Why I Wear Bad Pants

Other than the fact that they’re great


I posted a picture of myself wearing the photographed high waist blue jeans last week on Instagram. Accompanying the photo was a caption that read, “Case study: this is how all jeans should look right now.” I was also wearing a navy blue cashmere v-neck sweater over a white turtleneck and a pair of brown wedge boots. You wouldn’t have been able to identify my belly button if the fate of your life depended on it and I loved that. Almost as much, I should add, as I did the entire outfit.

Recently, someone commented on another Instagram selfie of mine (I was wearing an ivory turtleneck over a tunic and a pair of ripped jeans with gold sneakers) asking a fellow commenter if she thought I got dressed simply to live up to the Man Repeller alias. A conversation went on for about four exchanges until they decided my style seemed authentic enough to be as repulsive as Instagram makes it seem (which I took as a galling compliment) at which point, I was reminded of the deluge of comments that populated that first photo.

Overall, it garnered 7,242 likes and 306 comments. Some of them were incredibly complimentary and therefore reinforcing, though the ratio of those to the more negative — “I had to stop following her, this is too bad,” “High waisted and camel toe, never a good idea,” “I hope you don’t actually go out like that,” and my personal favorite, “Sometimes trying to not be cool is seriously just not at all cool in a very not cool way, but like an ‘OMG this is a dumb outfit that shouldn’t be worn by even the “hippest” person ever’ way” — was probably 1:3.

Which, frankly, is fine. More than fine. It’s part of the process. It’s expected. It’s important. It’s even welcome. Through every motion of building and maintaining a persona, there is supposed to remain a baseline understanding that when you throw yourself into the public domain, you hope that what you put out will stick but that of course, it doesn’t always.

Here’s the thing, though. I understand what sticks (outfits that look less disheveled, tend to include my wearing mascara and maybe a pair of earrings) vs. what doesn’t (high waist ill-fit jeans, baggy coats — the majority of the Man Repeller feed) and yet, I electively continue to put out what doesn’t. So I’ve been thinking about why and I’ve concluded that it’s because honesty on the Internet is important. And that sense of candor starts unilaterally.

I like — nay, love — these pants. They’re me. I know they don’t look good but I think they’re cool. They make me feel like a more interesting version of myself and that, to me, is what style is about: presenting a difficulty and attempting to unpack it or make sense of it. I can’t tell you exactly why I like them but I can sharply recall having never really cared for pants that do the things we’re supposed to expect of them: flatten our stomachs, tighten our asses, makes our legs look longer and leaner, yadi ya. Maybe that’s a function of my believing that fashion is not about what’s flattering and vice versa or maybe this is simply a matter of style. And the thing about style, like with everything else, is that if you believe in it, you have to be willing to fight for it.

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  • I love the pants!


  • parkzark

    “And the thing about style, like with everything else, is that if you believe in it, you have to be willing to fight for it.”


  • Don’t stop doing you, Leandra! theanti-tourist.blogspot.com

  • YES x 1000! As a plus size blogger, it is SO hard to escape the F word, because every time plus fashion is addressed it is all about how to look skinnier. But fashion is not about looking as small as possible, it is about self expression, whether that is weird pants or oversized sweaters or whatever floats someone’s sartorial boat.

  • Quinn Halman
    • MilkVelvet


  • Catherine Bell

    Yay honesty and you!

  • Helene

    This is why I love manrepeller so much. Please always stay like this and keep wearing what you want!

  • Charlotte

    I have been a MR reader (read: fan) since the early stages. If Leandra says she wants to be French (yes to boob pockets) I want to be Leandra, since being a Man Repeller something I have already achieved. Clearly. This article shows exactly why. Leandra taught me (that it’s okay) to push the boundaries. There have been so many times I stood in front of the mirror thinking I looked totally badass, for the exact reason mentioned: Because its makes me feel like a more interesting version of myself. But countless times I’ve wanted to change my outfit because I was already confronted by the idea of what other people might think or say before leaving the house (some people are as ‘forward’ in real life as they are in the IG conversation mentioned above). But then I remember this thing I once heard her say in an interview. Best. Thing. Ever. “Cause at the end of the day it’s about what goes on underneath the turban.” Brilliant and easy to remember.

