How to Get a Head Start on Next Season Before You Accidentally Buy Another Pair of Ripped Jeans

Normcore is dead


One of the greatest circumstances to emerge from fashion week is a clearer sense of what you will want to wear in the upcoming months, which is further punctuated by one’s ability to understand that what she currently wears will likely find itself futile the following season.

This condition is one that only really reveals itself to those who are capable of attending the bi-annual fashion weeks and therefore experience immersion among not just the shows but in the peripheral style of spectators et al that always manage to endure subtle-enough changes to fly over a careless eye as the weeks progress.

Example: starting point green culottes this season in New York turned into late week flare leg, cropped pants and striped socks as well as various sleeveless blouses layered over long sleeve shirts of the same fabric. Ripped jeans turned into sleek, clean jeans and sneakers became loafers. Definitively. So, to save you from the wrath of another pair of pants you will no doubt never want to see again come September, here’s a list of things you will definitely want to wear in their place.

1. Flare leg jeans — both cropped and not.

2. Fitted overalls and jumpsuits.

3. Pussy bow blouses, potentially with the aforementioned overalls.

4. Foot-length, as opposed to ankle length, boot cut pants, either in denim or wool and to stand as the last remaining morsel of 90s paraphernalia on this side of that cyclical river.

5. More fitted jackets — clap at your curves, they’re here for you.

6. Victorian-style blouses that might moonlight as turtlenecks.

7. Suede shearling coats that reveal their curly fur at your cuffs and collar — Etsy will be an optimal source to locate one of these.

8. Gold boots — I think I’m projecting because I just bought these.

9. Other forms of gold! The lamé dresses that once seemed indigenous to the 70s will populate the aughts, possibly under shearling coats and definitely to say FUCK YOU in capital letters the next time an “arctic chill” forces you out on a date.

10. More clogs! In addition to groovy platforms that will fare well with thick knit, charcoal grey socks.

11. And if you plan to continue forward on that off-the-shoulder bender, you might want to consider a cotton turtleneck from the inside.

Also of note: high waist, a-line mini skirts.

Of course, though, some people don’t know what they want until they’ve determined exactly what they don’t, so here are some things you will probably not care about at all:

Normcore — that means: ripped jeans, super-skinny jeans, mom-style pants, any pants, really, that are too cropped, Stan Smith sneakers (get a pair of Eytys!) and frankly, looking deliberately disheveled.

But then again, style is the most personal conversation one can have with herself — so maybe I’m completely wrong. Just do you.

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  • The pieces are very Pandora Sykes-like. I absolutely love it! Good bye norm core, hello freedom land of the 70’s!!!

  • So many great seventies picks. I am drooling over everything!

  • Sally Waits

    I have kind of just fallen for norm core, the late bloomer I am. And every time I get strange looks for my mom jeans (so, basically, every time I wear them) I think of your “Why I wear bad pants” post. Don’t pronounce ’em dead now, pleaaase!

    • Leandra Medine

      death is so subjective, you know? and no trend dies until you deem it so!

  • Oooh man, I just bought a pair of ripped/distressed jeans last week. [insert sad emoji here]

    • Also, I need some clogs ASAP.

    • ThisPersonSleeps


    • Same….

    • Julie Meowmeows

      I bought some skinny, bleached out, ripped jeans last minute month! Rock em if you got em.

  • Daniella

    I’m terming the take away from this season’s fashion week “Wes Anderson Chic”.

  • Flares, flares for days! Come at me 70’s I’m ready for the curves, glam and gold 😀

  • parkzark

    Stan Smiths, I can’t quit you.

  • Andres Poiche
  • Selena Delgado

    Love everything listed, check. check. check.
    BTW Acne Rose Gold Pistol Booties, do those count? (FYI found them on sale)

    • Leandra Medine


  • Stephanie

    so happy flares and boot cuts are back!

  • Oooh yeah, flare leg jeans. I’m all in. Although, I hear that jnco jeans are trying to resurrect themselves.

  • I totally agree on the gold boots and the flare jeans! I am a fan of the 70s so naturally I love this trend but I also see the new length of the trouser emerging!

