Why I Deleted My Uber Account

Breaking up is never easy.


Too much time on your phone?  We feel you

The clock read 9:33 am.

I dressed easy knowing that outside of my apartment building, a silver Toyota Camry-cum-chariot awaited my arrival. I had been tracking my Uber driver in the three minutes since I summoned him and the Google-pinned location now revealed that my driver was approaching. I shuffled downstairs and into my supposed car.

From the periphery of my eye I could see a woman running after us as we pulled away, arms flailing. After a brief passive-aggressive scuffle, I acquiesced to Jane, whose Uber I had mistakingly hijacked. My matched driver flagged me down and I gave him my address.

It was now 9:41 am.

I settled into the seasoned leather seat and might’ve helped myself to a Lifesaver or six.

So, you like Uber?” The driver asked, his eyes fixed on the road.

“Yes!” I responded, “Yes I do, it’s super convenient.”

“Well”–  he turned around, flashing a toothy grin as he did — “they don’t like you.”

Sorry, what? 

My initial reaction was panic. In the prolonged 15 seconds it took for my share-economy crusader to elaborate, I had contrived a Fincher-topian narrative in which I’d been taken hostage at an undisclosed location, my sole chance of survival depending on whether Liam Neeson was my dad. Which incidentally, he is not.

The driver reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He directed my gaze to his “notes” app where he had typed my husband’s name, Isaac, sandwiched between the words “DO NOT PICK UP” and “Sam Goodman – VIP CLIENT.”

He proceeded to explain that like passengers, Uber drivers have a rating system and I was failing at it, miserably. Numerous drivers had complained — on undisclosed forums — of my tardiness, frequently cancelled rides and poor communication skills. (I chalk that last one up to the non-existent cell service in my apartment.) The driver insisted that he was only telling me this to, “be nice” and, hey, he picked me up…right?

I spent the remainder of the ride oscillating between feelings of humiliation and misplaced gratitude towards this man who had accepted my request despite my less-than-stellar reputation. When my ride ended I paid the $10.00 fare and in a humble whisper said, “Will you give me five stars?”

I know. What? 

The incident haunted me for days afterwards. I’d been abruptly blacklisted from the coolest fraternity on campus, and rather than exiting with grace I’d shamelessly bargained to be let back in the door.

I deleted Uber two days later.

It seems silly to laud the benefits of an Uber-free life. The app is a service that expedites the transportation process; it does not make it possible. It should come as no surprise that for some 30 days now, I’ve been surviving without Uber (although I’m not so sure about how they’re surviving without me). And why shouldn’t I be? We’re not talking about the toaster here — Uber didn’t invent crispy bread.

Uber took a system that wasn’t broken and for better or worse, tweaked it. You know what I tweaked? My butt cheeks; I take more frequent walks. I also relish in the anonymity shared with cab drivers, who seem to have a knack for knowing when to lament on the weather and when to leave you to your own devices. Waiting in the rain isn’t so bad when you’ve got a good podcast going, and tardiness? No longer an issue. The subway waits for no one.

The best part, though? No VIP clients.

Image via Elle Italia 

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  • lavieenliz

    in a place like NY you really don’t need uber — and if the drivers are gonna be dicks and give you bad ratings then you should delete the app. I live in LA and don’t have a car at the moment so uber is basically my car. I love it and use it all the time — but they’re been f***ing up royally as of late.

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  • Rose

    I learned about this recently as well, and have noticed it gives me the opportunity to rate the driver. I caught my profile on a driver’s car as I exited one a few months back though and saw that I had close to a 5.0….someone I talked to from London said a lot of drivers won’t even pick them up if it’s closer to 4.0, which is insane. Thankfully, I use it maybe 6 or 7 times a year, opting for regular cabs or the trusty ol’ subway instead!

  • Maybe it’s because I worked in the service industry for four years, but it doesn’t bug me that Uber drivers rate customers.