    I hope this doesn’t come across as creepy, Leandra. Just thought this was a good opportunity to let you, and the rest of the MR team, know that you influence people in such a fantastic, ridiculously clever written way.

  • Alex Pynes

    Thank you Leandra. Thank you.

  • Alexandria

    Your Style is the reason, I read your site daily. You are unique, and do not fit a cookie cutter facade that is what makes you worth reading , and getting style tips from. I love MANREPELLER & the team, keep up the good work ladies.

  • The Internet allows people to say things behind & mask. Kudos to you for wearing these because you like them. Nobody else has to & that’s why it’s called style. Faahion is clothing. Style is all about you. You rock! Thanks for being a positive role model for sticking to your guns. :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  • Helene

    Also loved how people were making suggestions about how to style it right. As if there was a certain “correct” way to wear things.

    • nameit

      Good point!

  • Amelia Diamond

    I like this, pantshead

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Me too!!!

  • Guest

    Those pants are dope. People are dumb.

  • Rock on.

  • h

    If you stopped being authentic it would show, and you would lose respect from the people that matter most. Ultimately I think it would lead to your site being less respected as a whole. The fashion industry still does value true originality, which you obviously possess. You would have never gotten to where you are today wearing ‘flattering’ clothing. I appreciate you sharing your feelings about this. Instagram commenters: get a life.

  • Liz Warners


  • Yes. Leandra, you’re always unabashedly true to your style and yourself and this is why we love you!!

  • Eve Barauskaite

    The “appropriate” style is pushed down our throats. We’re conditioned to try to look good to a certain standard. That’s hardly news, of course. I follow MR on all possible channels to get a break from all that. To get inspiration for that somewhat unorthodox matching of proportions, colours, materials, moods, what have you. It’s a pity someone’s driven Leandra to try and explain to the unenlightened what is the meaning behind these two elusive words “man” and “repeller”. Still, ever so elegantly done. Kudos!

    • jane

      Excellent! 🙂

  • andrea raymer

    “They make me feel like a more interesting version of myself”

    That hit the nail right on the head. It is always difficult explaining fashion to some people because they will sometimes think it is all about frivolity or they won’t understand why I would care so much about it and tell me that I shouldn’t care about what other people think so much. they completely miss the point. Fashion is about making yourself feel good, not necessarily attractive, not necessarily in a way that makes everyone like you, but making yourself feel more interesting.

    I love fashion not because I want to impress everyone, not because I care that much about what other people think of me, but because it is one of the few ways that I can match my insides to my outsides and vice versa. I dress to communicate who I want to be, and to make myself feel more like me than I would otherwise.

  • Tess Tobin

    What people often forget about fashion (or, really any art form) is that it is completely and utterly subjective. There is no

  • Are you kidding me? These pants are some of the most beautiful pants known to mankind!

    • Parth Suthar

      Hiiii…………..Emma………….How are you????

  • This is hilarious. You there I saw another article that I though that you would love…not because I think you are weird but because it was so darn hilarious and ironic: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/28/weird-christmas-gifts_n_6212498.html

    Please don’t miss the mohawk ring especially (that one I rather like, so maybe I am weird too 🙂 )

  • Aydan

    An ex boyfriend detested my zebra looking cocoon of a winter coat. Is this why he is an EX boyfriend?…I wear what I want, sometime it looks cool to others, sometimes it doesn’t, but when I wear it I see Aydan looking back at me!

  • The thing is, everything you wear ends up looking cool because of the attitude you carry it with. It seems to be a melange of a) not caring what people think, b) dressing for yourself, and c) just being supremely confident in who you are. All of the above are awesome, and it’s why so many of us then want to wear what you were wearing. As if wearing it could give us the same ballsiness, radness, and joie de vivre.

    Thank you for being you. It makes the rest of us more likely to be who we are (once we realize we can’t all be you).

  • The more I look at them the less I can look away. I can’t decide if I love them. I think I do.

  • Mach

    Couldn’t be better

  • Abby Rode

    Cheers to all of this!


