The Rules of Style by Solange Knowles

And it was all yellow…


So great are the moments I have attempted to enlist the unwitting help of Solange Knowles in getting dressed, but so scarce have the successful executions been. Blame it on my hair, which is frizzy when un-ironed but not quite cool. Somehow, my preferred method of breast covering — a white t-shirt or striped blouse just looks better when paired with a thick of ring of secrets — and no doubt cool ones — that encircle the human head.

And then, of course, there’s the juncture at which prints meet and ineluctably mate.

Pants are optional, prints are not.

In my thinking I had a decent sense of precisely which plaids should be paired with florals, which versions of animal prints deserve glitter counterparts and so forth, I have done okay, but not nearly well enough by the standard of one bartender who has gone so far as to implicate sunglasses that are geometric and blindingly colorful, next to, say, gingham shoes.

And your nails — asking if you prefer them short or long, round or square is like suggesting you prefer your squash in the form of spaghetti or butternut because between the options, there are the manipulative procedures that completely transform one or the other. One makes spaghetti, the other makes soup and with your nails — while this comparison is slowly revealing itself as indubitably nonsensical, I’m just going to go ahead and say: they should be trained to work — and look — like claws. Claws that will protect you from the critics who will scorn: you show too much, you show too little, you show a little bit of everything and a chunk of nothing, too.

And you, yellow in the face, will say, “Flake off, Toby.”

And that — that color. Yellow, which has heretofore meant nothing but jaundice to me. And that Coldplay song, too. And, I guess, the sun. And corn. And this one painting in my grandparents’ Florida home, which is supposed to depict the life and times of a bottle cap.

Now, though, yellow is the color of passion. And of air conditioning. Of that flicker you can make out in your reflection when you know you’ve accomplished an outfit that moments earlier, you set out to achieve. You might not have a tail or gratuitous chiffon plackets, but you have a dream.

And when you get married, if you get married

When you propose to yourself in order to fulfill the dress code requirement, you will wear a cape.





(And also, Jenna Lyons was there.)

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  • I love her bold style!

  • El

    Oh Solange, for thou art Style!

  • Marie ElZoghbi

    It’s official, I am switching my last name to Knowles! Clearly it’s the only way I will ever be as fabulous as Beyonce and Solange.

  • Aydan

    I love photo 24! That is the ultimate look!! Slash how is her hair so beautiful?! JEALOUS!

  • SHE is the ultimate Man repeller! In such a chic and effortless way!
    Great post Leeee!

  • AlexaJuno

    God dammit, she’s chic.

  • Yellow is such a dangerous yet elegant color – it just depends on how you wear it x.

  • There are some real style genes that run in this family…check out Tina Knowles too. They should be in one of these new spring intergenerational campaigns like the one Lanvin did with models and their daughters.

    Accidental Icon

  • I could never dream of wearing yellow, but I like it on other people!

  • Lou

    She’s genius

  • I was going to say “OMG I LOVE ____ LOOK” until I realized that that goes for every photo in the slide. She looks amazing. Perfectly pantless and patterned.

  • Youna

    Well, said. She’s absolutely fabulous! I love her fearless ensembles of patterns and color.
    ig: @fashioncomposium

  • Solange is IT! I remember years back when so many people criticized her choices of fashion. Today she is recognized as an icon, she wears it all so well!

    – Ambrosia
    Visit the blog | xoxo-Brosia

  • Lua Jane

    I suck at prints, and colors. It’s a fact. There is wast majority of black, white, gray and occasional pastel in my wardrobe, and I’m ok with that. As style icons go, I tend to cite Emmanuelle Alt and her black clad, slender posse as mine, but when I see a style so colorful, yet so perfect and so logical, I feel a pang of sadness that I simply don’t know how to pull off loud colors and prints. I think she excedes Beyonce where style is concerned. She is much more her own, original and very, very style savy. She’s also a gorgeous woman!

    • Jessica Peterson

      I would go so far as to say Beyonce has “a style,” but I wouldn’t call her stylish.

      • Lua Jane

        Couldn’t agree more.

  • ana

    la amo! cuanta onda!

  • Purple satin blazer and fire-engine red satin pants? YES YES YES!

  • Michelle

    There’s a couple of things yellow in my closet. But I’m a more reduced pallet person. Last but not least, I like better Bey’s style.

  • CarlotaLMorais

    I love the way she plays with color! Amazing! Those dresses and that black tux with he sparkles AMAZING, I cant believe I didnt notice her before!

  • Avril Brady

    exactly! x

  • sarah

    awesome, she is so cool. i love that she looks like ‘herself’, unlike her sister, who looks like she wants to be something else other than herself.

  • Gotcha

    Love Solange = Fly

  • felicegranados


    featuring my most recent OOTD video:


  • Tess

    Lets be honest: Solange’s style> beyonce’s