    But I’ve also used taxis only a handful of times in the seven years that I lived in New York City, so I can’t really wrap my head around using Uber regularly.


    • Esther Levy

      I definitely hear that – it wasn’t so much the “rating system” as it was the dependance on that system that really irked me

  • L.A. Lady

    Not sure why NY folks like Uber so much… cabs and subways seem to work well when used in tandem.

    • I’m not 100% familiar with uber, but there’s been a problem with taxis refusing to drive you to certain parts of of NYC (Queens, ungentrified Brooklyn.) Sometimes the only available subway in your neighborhood is shut down for construction

      • Rob

        So does Uber. They just filter you out remotely without talking to you. And then they over-charge you then your dispatch is accepted. “Nice” business model over-charging for under-insured and frequently unlicensed service. Just few days ago a young man was struck and killed by Uber driver on Upper East Side. The driver was completely unlicensed. Uber response? Silence.

        • I’m not pro-uber, but I understand why taxi cabs and subways may not be sufficient in NYC.

          A company I previously worked for used a local car service to transport merchandise between stores, and I always found it reliable and pleasant. Unfortunately some people won’t use a service without an app and updates they can scroll through

          • Rob

            Then use DOZENS of other apps and THOUSANDS of regulated local transportation businesses that offer same apps, websites AND manned dispatch centers.
            Why use the most criminal most unethical most deceiving transportation behemoth ever existed ?

  • APL

    It’s also ridiculously expensive in NYC. I went to Miami the other weekend (before Basel), and Uber was cheaper than a “real” taxi! The only time I’ve used Uber in NYC was when I was desperate for a cab to LGA – thank God I had a $20-off coupon!

  • I JUST said this morning I need to delete Uber. I looked at my Amex bill and it’s alllll uber. I live in Boston and it’s just easier to get around that way. Last I heard from a driver, I had a 9 star rating. Last weekend, though, I got in two fights with uber drivers. I got out of the cars and sent two overly dramatic emails. I’m still embarrassed but WHATEVER I got refunded.

    • one more thing: I don’t like how many uber drivers don’t know where they are going! My apartment is 7-9 minutes from the airport and I had to direct a driver there. TO.THE.AIRPORT.

    • Allison

      You can ask Uber customer service to not allow that driver to rate you if the driver was in the wrong. Just FYI if you ever want to re-install Uber. 🙂

  • Catalina

    LYFT all the way, baby.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I use both — it’s the same drivers now!

      • Rob

        Again, what you mention is yet another violation of laws and transportation regulations. Just shows that this mega-corporation doesn’t care about laws, but profit only. If you using these criminals, you’re risking it for very little questionable convenience and over-paying for under-insured service. Not worth it. Completely not worth it.

    • Harry May


  • Amelia Diamond


  • In Seattle Uber is faster, cheaper and a million time more reliable than cabs (which are SO expensive). I will be taking them for the foreseeable future. I really hope that I’m not getting bad reviews from the drivers though. I get the rating system, to an extent but not wanting to talk to a driver doesn’t seem like grounds for a bad review.

    • Aydan

      Also in Seattle. I’ve found Lyft to be infinitely better! The drivers are kinder and I’ve ended up having the sames ones over and over, making the experience all the better!

      • I haven’t tried Lyft, it seems sketchier than Uber for some reason. You like it, though? Maybe I’ll give it a try next time I don’t want to drive 🙂 thanks!

        • Duffy

          How do you compare the “sketchiness” of two company’s that are almost identical? At least Lyft has never had any driver rape allegations brought against them.

          • Eddie Anderson

            Because Lyft isn’t as big as Uber. Uber’s so big it has all types of people. Lyft’s a cute little company that’s growing and trying to catch up.

        • Mavis

          SF resident here: have been using both since they were started. In my opinion Lyft is infinitely less sketchy than Uber but doesnt have the same reach when it comes to marketing. Uber has also been very successful at going after the business market which has legitimized it for lots of people quickly (especially people who were kinda weirded out by the now extinct “fist bump” your driver policy Lyft started out with). As someone else mentioned, many drivers use both now. I increasingly hear from my Lyft drivers that they tried both and now drive exclusively for Lyft because Uber isn’t nice to work for.