  • Yay, Leandra!!! Do you girl, because being yourself is what made you into the person you are today… why change your style just cause you have more Instagram followers?
    xo, coco | millennielle.com

  • There are many ways you do it, through your hilarious sense of humor, the interesting topics you choose, the dares and risks you take,the way you push the envelope to make us think, but you always give us permission to be who we are and to stand up for our style. Aside from the fact that you frequently make me laugh hysterically out loud, you are authentic, smart and true. No matter what you wear that always comes through.

    Accidental Icon


  • To be honest, I love the pants. I wouldn’t wear them but they suit you. I love that you are doing you regardless of what people decide to say.


  • Baron

    🙂 I don’t get why some say these jeans are that horrible. Is it ironic to say although I am interested in fashion, I don’t even care or know how to notice lifted butts? I don’t even see the camel toe. I don’t get it when people look for “clothes which flatter their figure”. Or shoes don’t look good on bigger feet. Or yadi yadi da. (Isn’t the length of the feet equal to the elbow to the wrist, thus only proportional on a person?) You can adorn whatever on your body you want if you want to, and you’re going to look “flattering” in any type of clothing anyway including the drop crotch pants.

  • lavieenliz

    you look amazing in anything


  • c’estMoi

    My college roommate always used to say to me: “Ali, you wear UGHLY clothes !”

    With my vintage kelly green cropped cigarette trous & oversized white blouse & fish lure earrings & messy hair that I never brushed ? Of COURSE I looked ughly: but I LOVED how I looked & how great those wacky clothes made me FEEL.


  • Liking something is the most important part. Do you and don’t give any fucks about what others think. Unless your pants are crotchless or ass-less, then maybe care a little to at least pair it with a mesh body suit or something for decency sake 🙂

  • Shaina Healy

    Amen. I follow you, and continue to return to your blog, for these exact reasons. You don’t conform to trends for the sake of trends, and you don’t dress to satisfy the masses. I love that your style is different, and that it’s you. I also dress to feel like a more interesting version of myself, and I think that feeling manifests itself in the way I carry out my daily life.


  • Kristin

    I don’t think you have to fight for your style. When I read your defense of your outfit I feel like I’m watching how the sausage gets made (to paraphrase one of my favorite blogs). You do not need to explain your pants choices to a community that you founded based on the premise of dressing to make yourself happy.

  • Well, I’ll fight for YOU!!

    Btw, i’m the one who said to her friend on another Instagram selfie of you that we should kill you and take your outfit. HALLAA!

  • Cherie

    Love you more than ever .

  • Guest

    you go glen coco

  • Guest

    you go girl

  • Connie*

    What do you mean, they don’t look good? They look hella good. You WEAR those bad pants!

  • Dawn

    I feel connected to your blog because of your vulnerability in many of your clothing choices, and (importantly as you stated) your honesty. I assume that you want the same out of your readers. I wouldn’t wear the pants in the picture, but I like them for you. I don’t get them. But, it makes me happy that you take so much joy in throwing up the big FU to the world and wearing them. Along with wearing what you want, you are a savvy businesswoman and no doubt consider how the way in which you present yourself, affects your business. For me, you provide creative, clever and inventive ideas,with great copy. That far outweighs your current jeans obsession and other occasional misses (my opinion). So, there’s still so much left that you style that is of a huge interest to me. What I like the most about you and Man Repeller is your pure joy with fashion, with a wink thrown in.

    • coffeetoo

      I love the way this is written. Kudos!

      • Dawn

        Thank you so much coffeetoo!

  • Hillary

    I have been a reader since 2010-2011. You are hilarious, and I show your blog in my English classes sometimes (I live in Colombia, South America). Because of image expectations, size, shape, personality, etc. I litterally could not wear anything that you do. But I love the WAY you wear your clothes and the way you think about them!

  • Kandeel

    “if you believe in it, you have to be willing to fight for it.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBShN8qT4lk P.S. This was amazing and you’re killin those jeansz

  • Michelle

    Love that you challenge the notion of what style is and that you stay true to what feels good to you. Maybe the jeans aren’t for everyone but 9/10 times the outfits you present are worth trying in some variation with what’s in my own wardrobe. Also, you could wear a garbage bag with those Valentino boots (they are Valentino, right?) and be awesome.

