What to Wear This Week

Claire Beermann dresses us for the week ahead


The best part about Monday is Tuesday — that triumphant march toward the second day of the week, which offers promise that the middle is coming and therefore, so is the end. But getting there can sometimes be so emotionally taxing and consuming that you forget to get dressed. As in, leave the house naked. In the nude. For everyone to see.

Errant pubic hairs, puffy left nipple and all.

But we’re fighters, you know? And as a result of that, we forcibly put flapping ducks in their rows to ensure that even the most severe case of The Naked Tuesday as propelled by The Mondays can’t happen to us. So, up this week to drive this point home: German freelance writer Claire Beermann, who, through five outfits — one for every day now through Saturday — proves that winter doesn’t have to suck.

Look 1, or the artist formerly known as Indiana Jones Attends an Arctic Fashion Week enmeshes a vintage hat with a black Uniqlo turtleneck and similarly dark shorts and boots by Marc by Marc Jacobs and Kenzo, respectively, topped off by a Wood Wood jacket that delivers the tropical hope all icicle-doomed individuals yearn for this month.

Look 2, or the artist formerly known as Nordic Superstar with Flawless Skin and Therefore No Reservations About Donning a Sweater that Says Acne on it includes a pale blue Topshop dress worn under an Acne sweatshirt, paired with the same Kenzo boots.

Look 3, or the artist formerly known as Monochromatically-Inclined Hipster Ostrich with Sparkly Shoes to Loafer, not Boot, is perfect for your next office happy hour. Both the blazer and black under-top are Tibi, the sweater is Peter Jensen, the jeans are Levi’s and the shoes are vintage.

Look 4, or the artist formerly known as Emily Post Discovers a Beanie and a Pair of Pants, Pairs Them with a Cropped Jacket and Celestial Shoes, reinterprets that which is truly office apropos with a Roma e Toska dress & tweed jacket, St. Emile blazer, Cos pants and Charlotte Olympia pumps. Per the beanie — it was hand knit by her grandmother. Hand knit!

And finally, look 5, or the artist formerly known as Lounge Around in Denim and Track Pants and Live Life Everyday Like It’s Sunday marries a Marques’Almeida top to Acne pants, Fratelli Rossetti shoes and jacket from & Other Stories.

Wasn’t that great?

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  • The outfits are everything diffidently NOT boring x.


  • Lucy

    It seems to me she is a “1 to 1” copy of your style, Leandra. But I see why this flatters you. 😉

    • Leandra Medine

      I wish!

  • Ryan Gingery

    I really love this series but it’s a cumbersome to click through the pictures then scroll through the text. Because of this, I don’t read the text and just look through the pictures. Can you set it up as a slide show so that the pictures are juxtaposed with the text?

    • Leandra Medine

      Working on it!

  • Lulu

    The vintage shoes in look #3 made my heart stop! Mixing old with new is one of my favorite things about fashion!

  • Amelia Diamond

    Dang she’s cool

  • AlexaJuno

    The denim blouse is to die. Cool chick.

  • Charlotte Fassler

    The coolest & no one rocks a bob quite like her.

    • i knowww. just when i was certain i wanted to grow my hair out again.

    • Kenns

      and Pandora Sykes too!

  • The best part of every outfit… her dimples.


  • Thank you for this. I worry if everyone were to participate in naked Tuesday, they would lose that left puffy nipple due to this dang weather, mannnnn. I wish the temperature would go UP on a Tuesday… lol?

  • Esther Levy

    Spend Spend Spend FTW

  • I’m seeing turtlenecks and lovin’ it.

  • Aydan

    I’m all about outfit number 3. Those shoes are a dream!

  • monkeyshines

    wonderful ensembles!

  • I saw that it was 20 degrees in NYC and promptly put on leggings, thick soccer socks, denim moto jeans with leather knee patches, (my knees are frequently the only region that feel cold), and leather Frye boots.

    On Top: t-shirt, wool sweater, AND Under Armor jacket underneath my knee-length wool coat. Accessories include my thickest wool scarf, wool beret, and fur-lined, suede mittens.

    For once, I was warm.


  • Love these looks! Would look great with http://www.trovea.com/chicameo/uniform-jacket.html

    Shop emerging designers with great stories from a faraway land right from your desk!

  • Jenna

    Leandra, I want you to know I just spent an hour hunting for her Tibi feather blazer and Peter Jensen spend sweatshirt (sadly, to no avail). Good or bad that you have this effect on me? You tell me! This feature is so good. More, please!

  • Sophie

    Frayed denim 7 days a week. Plus totally feeling the Acne jumper accompanying statement- really only a viable branding statement 3 out of 4 weeks every month…. Ya know

  • The more denim the better!


  • Arielle

    those star/moon charlotte olympia pumps are too good

  • New York closets is officially my favourite segment on MR.

  • can never get enough of Kenzo and Acne!!


  • dederka

    clothes, what clothes? all i see is the HAIR. and i want it!!!

  • Mary

    PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE POSTS! I am tired of having the airy posts/ open discussions on here. Man Repeller started off with just Leandra’s outfits. Now we are talking about awful first dates and chewing coal. Lets get back to what made Man Repeller great.

  • TheRanta

    Really love these “What to Wear” posts. A request — I know it’s probably not part of your target demographic, but how about a postpartum edition? My hips and tummy are just a bit too poochy right now to swing a lot of these looks, and I’d love to see how a really stylish woman handles the physical aftermath of pregnancy. Thanks!

    • ashley

      feeeeel you

  • I Wanna have those heels!!!!

  • Simone Robert

    In an effort to contribute to the discussion, I just want to say that I love these posts (that ostrich blazer ugh yes) but I also love your various discussion posts — not exactly sure what to call them, but the posts about relationships, the workplace, politics, travelling, EVERYTHING. You guys cover everything-plus that traditional women’s magazines cover, but you do it /so much better/. Keep doing what you’re doing — I love it.

  • Katie Loops

    Totally wishing you would do one of these for extreme winter weather (ice, low temps, snow, etc.). !!

  • Jennifer

    It’s 18 degrees where I am, and I think I’m actually mad about those heels/any shoes without socks/any shoes that aren’t warmmmm. Show me 5 outfits I can wear in the polar vortex!