    • Rob

      Uber is NOT faster, and defintely NOT cheaper. This is all hype and BS. Frequently posted by paid Uber trolls. Uber is factually MORE expensive especially with its unregulated surge-pricing. It’s factually LESS insured and that umbrella policy was just a gimmick that courts had to subpoena to see its contents. It had more holes in it than swiss cheese. No wonder no one got paid from it.

      • From my experiences taking a cab and then taking an Uber to the same place in Seattle, Uber has been faster to arrive and has definitely been less expensive too. I understand that that’s not always the case, especially in other US cities, or when surge pricing is in effect. But, honestly, I’d rather pay the surge pricing to know that I am definitely going to get a ride home without having to wait outside in the dark forever trying to hail a cab. P.S. http://www.businessinsider.com/uber-versus-taxi-best-deal-cheaper-2014-10

        • Rob

          So Uber doesn’t surge-price or assault their own? That’s comforting to know.
          If you are naive to support this criminal (yes,Uber is facing RICO changes in multiple jurisdictions) tax-evading (yes, Uber is evading billions in tax payments worldwide), then why don’t you try another app?
          There are hundreds of apps that don’t have the ridiculous inflated $44 BILLION dollar valuation,that offer regulated drivers, and are in fact cheaper. Try, you won’t regret not being Uber-ed anymore.

      • Jill

        Oh Rob…generalizations are so…generic. I can tell you that Uber is signifcantly faster and cheaper in the Atlanta metro area, where cabs and cabbies have been an ongoing issue for years. Depends on where you live and who you get. We’ve had all awesome (or at least non-offensive) Uber drivers in and around Atlanta. Now…Cincinnati was a whole ‘nother story. Though the prices were not high, none of the drivers seemed to know where they were going. We are not from Cincy, so directing them was tough when we stayed there. Most of them didn’t speak English very well, so communication was more difficult than usual. And in NYC, the only time we took Uber was when it was clear that there were no cabs and none available anytime soon…we were there in December and I get that the City was probably more crowded than usual…but it was expensive. However…it can be a bit tricky for tourists to figure out the subway (and what is under construction when) so, though more expensive, Uber was helpful in getting us where we needed to go. It varies.

        • Rob

          Problem with you half-jokingly made post is that according to studies made, ride-sharing services scored far worse than taxicabs AND local for-hire car services. SLOWER. MORE EXPENSIVE. Drivers had no clue where to go.

          BBB rates uber at F.
          Read reviews – they are horrendous.

          You naively (or intentionally) avoid the issue of legality of these Uber services that are provided in violation of laws and regulations. The issue is NOT settled and is shady at best.

          Courts in Spain, S. Korea and France ruled that Uber IS in violation of laws and IS providing UNFAIR COMPETITION services when compared to the regulated small transportation businesses. Same businesses that now, not surprisingly, offer same and better apps and websites. Open your smartphone store – search – see for yourself – hundreds of apps and many of them are legal and compliant, unlike Uber.

          I won’t touch the issue of Uber not even being the first vehicle dispatch app out there, they just shamelessly stole idea and developed a copy-cat app but hey, if you like your unerinsured unregulated tax-evading ride-“sharing” services provided by criminal enterprise facing RICO charges worldwide while risking your own safety because that 1MM liability umbrella is bogus and courts have to subpoena it to see the myriad of exist clauses in it (and no, it never paid even a penny n 6 years), so yeah, then good for yo enjoy your ride but don’t ridicule others stand for what is right and what is just.

  • Uberset

    I deleted uber after they scammed me and all of my friends in la. They had a popup ad during the holidays for a free black car to a popular shopping center, The Grove, but the popup ad also changed your settings to black car without letting you know, no matter where you were going!! so we all continued to request our uber for the night and a black car appears! Because we were running late for dinner reservations we had to take the car!!!