  • Roxy Menhaji

    I just love you and those Valentino shoes <3

  • C. Oak

    I can’t see any of the articles! I think your website is down.

  • Regan Laird

    the pants are fabulous… whoever argues that is obviously blind and far too closed off about fashion. true expression comes after a larger acceptance of “beautiful.” To understand fashion one must be…. highly open minded. High waisted+frayed-end denim found it’s way on my body today 🙂

  • You do you, girl. YOU.DO.YOU.

  • Alex

    Yea it’s interesting that at a certain point when a blog (or anything) gets popular there’s going to be a whole set a followers who actually do not get anything you have been writing about THE ENTIRE TIME. Is this not the most concisely written message of your blog in one post? I love you.

  • Paloma

    I am totally your fan! Your quirks & style! I would love! Love! The pants if the
    Were long but that would change my lane off manrepelling ave.

  • Abbi

    This reaffirms why I continue to wear the largest and most ill-fitting brown, black and white plaid grandma sweater. I know it’s terrible, but I love it. I just think it’s cool. Even though I know it’s not flattering and many feel the need to tell me it’s ugly (as tho my goal is to always look pretty, maybe that’s not what I’m going for) It just feels so me and I love it anyway. Love this post!!

  • DM SF

    Feeling and sending style love as well. Keep up the good pants.

  • Baron

    Oh wait… so the jeans are man repelling, so they totally fit the blog!!!! Or do men like seeing camel toe even with those very thick-looking denim fabric so they’re not? (I also didn’t know camel toe could be created with thick denim.) I’m confused. You’re not selling them either, so why care about what other people think.(?)

  • Tar

    I loved this and applaud you for being so true to yourself! Those pants are kick ass! “Cool” or “not cool” more people should follow how they truly ‘feel’ when they put an article of clothing on…

  • Lou

    Yes yes yes. Who you are is why I read this blog. I’m going for the nerdy comment, so stay with me, but the first thing I thought when I read this is how Chekhov once said that people are terrified of freedom. That’s what this is really about. You are free, and that’s what people resist slash admire slash yearn for slash can’t do for themselves. It might be just a pair of pants…but it’s actually much deeper than that (as you know).

  • I can’t decide.

    I never use instagram, but it does not surprise me when the general public is narrow-minded. I think you’re brave for getting on there.

    I love the pants. I really like the trim on the bottom. Your color/pattern combinations are always intriguing, and give me new ideas.

    Besides, as I understand it the standard in New York is to try to dress differently than everyone else. Those other people probably live in cities where everyone dresses the same.

  • Maurissa Dahms

    Thank you Leandra, for being true to yourself and true to your pants! They are quite amazing, and whether or not I like how you wear them, I am still inspired by your style, your confidence, and your creativity. Also thank you for holding those who comment accountable for what they write. I think if people better understood the power of their words, the internet would be a kinder and more constructive place.

  • Kim

    Amen sister! That’s all I’ve got to say.

  • As long as you feel good in these pants, then what the hey? I love the hem line from a previous life, certainly adds character!

  • Charlies fairyshoes

    Your style in dressing and your sharp way of writing makes you (for me at least) the nicest blogger to follow but surely to keep following in this world of empty blogging…. You are the only one who looks cool in her own style and actually writes!! Instead of the same pictures in the same style over and over and over again!!! Keep going and keep wearing these pants!!!!

  • jaclyn

    ha hater commenters! I love your style- its refreshing!

    check my blog:http://stylevolver.blogspot.com

  • Honeybee

    I wouldn’t be caught dead in those pants but I love that you wear them for all the reasons and depsite all the reasons cited above. Your confidence is hot, hot, hot.

  • su

    Decades ago SATC and SJP brought to me the idea that in fashion everything matches – as long as you are convinced of it. This brought a complete new cosmos to me. Years later I found You, Leandra, leading me to the next step: Fashion is not about “how to feel sexy” or to look good in the common sense, but to express the very personal ME. Thank You.Thank You! Never stop!

  • MargaretInArabia

    Brilliant, compelling! You are young to be so wise. Never stop seeking a “more interesting version” of yourself.

  • Jaime

    The best thing about those jeans is only you could wear them like this. I am a fan.