  • anon

    Fashion weeks and the general death/birth of trends irk me at times. I am the first to say that there is artistry behind fashion, however it’s also important to keep in mind that it’s an industry that thrives on being ephemeral and (mostly) unattainable. We spend countless dollars attempting to mimic what’s “cool” instead of allowing ourselves to, as you said, “just do [us].” Don’t get me wrong, I love being on trend and having my picture taken as much as the next person, but lately I’ve felt there’s an emptiness to it because none of it is really “me.” I feel as though I become a billboard for that evanescence instead of allowing my identity and personal style to grow in a concomitant fashion (pun intended). Furthermore, following trends too closely can be frustrating: “Oh I’m way too short to wear high-waisted jeans,” “Holy baby Jesus, this shirt costs the more than my rent!” So I’ve been learning to simply say, “fuck it!” and use the industry as a form of inspiration rather than rules to live by. As tacky as this may sound, it was Coco Chanel who said, “Fashion fades, only style remains.”
    On that note, I wanted to thank you, Leandra, because it’s obvious you dress for yourself only and you aren’t afraid of coming off as batshit crazy. You live by no fashion stereotypes and for that I am greatful.
    Ok I’m done now, sorry. xx

    • Love your post!!!!!!!! because I agree 100% . Thanks anon for putting into words what I think.
      And you, Leandra, thanks for inspiring me! I’ve always always always done “just me” (well…ok…confession….just sometimes “always”) even though trends fascinate me. I have a Love/Hate relationship with trends.

    • Queue

      Thank you! Your reply contained most of what my brain also thought but my fingers could not type. As a mum of 3 young kids (including a baby) and a fashion enthusiast I’m in the process of defining and embracing my “new” style…. I’m still yet to conclude that personal/intimate conversation with myself that Leandra was referring to in the last paragraph. Chasing trends right now to me would be like commiting style suicide. I need to be on cruise control when it comes to my style so as to remain true to myself in light of my current state in life. Love for fashion and style more often than not stems from the liberty of self expression therefore to me trend-chasing and style cannot be juxtaposed without the risk of an oxymoron even though sometimes the mix of those two is a marriage that inevitably happens in a bid not to seem aloof to (worldly) changes. Overall, it’s really frustrating like you so aptly put it.

  • Nooooo, boyfriend jeans and super skinny jeans CANNOT BE DONE WITH! I never considered those to be normcore staples, though. However, I totally called Pussybow blouses and I’m doing a little dance right now to celebrate.

    • AlexaJuno

      I feel like denim is the one thing that, no matter what the trend, can work on any level.

  • lindsay @ VAUGHAN

    As a Mom, I can’t pull off normcore without looking like, frankly, a Mom. Thank god THAT’S over. (And long live the pussybow)

  • So glad to see the ripped jeans phase is over! I’ve never liked it, and never wore them – so I’m glad to keep my decent jeans for the rest of the year!

    I would say I’m kicking myself for getting rid of my flare leg jeans in the 90s, but who am I kidding – I couldn’t fit into them if I stopped eating at this very moment.

    That being said, I’m off to go find some dinner…and a turtleneck!

  • Little c

    Clogs! Shearling! But so sad, I held on to my fave 90’s flares just for nostalgia’s sake until a few months ago, then finally got rid of them… I guess they will just be someone else’s lucky thrift store find….

  • Shelby

    I love this post!! Thank you for helping me with my upcoming spring shopping list. Bring on more clogs!

  • Ooops too late, I just bought two new Rag and Bone pairs 😛

  • Tracy

    Totally into fitted jackets!

  • Ask Socratic

    Flare… oh no 🙁

  • Just saw this after reading your article! Couldn’t resist posting it 🙂 sherling coat on etsy <3

  • Francesca Leo

    This is killing me, normcore was totally “my thing”! But I know you’re right, Leandra, you always are.

  • JustMe

    I’ve been noticing a lot of straight leg/cigarette cropped just above the ankle jeans. Please tell me those are still in style. Going back to my closet to try on some old flared Sevens that I have been hanging on to !

  • Sophie

    noooOOOOOO normcore CANNOT be dead!!!!!!!! it’s not time!