  • angela

    wait…your husband is the asshole convicted of negilent homicide right? the one who killed 6 pedestrians with his porsche?

    • Esther Levy

      NO. The non-perks of having the same esoteric name as someone else I guess. (My husband goes by the name Zukie)

    • ugottobekidding

      No But thanks for Playing…..
      Did you have to put down your Big Mac to google some names or were you able to do it from the toilet?
      It’s a funny piece leave it at that

  • Marty Funkhouser

    “Uber took a system that wasn’t broken and for better or worse, tweaked it.”

    I guess if you consider taxis refusing to pick up black people, and refusing to go anywhere outside of Manhattan ‘not broken’ then i guess you’re right.

    • laneyst

      ^^^^ SO True!!!!! or declining service because the route isn’t long enough, you don’t have enough people, or tipping themselves 30%, the list goes on and on!!

    • Rob

      “I guess if you consider taxis refusing to pick up black people”. Nonsense. Taxicabs serve everyone and have been doing it for years. Not every passenger fits the ideal profile of an Uber passenger, you know. That would be of a young intoxicated disoriented girl to take advantage of. Look why India and others banned Uber completely.
      Criminal enterprise by any other name and changing words won’t help. Surge-pricing IS price gouging. Ride-sharing is for-hire transportation that existed for decades. Heck, even the app Uber copied from others who developed vehicle dispatch apps before it.

      • Marty Funkhouser

        U sound like a angry cab driver

        • nyctuber

          Let us know how you feel when an illegal service like Uber decides it can steal your business by sidestepping the regulations, proper insurance, fees every one else must adhere to.

          • Rob

            Marty is yet another Uber paid social media troll cheering for Uber’s multi-billion dollars criminal tax-evading enterprise.

          • Marty Funkhouser

            lol u sounds like an alex jones troll. EVERYTHING IS A CONSPIRACY!

          • Rob

            Stating facts about Uber’s criminal enterprise is hardly a conspiracy.

          • Marty Funkhouser

            you said i was ‘hired by uber’ gimme a break, thats crazy talk.

            maybe im just a guy that couldnt get a cab. Or a driver was an asshole to me cause i want to go to brooklyn?

            Maybe there wouldnt be a market for Uber if cabs generally did a better job.

            Thats the problem when one entity has a monopoly.

            Hopefully now the taxi service has the incentive to improve.

            Instead of making Uber the enemy. Make your bosses the enemy for not providing a living wage and using uber as an excuse.

          • Rob

            Majority of taxicabs ARE their own bosses. There are the definition of what small to medium size local businesses are. In some cities over 80% of taxicabs are small businesses. Compare that to multibillion dollar multinational Uber where you never own anything, you only work hard, get same cut taken as regulated taxicabs would but taxicabs pay the city, not some Uber offshore oligarchs.

            Problem with Uber is not technology. Uber wasn’t the first vehicle-dispatch app. In fact, Uber just shamelessly made a copy-cat app from already existing taxicab apps that operated as early as 2006-7.
            Problem with Uber is that it decided to expand while violating laws and regulations that others followed.
            Uber IS a criminal enterprise.
            And EU courts have ruled it without a shade of a doubt.

      • laneyst

        Funny you put that scenario Rob. I actually had a cop step in and tell a cab driver to take me home or moved his PARKED cab out of the street. I was alone and only going a mile, once I told him this, he refused to take me even though I was paying cash. I find it quite the coincidence there are all these “negative reviews” yet I have ONE friend that will not use uber bc of not understanding what the surcharge meant. The rest have ALL converted to Uber. Anyone can write into the BBB, including cab drivers. If I were a cab driver I would def switch to uber, as many already have.

        • Rob

          BBB is more respectable independent ratings provider.

          BBB rated Uber F.
          That says a lot.

          With hundreds of Uber-ed (raped) passengers I doubt any thinking individual will ever use your criminal unregulated unlicensed operation.