  • Paula

    Sometimes I dont “get” you and this explanation really helps and I love it!

  • Those pants seem very Man Repeller and I think it’s a sad but true thing that you have to defend them. Keep on doing you, boo (that’s probably the only time I can successfully use that phrase).

  • Just as Oscar Wilde said: “be yourself … ”
    Katharina // ktinka.com

  • The New Jeans Girl

    Pants rock. Mine too.

  • Inkygrl

    These pants are perfection on you. Haters gonna hate. Fuck em.

  • viva la fupa! you rule, leandra

  • Whitney Place

    You keep doing you, Leandra. You’re an inspiration!

  • Quinn

    haters gonna hate but these are fantastic. And since you’re a hot string bean, you can pull them off better than anyone. And who wants to look at blogs with the same ‘ol shit? not me. keep wearing the pants.

  • This reminds me of my mum and my mum is the coolest person on planet Earth, so please keep these pants.

  • Nick

    This is why I could never get into ‘What Not to Wear.’ Every episode: straighten your hair, get highlights, wear an a-line skirt or dress and heels, put on makeup and show some cleavage. Every single episode, so boring. Flattering is formulaic and boring. You, Leandra, are not.

  • Johanna

    Ignore the doubters, MR! Some folks just don’t get you.

  • Even though some outfits are questionable, and I ask myself would she really wear that? Is she doing this just for the blog ( yeah, I am one of those who ask that), I still think it’s very cool that you put yourself out there, experiment, and frankly don’t give a shit. I give you a thumbs up on that!

  • Amanda Smith

    This might be my favorite post you’ve ever written! I personally have always loved you because you’re YOU, you’re different, endearing, hilarious, and bad as shit in a really good way. It also serves as a reminder that although it is expected and part of the process, mean comments on social media get read by real people and just because it’s said from behind a computer screen doesn’t make it any less hurtful. I commend you on being you because that’s who we all fell in love with!

  • Since when did people stop dressing for themselves?! So long as you love what you’re wearing, who the hell cares!


  • Megan Woods

    Carpe Diem! Life is too short to dress for others. We could all learn something from your ‘bad pants.’ Which I think are fantastic. I always loved pants like yours but shied away. You’ve given me the boost I need to go for it.

  • diadelosgatos

    Before I read the article, I saw the pictures and thought “WOW, those pants are so weird and that outfit is so damn cool!”. It’s strange that people think you would wear certain items “for the blog.” As if creativity, curiosity, and style would necessarily have to be forced. Rather, I think, is this blog big enough for all the things you might want to wear?

  • Boom bitches! You said it homie! I absolutely love “non -flattering” ish and honestly, this is flattering enough for me, if you feel good then eff it! cheers

  • Yes

    This article is EVERYTHING. I love it.

    A new life motto: “And the thing about style, like with everything else, is that if you believe in it, you have to be willing to fight for it.”

  • Too add, I just feel as though so called ‘flattering’ jeans are too easy? Nothing like a high-waisted, arse lengthening, ankle baring/grazing/molesting, boyfriend-fit light wash to put some fun into picking an outfit

    Jacquie xxx

  • Mary Burdgick

    Love this post! Saving that last paragraph as a reminder to myself to always wear what I want and own it, no matter what!

  • anna

    To me my fashion is about contradiction. And I see that in yours too. I love it. You’re an inspiration lady.

  • Joanne Fanning

    It’s time to start checking off your winter fashion list! 🙂 Take a look at today’s sales and save! Just in: UGG Big Sales

  • hahaha – i love this one! And the fact that you don’t always look perfect, but rather natural, honest and wierd in the coolest sense, is inspiring. It has brought me to care (even) less about how my bpdy appears contra the look of the outfit and feeling. And whenever I get a comment such as “Is that karate pants?” I take it as a compliment and stand proud!

  • rock on Leandra!!!! this is why you’re one of my favourite people ever. THANK YOU for being yourself. fashion is so important as an external projection of an individual’s personality; it’s like an extra frickin limb, you can’t go without it. if your personal fashion choices happen to include super cool pants, so be it!!


  • deborahchi


  • Tracy

    Love your style!


