The What I Woes

Why did I wear that?


The best part of the end of fashion week is my being given legitimate enough reason to Google my own name without having to explain my recent search history to my husband who looks at me horrified whenever he finds that I’m looking at myself on the Internet.

“Research!” I will wail.

“But you live in your own head, Leandra, you don’t have to Google you to learn more about you,” he will logically retort.

But he doesn’t understand that in order to bring you what is subjectively “the best” of what I wore during Fashion Week in New York, I do have to Google myself to learn more about me.

So what did I learn this season? Frankly, that nothing I wore was particularly best. In fact, a lot of it erred on the side of worst. And this isn’t my fishing like a pro-sea bass killer for compliments; this is simply my addressing a discouraging condition of what it means to care about what you look like and how difficult that becomes when the calendar strikes February and you live in New York. Why? Because we don’t get to choose our clothes.

Our clothes choose us. If and when you attempt to pick out a look, what you will find is either frost bite or a mental blockade that stifles the neurotransmitters that help build cool outfits. The physical manifestation of this handicap looks like this:



I know exactly what I wanted to achieve: lithe legs fostered by heels in a pair of slim and high-waist vintage style jeans that would counter a jacket that is so suitably 70s inspired it could bounce off the wash on the jeans really well, and then catch a similarly colored cardigan and opposite boots, brought right back in with the implementation of a red neck scarf. Of course, the problem is that sometimes the ideas we have internally aren’t approximated in real life, which is fine for the most part — if you have time to change. But when you don’t, and are forced to meander among women you have deemed heroes and like-minded, otherwise individuals who more often than not trade in the currency that is a good shoe-to-pant ratio, you might find yourself feeling deflated. So much so that you take it out on fashion week, or worse, your city, and attempt to renounce it all together.

Until that beacon of hope shines bright once more and you’re just like, ah, this must be what Stella felt like when she got her groove back.

Leandra Medine

But it fades so quickly, you know? The next 15 degree day rolls around and you’re liable to fuck up again.

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  • ReadER451

    The struggle is real, Leandra. Not to sound like a broken record, but this weather has Spring is soon!

  • Jolanda

    You look a bit like Michael Jackson in the photo from the Tony Burch show! In a good way though 🙂

  • I so love and appreciate your candor. As one reader said below– the struggle IS real. It’s hard to look like a million bucks when all you want to do is climb inside of a puffy full body cast and hibernate. As an aside, that Fendi dress SLAYS.

    Thanks for always keepin it real

  • You make 17° look at least 52°. You need a denim crown, you are the denim queen. *All hail*

    • kiasa

      yes agree with you, one of the best denim queen though

      sewa mobil di bali for vacation

  • Sarah

    Yay, I’m so happy you brought back “what I wores.” 🙂

  • I have never seen a style like yours before, and that is what I like so much about it.

  • Rachel

    The turtleneck link goes to a men’s jcrew turtleneck? Which Uniqlo turtleneck is this? Thanks!

  • AlexaJuno

    This time of year is such a drag. Maintaining inspiration in this relentless and highly limiting cold is nearly impossible when all I’d like to do is sit next to a fire in a sack made out of microfleece. That said, you always seem to make it work. The looks from the Tori Burch and Ralph Lauren shows are particularly boss and those Prada brogues need to be in my life.

  • Sam

    I’m obsessed with your Delpozo pants! Anyone know where I can get some super wide legged pants similar to this? I feel like I may not be searching the correct term. What do you call these? The phrase “crazy amazing ball gown skirt pants from heaven” isn’t bringing up exactly what I’m looking for… for some reason.

    • katepery54

      #I­’v­e sta­rt­ed a­m ve­ry ex­cit­ed t­o sha­re th­is ­­­ w­it­h yo­u… I­t’s a­n ­­­aw­es­om­e s­­­i­d­e j­o­b t­­­­o h­av­e .have a peek here..http://••►►••►►••►► click Here now…JUST GO TO THE SITE TO BELIEVE

    • xtyb

      I also covet those pants and will search with the term ‘palazzo pants’. Hopefully we aren’t the same size!

    • xtyb

      Update: don’t bother with that term unless you’re on Moda Operandi or something. You get nasty stuff on the general internet.