          Uber is so arrogant that it has been caught offering women who were raped in Uber cars (uber-ed)… Uber credits!!

          And then rape victims refused, sent them Uber email reminders to come back again.

          Really “nice job”….

          As to those who drive for Uber – too bad for them – working for close to a minimum wage with no proper insurance and while holding all the expenses and risks is dumb.
          But hey, I guess some prefer to be Walmart employees. I guess those would be the most inexperienced. Once they sign the contract, the lease, pay for registration,, etc. – they are hooked. Then after months they run numbers and wonder how come it doesn’t work… It never supposed to,
          you are being used like a minimum-wage store clerk at Walmart.
          Smoke and mirrors.

          • Harry May

            BBB is only marginally more respectable than Uber. And as soon as Uber forks over the money to buy into their system the rating will be changed to an A. And they won’t have to do anything about all the rapist drivers or the ones running over children or the ones beating people in the head with a hammer to get that rating.

    • nyctuber

      It’s not broken. What you’re referring to rarely happens. Uber absolutely declines trips, it’s just clandestine they decline via the phone app. They price gouge at will. The TLC just shut down most of their bases in NYC because they refuse to turn over trip data. Know why they refuse? The data will show if they really do need to ‘surge’ (gouge) due to high demand and a shortage of cars, of if they price gouge at will.

  • Ynna Natalia

    Litterally funniest and best article ive read today!. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Baanou Fashion

    Huh, always nice to learn something new. Didn’t know Uber allowed drivers to rate their customers.. Hopefully they can take their users advice/opinions and adjust the system!


  • laneyst

    Uber HANDS DOWN is way better than taking a cab here in Charlotte… Cabs you have to watch like a hawk making sure they’re not trying to take extra mileage, add extra fares, etc. Uber at least tracks their every move to prevent you from having to do so… my roommate had one take him the “long route” and uber refunded him. The surcharge thing can be a pain, but the cabs here did that on new years as well! Overall I’ve loved my experience with uber whether they like me or not! 🙂

    • Rob

      Sure… keep on lying deceiving and promoting law-breaking enterprise that is facing RICO charges in multiple jurisdictions worldwide.

  • TonyB

    Pointless article.. So you deleted uber because you found out the driver rates you?

    • Rob

      Nothing more like corporate controlled rating system.
      “GM engineers say that according to GM rating system GM-made cars scored higher than it competitors”.

      BBB rated Uber F. Now, these are real facts.

    • laneyst

      Right? and after she admitted to being a not so great customer lol

  • Lua Jane

    I live far from US and we don’t have Uber here, but as I read the part where the driver tells you about your supposed “bad reputation” and part where you delete your Uber app, I could almost feel anxious my self. I am entirely dependent on taxies here in my home town, because I don’t drive for years now, and need such means of transportation at least twice a day. I realized I depend on taxies and taxi drives more then I’m aware. I know I have a pretty good reputation with ones in my neighborhood who drive me to work in the morning for years now, and sometimes even chat with them about politics or ask about their families. Which isn’t a small things since I’m not the chattiest of people and don’t get friendly so easy.

    I find that rating thing to be a tad bit rude. I mean you are a customer. You pay for their service, what is it exactly that makes someone a bad and undesirable customer in their eyes. Maybe I don’t get the concept of Uber, but that’s how it looks to me.

    • Harry May

      Rude? Drivers have a right to safe and to not have to waste their time/money on late and no show customers. That is rude.

      It’s odd to me that it is the rating of customers that are pissing people off. Not the attacks, the misogyny, the criminal sub prime loan schemes..sad world we live that these are less important than someone not liking you.

  • Baanou Fashion

    Huh, always nice to learn something new. Didn’t know Uber allowed drivers to rate their customers.. Hopefully they can take their users advice/opinions and adjust the system!


