Frozen Photographer Club

Lesson learned? Invest in mittens.

I’m going to call it before the official AccuWeather results are in: this was the coldest fashion week on record. My unsuspecting brain told my body not to worry, that running around outside would mean I’d end up sweating instead of shaking. So off I went, day after day, with my double layer of fingerless gloves and a Carhartt beanie as my only extra protection against frostbite.

Oh how wrong I was. Stalking the fashion cognoscenti is not the same sort of exercise as skiing. I can’t even remember how many times I lost feeling and movement in my fingers, each time worse than the last. I still don’t know if I have, in fact, gained full motion back.

Did you know wind can be blinding? Even the kind without any snow in it? The west side of Manhattan in particular is known for its especially brutal gusts, forcing the photographers to huddle in a cloud of cigarette smoke behind buildings. Then someone (me! since I don’t know any of the other photogs!) would stick her head around the corner to check for the end of the show, only to be pushed back into hiding by the wind before catching any sort of helpful glimpse. At least I never fell into a snowbank or onto my camera like a few unfortunate souls.

Adrenaline kicks in the moment you see cool clothes or a beautiful detail, which cancels out the pain of freezing limbs until the show starts. But then the show starts. And you’re standing outside, left wondering where the antelope have gone.

Considering this is only my second season photographing street style, in the wild, on assignment, I take each moment as a learning opportunity. It felt like a bonding experience with humanity: once you see people slipping or waddling on ice, you’re reminded of their mortality — in a good way. My biggest takeaway from my still recovering phalanges, however? Invest in mittens.

Oh, and Charlotte was wrong. Bill Cunningham may indeed be Superman, but he definitely wears gloves.

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