  • the struggle is book-ended for both seasons of dread – summer and winter. i wear the exact same things, i just layer for one, and remove the layers for the other. at least when it’s cold, you can add layers to get warm. in summer? you’re just hot. all the time. and that’s worse. //

  • It is getting very wearying to try and look anywhere remotely cool and modern in this weather. The thing about your style is that it is your style and it is always interesting regardless of how it compares to anyone else. Just be warm and comfortable.

    Accidental Icon

  • Yak Fan
  • pm.

    Stupid cute. Love esp the Ralph Lauren show outfit. Yours, not theirs.

  • GiaG

    The fifth picture is so beautiful!

  • Shoegirl

    Please tell us what shoes you are wearing with your Delpozo pants and with other xxlong flared jeans/pants!!! I know we can’t see them but they’re important for advice/comparison/ideas/suggestions! Thanks!

  • Mo feathers the betta!


  • Lucy

    everyone wants to know the brand of the striped cotton shirt!!!

    • Leandra Medine

      Christina Lehr!

  • Love the denim overalls!

  • Kesly

    Awesome looks! I always feel inspired to be more… daring with my style (and I say that as I wear a plain sweatshirt and sweatpants at home with a cup of tea) whenever I visit your blog! So excited for Spring!

  • Krista Anna Lewis

    Isa Arfen coat outfit is basically my dream spring outfit. How did you not get frostbite?!

  • monkeyshines
  • Carolina

    Can´t wait for you to write on stifled neurotransmitters due to pregnancy and childcare. Sorry for the heads-down but some one has to put my feeling into words as perfectly as you do.

    • Leandra Medine

      Do you think at that point I’ll ever be capable of stringing together a sentence?

  • woes about my wores these days yukyukyuk

    I have an important question: how are all your ear-temperatures doing? I get cold headaches within minutes of no-hat in freezing weather. are you just dizzy all the time?!

    • Leandra Medine

      Yes — and thirsty

  • catsincashmere

    I love how you used a unique way of layering instead of the typical “winter look”. This gave me some great inspiration for changing up my wardrobe. My favorite pieces are the Isa Arfen coat and houndstooth jacket. I’m so excited that turtlenecks are making a huge comeback. They’re cute and so practical. You make ice cold weather look freaking hot!! Love the outfits!

  • me

    Diamond Duck to my left looks like a pervert.

    this made me chortle (sorry, amelia!) … : D

  • Alba B.

    The next time you will Google MR during FW….can this be as a possibility?!!
    That’s how you would live on my head, sorry penci/watercolorl!!

    • Estela Ujka

      The only reason that i dont like Leandra is that she ispires you more than i do… even when she complaints cold and puts everything on. Feel very jealous. Very nice sketches Alba. Love u just kidding.

    • Leandra Medine


      • Alba B.

        When you have the right inspiration role model, things come pretty easy.
        If you will pass by any chance into Milan Fashion Week I would be delighted to give it to you, with you signing (your) my book in return.
        What do you think? Feasible?!!!

        • Leandra Medine

          No Milan for me this season! Paris?!

          • Alba B.

            Damn I am not able to be there! What about next season, september in Milan?
            Eventhough this expectation is going to turn me into a Penelope, but also give me the chance to challange with other myths of What I Woes!
            Do you mind if I send them to you here on the comments space?

  • Grace

    You and Daffy Duck look absolutely perfect !!!!

  • Where I can get a white shirt with a black bow, please help!

  • Love the boots & tucked in jumper! A revolutionary secret agent! Viva La Colour Revolution! Colours to the People! 🙂

  • The Fashion Horn

    I think you look rockin in that Miu Miu anorak. Reminds me of my first day at school for some reason – I had a similar anorak and it was the eighties!

  • Jules

    She is totally pretty, the real man..or rather human repellent is her clothes….yikes!

  • Catherine Bohner

    Late to the party–get long underwear next year (it seems like the cold is finally mostly gone). I bet you could make thermals look super cool.

  • You look a bit like Michael Jackson in the photo from the Tony Burch show 🙂

  • AleG

    IDK what you thought… you look AMAZING in my eyes. you have my heart.

  • I think you’re being way too hard on yourself.. 1) those shoes are most definitely not “yikes” nor is your face, and 2) roughly 90% of even the most awesome outfits are still gonna be weirdly laughable to us in about 7 years.

  • sylvia

    are your jeans in the look with the striped shirt and green turtleneck/tee a vintage find? i want sooo bad

    • Leandra Medine

      No, they are by MiH! (Sorry for the delay)