  • heather

    I just learned about this rating myself as my husbands co-worker told us about it. The Uber app never worked for me for some reason so I had deleted it along time ago. Uber is a really great especially in the city during rush hour or in the outer boroughs. My husband and I live in Brooklyn and use it to take our kitten to the vet. Also cab companies have your number on file and can keep a record of you. There was a cab company that we used all the time in college (it was like one of two trusted cab companies) and they knew the people that constantly cancelled cabs or failed to show up (yay drunk college students) so they wouldn’t take their calls. So I mean it doesn’t surprise me that the cabbies have a rating system of their fares. If you are rating the cabbie why can’t they rate their fares?


  • Didn’t know the driver rates you!


  • parkzark

    I do love Uber but as someone said below, the surcharging can be bad news bears. The article below is my worst nightmare. Brownie points for the fact that she crowdfunded it.


  • Jenna-Mae Bilmer

    I’m actually very surprised that the Uber drivers and company itself would allow something like this to happen. It’s kind of an odd thing for a driver to disclose, as I’m sure he knew you as the client would tell someone, but it’s just leaving me scratching my head. They’re trying to ban the implementation of Uber in Ottawa and now, I hope they do!

    • nyctuber

      He probably disclosed it because Uber keeps lowering it’s rates and raising it’s cut. They’re squeezing the drivers, many of whom work for essentially minimum wage now. Some have even invested in expensive SUV’s, and wind up booted out of the system due to a few bad ratings. Stuck paying off a $60,000 SUV.

  • AlexaJuno

    Our driver gave my friend his rating the other night. 4.6. He was devastated he didn’t get a perfect score. Perhaps his dismount was wobbly.

  • i’ve never used uber, and rarely have to take cabs unless im a lil tipsy there isn’t a DD or im out of town without my car… the perks of living in a small city haha (the perks are very few)


  • Brigitte B

    “When my ride ended I paid the $10.00 fair and in a humble whisper said, “Will you give me five stars?”

    I think you meant “fare”

    • Leandra Medine

      good catch – thank you!

  • So I work in the service industry, and I personally believe that everyone should be subjected to that level of customer service experience in their life. Simply because you learn a lot about how shitty people can be when they don’t get what they want immediately. Reading through these comments is great because a vast majority of people are saying they’re afraid of what they’re being rated on the Uber end of things… perhaps if everyone acted as they should, they would run no risk of being reviewed poorly and therefore impacting their ability to get an Uber should they so choose. I can’t wait until restaurant staff has the ability to rate their customers, you’re all fucked then. (Vast generalization, I’m aware there are some nice people out there that understand how to act in public. You get my point.)

    • Harry May

      Honestly, most of is are nice to wait staff because we don’t want you to spit in our food. Or worse.

      • Lauren Swindol

        You’re definitely the kind of chap who’s getting the special sauce.

  • Laura

    Not to mention their clearly sexists founders and disregard for personal data. I stick to Lyft myself.

  • I don’t think I’m ready to take this step yet..


  • Rob

    She got lucky she wasn’t raped by these unregulated criminal rapists on wheels. Hundreds of women were. Search it. It’s all 100% factual. Some ended up in motel intoxicated from some inhalation vapors. Others driven to abandoned parking lots to “chat”. It’s all there on the Net. Uber is a criminal enterprise that in race to profit threw everything and everyone under the bus. Don’t get uber-ed. It’s not worth it.

  • Merillionaire

    I recently had an Uber driver stop my trip before my entered destination and make me submit a 5 star rating before he let me out of his car. Very scary…and definitely not a 5 star trip.

  • Newslang

    Hi Esther,

    Interesting read here, but I’m not sure if I’m seeing full picture here.

    Being a frequent Uber-user in Chicago (blame it on the blistering weather), I can say that I’m fairly familiar with the app and plenty of Uber drivers.

    From what I understand, Uber drivers never see rider’s information. That includes your last name or phone number. So I’m honestly not sure how they know such specific details about you.

