for very comfortable travel.

  • Cynthia

    This is gothic fashion. It’s been around since the late ’70s. I don’t even see how it’s been updated in any way.

    For those who are saying they want to dress like a witch, it’s a growing movement on Tumblr called strega fashion. Go for it!