Get 60s Hair Now

All it takes is two bobby pins, one combover and a dream


Last June, The Man Repeller crystal ball predicted a resurgence in the direction of barrettes and other like-minded hair pins that would invariably make perfecting the side part — a hairstyle most notably popularized by the 60s — the most recent and viable contender for a comeback. And last September, when Coach effectively opened Fashion Week, the crystal ball’s veracity was set in motion.

This spawned a host of similarly minded (or is it headed?) hairstyles from Jacquemus, Roksanda, Rochas, Tory Burch et al that counterbalanced the overarching decade-oriented revival of the season: the 70s as seen at Louis Vuitton, Derek Lam, Miu Miu and so forth.

But while the latter style might require a set of new clothes — at least something fitted and suede or a pair of flared pants to wear with flat shoes, maybe a plunging neck line that comes with a delicate, neck sliver-cum-scarf in burnt orange — to get 60s hair, all you need is a set of operating hands, at least one bobby pin and The Vision.

So, again, that’s: a set of hands, at least one bobby pin (though I recommend two, or three, maybe four?), and the vision.

And here’s what you’re going to do.


With your hair down and parted as it’s naturally wont to sit atop your head, use your left hand to grab a patch of hair from the right side of your head (or vice versa) and do not flip it like you’re Pamela Anderson in an episode of Baywatch.


Instead, gently move the collected hair across your forehead like it is a mop.


Once you’ve eliminated patchy pieces that make you look like this guy:


Place the first bobby pin into the combover about 4-5 inches from its inception point.


Then place the second underneath it. Repeat until you feel securely fastened.


And then, if you feel like it, draw a black liquid line above your lids.


Now contemplate the following: was such sexy, Bardot-esque eye makeup de rigeur in the 60s because the hair of the moment seemed so innocently and adolescently youthful?

Bracelets by Rosie Assoulin, Delfina Delettrez, rings by Khai Khai; sweater by Marc Jacobs and turtleneck by J.Crew

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  • I tried to part my hair like this the other day! Not to look all 60s, but to make my hair look like Ariana’s from Vanderpump Rules. Didn’t work. Also- I love those bracelets so much.

    • LOVE Vanderpump Rules

      I think Ariana parts her hair too far. I also wish she’d drink a cup of coffee before filming

    • Guest

      Happy that someone on here <3's Vanderpump as much as I do

      • I wish we could watch together next week. Biggest shocker so far: James is only 22?!?!?!

        • Kristin “bragged” about James’ age last reunion

        • Esther Levy

          I KNOW. But let’s be honest, are we really THAT shocked?

          • Kelsey Moody

            yah but guys- he has a white bmw and he’s psyched about it!

          • Amelia Diamond

            guys this whole thread

          • and taking BEEMER selfies.

  • BAHAHAH that image of that guy completely cracked me up.

    Okay… now that I’m over that, I’m thrilled this is making a resurgence. The middle part has been making my face look fat the past three years. It’s time for a new angle.


    • hahahaha

    • My whole life I thought only special girls can pull off the middle part because I could not. Alas, I’ve just learned to embrace it…

      • Amelia Diamond

        i hateee how i look w a middle part

  • Pilar Gómiz

    Why would anyone not want to look like that guy? I mean not only it’s cool but also hides (successfully) boldness problems…

    • Amelia Diamond

      I want to!

  • Gotta love the old day x.

  • lavieenliz

    love this – 60s hair has always been one of my favorites. I’m also down for some 70s straight hair

    giveaway on my blog

  • dederka

    great to know that my went-to-sleep-with-wet-hair maneuver is a legitimate hairstyle with a background story and all. i will never again feel bad about it. but then, i couldn’t have myself come up with something this brilliant!

  • reversecommuter

    Pretty excited that my sad Marsha Brady straight blonde do is about to be re-do-bee-do-bee-do-ed! Thanks Leandra!

  • Lulu

    Turtlenecks and comb overs rule!!

  • Love this hair! I have to part it like this when it is wet though.

  • aaah I’m going to try this out!


  • Bring on that Bridigit Bardot!


  • what you did plus a whole lot of teasing!!!

  • I’m always looking for new hair styles. Thanks for sharing!

  • linata

    that guy very annoying LOL
    agen tiket pesawat

  • Oooh la la, definitely gonna try this tomorrow 🙂

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  • sonia sofianidou

    I usually part my hear in the middle but sometimes when I do the 60’s look and I’m coming to the college people are saying ‘you look different today.. did you cut your hair? are you sick? you look cute today!’ hahahah…!

  • I tried this as a solution to Alexa-Chung-as-Bardot-bangs-gone-wrong earlier in the year. It failed me because my face is a giant circle, only made rounder by any attempt to smile or show emotion. I will pray for a better tomorrow with less cheek and face flesh.

  • Vanessa Basanta
  • Hannah Climas

    It’s articles like these that keep reminding me of why I keep my long hair!