    For example, how did your driver know it was you he was reading about on the forum? And how did he know your husband’s name? Maybe he was trying to freak you out — I don’t know.

    I also know that drivers cannot see your personal trip info, so knowing how many times you’ve cancelled/taken, etc is pretty farfetched. Unless drivers on this forum manually log rider’s cancellations, but then again they only have your first name.

    I think, rating each other provides accountability and transparency, but this whole thing sounds a bit over the top.


  • The haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, and I’m just gonna shake shake shake shake shake. I shake it off, I shake it off.


  • Rita Watson

    NOOO but i AM in new york and YES i need uber and OMG Esther i am you too. get it back. maybe we can change the humiliation into a positive. HATE LIKES or something. after all, I’m not yet over the “Jesus is on his way” texts.

  • Heather

    One of my co-workers won’t leave the Uber car until she sees her driver give her the rating. She asks for them to do it and show her!
    I feel like there is no middle ground with Uber, people either love it or they hate it.

  • linata
  • Fact: I got married three weeks ago and caught uber black to the chupah. Why pay thousands when you can pay 50 bucks for a straight up air conditioned Lexus with complimentary water?!

    • Esther Levy

      hahahah. MAZEL! Your picture is everything.

  • I don’t live in NY, I live in Virginia. I love Uber. Taxis in the Washington DC area are completely arbitrary. Back when I lived in McLean, about 15 mins from DC…I paid anywhere from $50.00 to $120.00 for a ride from DC to McLean on a Friday night (now during traffic I could see,. As a woman who has had a few, I wasn’t going to challenge a person I don’t know about these random charges. Also, a lot have gotten rid of meters are using system that only they know about. Also they are a lot that flat out don’t want to go certain places. When Uber came here, it changed things because you are basically getting a quote beforehand and there is none of this random fees for stuff…you know up front what you are paying and that you have a ride. And here we do need it if you are planning to go out and drinking.

    In addition, I mean getting rated for uber is like getting rated for like buying crap on ebay. If you handle the transaction well, you will get good ratings.

  • fashion altitude

    Maybe my comment is not going to be read ..as I am a bit late. In Europe Uber has been reported as being questionable in their drivers recruitment. It is also a fact that they by pass local taxes, constraints applicable to taxis but not to them… I don’t know..I personally don’t use Uber’s services and take taxis in Paris. But I don’t feel like using their services

  • Mary

    I use Uber because I live in LA. I don’t have a car and don’t exactly live in the most convenient place (but that pretty much encompasses all of LA… considering nothing is in walking distance.) I know that I probably should delete Uber because of the horrible things you hear about them as a service. I try to rely more on busses and the like, but it can get really difficult if you need to get across town. If I had to give it up completely I’m sure I’d have buns of steel… but I’m pretty sure I’d also waste a lot of time with public transportation.

  • Maia

    Uber cabs in london stink. Literally, very literary. Just bad intoxicating man-smell.

    It is a nightmare, every-single-car.

  • Who is this Rob person and what did Uber do to make him so angry?

  • Tom

    Uber are an absolutely vile business. No wonder they’re so despised.

  • Harry May

    It’s a creepy misogynist company that doesn’t deserve anyone’s business. I’ve never used it and I’m to continue not supporting it.

  • uberpromocode

    Uber is scorching for summer, and apparently eager to spend their $1.2 billion on free rides for all of us. They have tripled the normal referral bonus so now every person that you refer gets $20, and you get $20 as well, so if you have not yet signed up for Uber, please use our link, but more importantly share this link with your friends so you can reap the benefit.

  • Yachtsin Croatia

    Uber hands down is way better than taking a cab have to
    watch like a hawk making sure they’re not trying to take extra mileage, add
    extra fares, etc.