  • Vanessa Basanta
  • coffeetoo

    “I like — nay, love — these pants. They’re me. I know they don’t look good but I think they’re cool. They make me feel like a more interesting version of myself ” seriously, that’s how we should all aim to get dressed (short of work dress codes, but that’s another chapter) – if wearing an outfit doesn’t make you feel like a more authentic version of you, you’re doing it wrong. and btw – that instagram outfit looked great! The silhouette was very classic – nipped waist, larger proportions at the “hourglass”.

  • Marti

    People are attracted to you because you are different. The world needs different! If you only wore was was utmost flattering where’d the fun be?! Pretty sure you have your huge following due to your realness. Too much fakey fakey on the internet! You’ve totally already won anyway as you have turned what you love doing into a wonderfully successful business. The haters most likely have not! #justsayin’ xx

  • Mar McCreary

    so so great. i think there are analogies in every artistic environment – but for me, i go to a college in texas and when i wear my saddle shoes from my private high school, i get the dirtiest looks. i know other people think they’re ugly “bowling shoes” but i adore them, and never regret a step i take in them.

  • Gabriella Orozco

    Tell me what to wear in the rain





    And this is why you are one of the world’s best in your category !!! Please never change, i enjoy seeing women wear what they TRULY want to wear x

  • Pia St. John

    the boots!!!! the mmost gorgeous boots ever

  • vanessa valiente

    I hate your pants. I love your words 🙂 vstyleblog.com

  • e

    THANK YOU Leandra! Well done! Cheers.

  • Maia

    I love the pants–even with camel toe. Don’t love them with the shoes, but if you’re feeling it who cares.

  • Bianca Barela

    Thank you for this. I find your honesty and style inspiring. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, oh no, TOO much. But then I stop myself and think, who cares? Let it be too much.

  • Kavita Sodha

    Boom – word NYC bae

  • Christel

    Love your look not many people understand what’s truely fabulous! Thank you for being who you are!

  • alex

    I ALWAYS SAY THIS. I always tell my customers that it isn’t always about clothing being flattering, it’s about clothing being COOL.

  • bluefish

    I love those pants too and think they look really terrific on you. The boots are to die for. The entire outfit is a winner in my book. And, yeah, I was around when that style of bluejeans was a thing the first time. It was a great look then and is still a great look now. Wear what you like and what flatters you is a sensible mantra and these trousers fit the bill either way.

  • ann

    Hmm you don’t care bout flattering jeans because you are extremely thin. Thats it

  • Edwina GDC

    You are an inspiration! Always stick to your guns Leandra!

  • Love your blog!!!!! Ladies, get 15% off with promo code HB15 on our site. xoxo http://www.shophoneybee.com

  • Cutecutecait

    To be honest, I think it’s the shoes that are throwing me a curveball. Either way, I respect Medine for backing her fashion choices. That it what is it all about–feeling confident in the things we clothe ourselves.

  • The Collegiate Flair

    You are such an inspiration! I’ve been a fan since I was seventeen. Don’t stop being you.

  • lucky

    “You can’t control your popularity. I know I’m an acquired taste – I’m anchovies. And not everybody wants those hairy little things. If I was potato chips, I could go a lot more places, but I’m not.”

    Tori Amos said that. I read it when I was 16 and I’ve rocked a camel toe pretty much ever since.

  • Goods

    It’s about how you relate the apparel.The style not trend or what’s flattering. You’re the best, thank you! 🙂

  • Anna K

    Love the pants! By the way where are they from? 😉

  • Anita

    it is so true that fashion isn’t about that everything is flattering!!
    x Anita

  • Rizou

    You are right ! Fashion must be creative, personal ! so if you want to wear bad pants, just wear it !!


  • FashionableLena

    I’m more interested in those Valentino ankle boots. They are giving me life.

  • April

    This just made me so happy.

