Suits Like Jagger

Esther shows us how to suit-up (and dress-up) like the one and only Bianca Jagger


Bianca Jagger is a rare bird.

In an age where trends have a faster turnover rate than an IHOP booth on a Sunday, the human rights activist’s style has endured. Speaking her name aloud conjures images of 70s disco spirit; an actual Google search yields photographic proof that she’s the Jagger with moves to watch.

It’s difficult to replicate style as effortless as hers. Bianca Jagger is a woman who moves and dresses with purpose, yet her sequined turbans and wide-lapeled suits never read as “trying too hard.” It takes true confidence to wear a plunging v-neck, and it takes courage to do so without double-sided fashion tape, but it takes real panache to not look like a fidgety willow every time a breeze provokes a nip-slip.

She, my friends, is a fashion icon.

The sad truth is that we don’t have access to Bianca’s stellar collection of white two-pieces and dramatic capes. We don’t have Studio 54, either. But we do have options. In fact, I once wore a leopard Kooples suit-sans-shirt to a birthday party in Bianca’s honor and had my nipple hanging out for two whole minutes. If at first you don’t succeed, right?

So together, let’s try, try to dress like Bianca Jagger again:

Get Suited: 

Few things say, “I came to party with my pants on!” like a well tailored suit. Go rogue and wear one like this H&M burgundy number with a bare chest. Or, opt for a blouse-y top beneath it. Either way, Bianca would be proud.

Jump-Suit, Not Ship: 

Jumpsuits are never a bad idea, save for when you’ve had too much to drink and need to pee. Throw it back to Saturday night on a Monday. Go up, go down, turn it all around.

Slip Into Something Comfortable 

We have many women to thank for the proliferation of the undergarment-turned-party dress, Kate Moss chief among them. A slip dress screams, “IDGAF that I have ‘itis! My undercarriage can breathe and I feel real good about that.”

Wear a PussyBow 

Haha, she said “pussy.”

Are we over it? Good, because these neck-hugging babies will make you look .2 % more French than you normally do. The choker-cum-scarf appliqué is sophisticated without being stuffy. Tie it tight or let it hang loose at your collarbone, depending on how good the music is.

Finally, always make an entrance.


So what if you don’t have a stallion upon which to ride? You’ve got the outfit, now. That’s what matters.

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  • Amelia Diamond

    do you guys feel like bianca jagger is kind of copying me with the horse thing?

  • Love this! Bianca Jagger is one seriously glam mofo


  • The H&M set is FLY! I like the Zara set too!

  • Allie Fasanella

    You’ve got the moves, Esther. Those suits look hella trill on you. Rock on.

  • I’m obsessed with the pussybow (and No, I will never call it a secretary or bow shirt). Check out this version I designed with a detachable scarf for more versatility:

  • Loving that sweater suit look on ya Esther! I think I need one too.

  • Lookin good, Es!

  • Kelsey Moody

    I think the trend we’re missing here is wearing your name tag/security pass on your platform. Ill start doing this at my building for work and see how it flies.

    Also, in a pic gallery full of Jaggers, you stole the show, Esther nicely done!

  • Now we’ve all got the “suits like Jagger”!

  • Amy

    Esther, are those boots true to size? Or is sizing up best? Dry-heaving over them.

    • Esther Levy

      abso-lutely true to size! Unless you have bunions like me, in that case you’re better off sizing up:)

  • You look amazing, Esther! I especially love that knitwear look.
    Bianca is SUCH a queen. I unabashedly attempt to emulate her style on a regular basis. The special thing about style icons is although we can never /be/ them, their influence helps us become the best WE can be sartorially. The confidence they project is contagious, too.

    I managed to find a choker similar to the one Bianca is wearing in slide 9 (one of my favourite looks of hers) here: now, im patiently hunting for the perfect white suit to pair it with. Also found a vintage clip-on bow that is *reminiscent* of the pussybow, as pictured in this outfit:

    Gotta show some love for Mick too, though – that suit/ruffles combo in slide 27 is absolutely fab. See also – his amazing jackets, such as the one he wore in the Under my Thumb video: and his fantastic outfit during the Stones in the Park performance: and so on.

    This comment probably looks so spammy bc of all the links but you’ve gotta /see/ what im talking about ok bless the Jaggers and their impeccable style

  • Jackie @ Kleiden drew

    First, you wore that babe! Niche done. Second, observances: #15=Pinned immediately!; #19=I don’t know if Mick or Bianca is the prettier one in the pic. Let’s call it a draw; #23=Goldie’s sweet Sweet Valley High bell bottoms (heyell yes!); #28=who is the woman in the background with the bomb floral dress, Dirk Benedict swept bangs and Avengers choker? She rocks!

  • I dig this, also can’t believe that one is H&M!


  • Mairzi

    Many years ago, Bianca tried to pocket my sterling Angela Cummings pen. She was on a pay phone (yes, it was that long ago) at a hair salon. As I walked by, she demanded I lend her a pen which I did. She then finished her conversation and put my beautiful pen in her pocket. I had to tap her on the shoulder and ask for it back. My stylist thought it was hysterical that I stood up to her and got the pen back. But it was an awesome pen.

  • ziggyplayguitar hero

    has rosario dawson reunited with her true mom yet?

  • Lua Jane

    I had the honor of meeting Bianca in a very private circumstances, in a home of my highschool friend, here in Bosnia where I live. I think it was 1999. My friend was a war amputee child saved by a humanitarian organisation she supported, and for a benefit of filming some promo material she visited his home with one lovely Long Island native lady who started it all. I was a teenager and can’t exactly say I was starstruck, but I remember her being super cool and down to earth. Also since it was winter she did wear a fancy (I believe faux) fur even for that occasion. Camera crew guys did however talk about her being a bit of a diva throughout the journey. But for a little Balkan girl that I still am, having coffee with such an important pop culture icon is still a pretty major thing.

  • Great post!!:)