    Smith Henry
    Uber15 Blogger

  • Francien

    Look I do understand what you’re saying. And I mean the truth sometimes hurts. (Especially when given by total strangers (like myself). But that’s what they thought of you. This post shows me that you’re a nice person that can reflect on herself. The system works both ways. If you saw an Uber driver below 3 stars, what would you do? The system is there to make it a good (and safe) ride for both parties. It isn’t there to hurt anyone’s feelings. Uber is a safe way to get yourself around town. This isn’t an app that should be deleted because your feelings are hurt. This app should only be deleted when the system let’s you down.

  • Uber was a game changer in Richmond, VA. It is not a cab city– if you needed a cab, you had to call and be prepared to cool your heels for a minute. And sending up the praises for the fare estimater… I once took a cab ride that ran us 25 dollars for a trip from one part of downtown to another. Needless to say, we walked home.

  • David

    It’s not “my driver” it’s “the driver”.

  • Brittany Chan

    I don’t know if deleting the app was the wisest thing to do? Sure, they’re providing us with a service and “the customer is always right” (or whatever), but the same system that keeps THEM accountable is also making US accountable. As much as you might think that the businesses and industries revolve around the consumer, businesses also have a client profile. Someone who is constantly late, or cancels their ride just as the driver is pulling up, is inconsiderate and costs them money. Just like how landlords need referrals and applications, this is Uber’s way of doing just that.

    Obviously, you do you boo boo, but at the end of the day, services are just like dating: you want to find the company and customer that provides the best fit for the optimized outcome. Instead of deleting your app, maybe reconsider your role as a customer. Who knows, maybe you’ll even save yourself some time, money, and heartache.

    (edit) This is not trying to say whether Uber is good/bad/better or cheaper than cabs/Lyft.

  • V8 power

    It’s a weird company I thought of working for them as customer service advisor but they sent me some crazy test with questions I could’ve only known answer for if I worked for them already needless to say I failed and that’s that, but I’m glad cause I don’t feel like smiling all day and writing “Hey joe we’re soooo sorry our driver doesn’t like you cheer up ;)” maybe because I’m not 14 year old girl and noone sane talks like this…

  • Russell D Anderson

    As a Uber driver I have to say that the way that driver treated you was very unfair and that he should have his head examined and all those who rejected you from their presence should have their heads examined too everybody has a bad day once in awhile but is not for us to damage your reputation because you had a bad day and to those who would deny you access two places because of your Uber experience well I just have to say this they need to get their heads out of their asses

  • The rating system has always been there, but the culture is different in Cape Town. So far pretty much every driver I’ve had makes a minute show of giving me five stars, assumedly so I will return the favor (which I generally do, adding a sweet tweet for exceptional service and naming the driver and tagging Uber when I do so). It’s probably due to the fact that cabs/ride share systems are a lot more necessary to convenient mobility in New York than they are here. Recently though, Uber South Africa has cut its prices by 15%, which has created something of a crisis of conscience for many of us. It was already cheaper than the cabs (except during increasingly frequent surge periods), and we know it’s coming out of what the drivers take home instead of what the company puts away, so that’s problematic. I haven’t used it since the price drop and may end up deleting it too.

  • zoe

    I think it’s great that we get rated as users. It’s super rude to be late and keep a driver waiting, or to cancel on them, or otherwise disrespect there time, let alone the countless passengers who are just flat-out rude, condescending and nasty. We all should have a system in place that keeps us acting kinder and more respectful.

    And Uber did not evolve out of a system that wasn’t broken. It evolved here in SF because Taxis were notoriously dreadful. They smoked, sped, never knew where they were going, refused credit cards, never showed up, and a litany of other offenses. Here in SF we are glad Uber came along and made it safer for women (and everyone) to get home at night, and not have to wait in the rain for some douchebag who was likely to ruin your night.

    Sounds like you just couldn’t handle being told your behavior sucked and was hurting or offending people who are in service to you.

    Uber keeps women safer, period. I have been attacked by 3 different cab drivers around the world in my lifetime. A rating system and an app that tracks your/their every movement makes me feel so safe.

    If I were you I’d reinstall the app and work a little harder at being a 5 star passenger. Quid pro quo.

  • sajid

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