  • taylor

    Although, I do not love the pants.. the reason you love them is something I find so admirable and reminds me why i love fashion… because it is your own and you get to create your own style and only the people who truly appreciate fashion will really appreciate your reason for wearing the outfit and the jeans. you love them.. you think they look good and just because everyone else says they don’t like them that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish or fashionable because they are to you. Everyone has their own unique style and i love that you wear what you love and you don’t care about anyone else’s narrow-minded opinions of it. TRUE sense of style. AMEN

  • Ecestagram

    Nicest words put together to explain what style is about; “Presenting a difficulty and attempting to unpack it or make sense of it.” I can’t decide if you are an awesome style inspiration or an awesome writer.

  • You are right. Style is art and art is offering something compelling and it takes someone brave to break new ground. When I see some of your get ups. I think “Yes, yes! That’s it!”
    It’s not about change for change’s sake. It’s about something fresh and often fresh has to be a u-turn.
    You are one of the very few, besides the designers, who are giving true inspiration. Thank you.

  • Leandra you do you! Fuk the haterz

  • The last paragraph just NAILS IT! Bravo, Leandra. I feel good wearing what I call “abrasive fashion” sometimes. Abrasive, because it rubs a lot of people the wrong way, and that is very cool by me.

  • Kelle S.

    The people I admire the most are the ones with the courage and confidence to dangle their beliefs and opinions for all the world to see, without feeling the need to edit or adjust to appease others. This is what I love about this blog! You are a hero. I love your wit, your unique and outspoken sense of style and, though it’s totally irrelevant (imo), I loved the pants too!

  • Alyssa Coscarelli


  • Marty Funkhouser

    You can wear whatever you want you foine ass hell

  • Quinn Risdall

    I LOVE you. and your pants. all of them.

  • Heather Riggs

    A choice made with pride is worth celebrating, particularly if it’s regarding pants.

  • victoria

    taking the bull by the horns. this was really, really great. THIS is why people follow you. triple threat bae

  • YAS don’t listen to the basics on instagram

  • Hallie Goodman

    I love this. I love the idea of not dressing to “correct” something. I usually see this concept as being a luxury only afforded the very skinny, but will try to carry this idea with me into my size 10 day.

  • Elena

    I really liked your post and what you said. But I think you can feel comfortable with these kind of pants not only cause your strong personality, cause at the same time you are very slim. Even if the pants have a cut that doesn´t look good in no one, they are still going to look “good” on you, or at least “not bad”. Women with bigger curves or overweight (well, we should discuss also what´s “overweigth”) wouldn´t fit in the stereotype of looking “good” for this society with this kind of pants. Skinny people plays with advantage on the game of “I wear that I want”. What I really admire is when a woman with not a normative body wears something really unflattering for the canon (contrary to me confidence is the most flattering thing ever) and feels cool with herself. I´m a skinny person myself, but I think this point of view lacked in your post.

  • Catalina

    Leandra, I’ve decided you need a 60 Minutes interview.

  • Lisbeth

    Have just ordered a pair of these pants and you look so great in them. Leandra, you are a beautiful woman with fabulous style. Anyone who says otherwise is a Barbie doll.

  • Hate the pants. And the shoes. Love the blog! My blog is full of someone else’s version of hated shit – absolutely ok!

  • Well, don’t like the outfit – sorry! – but absolutely LOVE this post. You are absolutely right. Your style is YOUR style. As long as it doesn’t come in the way of anybody’s life – and let’s say it’s pretty hard to do that with clothes – it is only your decision and you should feel good about it, baggy pants or no baggy pants.

  • Polly Jean H

    Refreshing to say the least, let’s try to keep style fun and easy, and celebrate the materials and shapes, and maybe accept that there’s people that actually have a style of their own!!!!

  • Nicki Casabianca


  • Hannah Cole

    Well said gal pal

  • Sienna Loloa

    This spoke to me on a spiritual level <3

  • Karel Paragh

    I like this, its nice. Regards, Karel Paragh

  • Kelsey O’Donnell

    This is a funtastic post and I love those jeans on you too.

  • Jennifer

    I know this is old, but I love it. tbh, I often don’t get at all what people are wearing on Man Repeller and think it looks crazy (crazy awesome), and I LOVE that. It’s why I follow! It helps me feel more secure wearing what I want even if I don’t have a reason for loving something. Even if I don’t like the outfit, I always think, man, I want to know that girl. She seems interesting and fun. And that’s what clothes should say instead of look at my long legs and flat stomach.