  • Nicole L.

    To be honest, after reading this yesterday I shrieked, “NORMCORE IS DEAD!” multiple times while looking in horror at my closet. My boyfriend thought it was weird. He was all, “But didn’t Man Repeller also tell you to tuck your hair into your turtleneck?” And then I told him he does not understand. Ugh, boys.

    But in all seriousness, I kind of saw this coming. I should’ve known that as a college student, normcore was too good to be true to get away with. I’m kind of happy I’m going to have to step up my game from now on. Love the new trends! Though on my petite frame, I’m a little nervous about doing away with my skinny pants.

  • Casey

    I’ll never stop looking deliberately disheveled thank you very much! <3

  • Best place to find suede shearling coats (with big buttons!): your mom’s closet. I already found mine!

  • MC Brakefield

    I think the words “Normcore is dead” are the best ones I’ve seen in a while. I am definitely ready for a more inspiring style to come back around. However, having to find pants that are actually long enough for my six foot tall self is going to be a struggle for sure.

  • moromou

    i love my stan smiths
    just saying. .

  • Nabila

    Drool. I’m a PhD student and therefore my life is hell #cashflowissues. I’m short – these looks require heels. I wudda ben a cracking 70s girl though so – needs must. Any more affordable suggestions? “Help me I’m poor”.

  • Just got a white pussy bow blouse, thanks for the link!

  • belly b

    I hate all of these things? Like really victorian style blouses? Pussy bow blouses? The only thing I can get on board with is the shearling jacket but that’s not anything new, it’s been around for a couple years now. I find all of these pieces really boring, like the kind of stuff I would’ve found at a Miss Sixty/Fornarina store a couple years ago. I’m really riding for the tacky Milanese look. Sorry for being a negative nancy.

    • babs

      That Miss Sixty/Fornarina reference is ON POINT.

  • amazing jumpsuit
    fashion blogger

  • GaeaGirl

    I see a near-future landscape littered with Carolyn Bessette Kennedy clones. But hey, that gal had style. Snaps for an entirely wearable season ahead… and thank you Leandra for the GOLD. It just wouldn’t be 2015 without the bling.

  • kline, mara r.

    but flare jeans make me look like a sasquatch 🙁

  • lucky

    normcore isnt dead until people in minnesota start wearing it. oh wait….

    but seriously i will wear “mom jeans” until i actually become a mom and all my pants automatically become literal mom jeans. so, forever.

  • So true, great post!

  • Melody

    These items were all popular in the UK a good few years back. Good thing I didn’t throw out any of my old clothing. Time to get rummaging in my wardrobes!!

  • Yasqueen

    Dude. DUDE. As a pear-shaped, big-hips-and-booty girl, I am positively cheering for the return of bootcut jeans. I’ve been silently steaming over fitting myself into skinny, straight jeans for ages (I’ve usually paired them with boots or heels, because they look fairly silly on me with flats, plus unless they’re high-waisted – which is the look I settled on – say hello to my crack). Every f*g magazine and blog suggests that you should go bootcut for my shape, but they’ve been so out of style I’ve resented the suggestion. (I know, some very fashion-forward folks have been wearing wide-legged 70’s style pants, but not in the mainstream). I know you should just “do you” but “me” didn’t like wearing shit that our generation only wore back in junior high/elementary school.


    Yay yay yay!!!! I can rock the sh*t out of this look.

  • Elizabeth

    So wait? Those are the things we are supposed to wear? flare pants! No way :'(

  • Yes! No more ripped jeans!

  • Shai

    Just a great read- no matter if I’m reading your posts on a weekly basis or if I’ve come back from a month long hiatus from all blogs- I always come away smiling after reading your posts <3

  • Stephanie Taylor

    Clogs that you can actually walk for more than 6 minutes in – in New York. Anyone?

  • Julie Meowmeows

    I’m pretty tired of the loose fitting, flowy shirts, and flannel shirts with leggings and tall boots. No mas!!

  • Julie Meowmeows

    I deem next year “The Return of Andy Warhol’s Posse: Now With Less Coke!”.

  • Love the gold boots!