The Chatroom: Joanna Coles

Cosmo’s fearless leader on careers, CEOs and the importance of introducing yourself by your first and last name


If Jenny Slate found the Internet intimidating, on a reverse corner of the same earth, Joanna Coles is possibly the one who is intimidating it. This might be through her acceptance of its power, endurance to get to, and surf on, the top of its wave or simply — and most likely — a combination of both.

Today, the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, a seasoned professional who held the same position for six years at Marie Claire, serves as the most recent guest to grace Man Repeller’s The Chatroom.

While the series’ typical length is wont to run anywhere from one to three minutes, this week — in part due to the multifarious slivers of wisdom delivered on being a female, a leader, a female leader and a creative human (not to mention one who is phenomenal at coitus) — the time has been extended to reflect the importance of the vetted journalist’s acumen. Watch, learn and then answer me this: what says Monday more acutely than three important life lessons annotated by Beyoncé lyrics?

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  • 1. Joanna Coles is brilliant — the English just have a very straightforward and terse way of going about things which I find refreshing. We Americans tend to dabble in platitudes a bit more, and it’s really become very hard to break the habit.

    2. Her second piece of advice at the end was something I really needed to hear. I’ve always struggled a bit with my interest in fashion because it seemed so frivolous and selfish when compared it to the work my parents are doing. I know many people who have their parents as a crutch simply by virtue of the fact that they have relatively similar trajectories or business interests. As I grow older and build meaningful relationships and ask questions, I not only feel as if there is a tremendous wealth of resources outside of bloodline, but I’ve also been able to grow more confident in my own interests. There are so many people in this world, and we all can contribute in varied ways.

    3. I have to say I much prefer the Chatroom series when the episodes are closer to five minutes long. While the other ones have been inspirational and provided glimpses of sound advice, I think these extra few minutes just really open up the floor to a more rewarding experience as a viewer. It kind of rounds everything out and lets us process what these amazing women are saying, within the context of a more global picture.

    Thank you always!

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    • Sara

      Agreed! Love the longer episode. It just allows for a little more breathing room. These are really intelligent women, so it’s always great to hear more from them. Also, agree with comments re: the background music.

      Such a great series! Can’t wait to see more.

      • I feel you — I just want them to keep speaking and speaking so that I may somehow absorb their collective intellect.

    • EH fan

      What is your story, Emma? You always write the most insightful funny comments not just here but at ITG and Garance etc etc. Are you in fashion? Why don’t you have your own blog or write for a blog like MR? Or do you have bigger plans a – hatchin’?

      • Hey there! First off, I appreciate your kind words, I really do.

        As for my story I guess the simplest way to sum things up is that I am girl who’s had access to decent WiFi connections. I am not “in” fashion, but I do like to immerse myself in it via less direct means.

        Writing is ultimately something I wish to pursue but for now I am just a student with no real plans a-hatchin’! Hopefully that changes by the time I need to put my own food on my own table, but for now I shall see you on random corners of the internet!

        Thank you for asking. 🙂 XE

  • Erika

    I absolutely love this series! Thanks for working so hard to cull such fantastic, interesting, strong women.

  • Emma

    Please lower the volume background music. It was hard to follow the conversation.

    • Leandra Medine


  • lavieenliz

    such a cool chatroom! she’s so inspiring

  • Charlotte

    Loved the questions, loved the answers. Again another great episode! Really like the length of this one.

    (The volume of the background music could be slightly lower. I prefer hearing Jenny and you over the happy notes)

  • I love these posts!

  • Chloé

    it says the video is not available in germany 🙁 all the other chatrooms were. do you use some licensed music in this one? a real pity anway!

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Looking into this now! Thanks for letting us know.

    • Kate Barnett

      try now! thanks, chloé!

      • Chloé

        Thank you! I love that episode, will definitely rewatch!

        • Nicole

          Thanks Chloe! I subsequently had no problems with it 🙂 woo germany!

  • Christine

    Your top – Dries or Marni? (Or someone else?) I want it! Great job … you alllmost got her to crack a smile 😉

    • Leandra Medine

      Rosie Assoulin!

  • Emma

    She is so inspiring!

  • One of my favorite videos from The Chatroom series so far! Such pearls of wisdom.

  • Aydan

    Best 6:11 minutes of my workday so far! Thanks!! 🙂

  • Yes, her advice is so on point. I really think her advice is something that all women [in the working world] need to hear and at least think about. She is so straightforward and confident, I love it. I also really enjoyed your dad’s joke, Leandra!

  • greer

    Screenshot no. 5 is beautiful

  • Emily

    This was absolutely brilliant. Loved your interviewing and her responses!

  • Vania Puspitasari

    Another inspiring feminist. Thank you for sharing her and her advices. 🙂

  • Nicole

    Excellent video! I love the chatroom concept and the longer video is great. I have one little peeve with it though and that’s that the music is a little bit too loud. I find I have to really focus on the speaking rather than listening to the music. Maybe it’s because I’m a musician and that’s what draws my attention at first but I’d love it if it was a little more background so I could hear the speaker better. Having said that, the choice of music was fabulous.

  • Joanna looks absolutely rocking!! Addition I am now going to have a relook at Cosmo.

    • Mila

      I have been reading it the past few months and it is interesting how it has become so much more topical. I guess that makes sense since Joanna is running it. Bravo to Cosmo and what a great interview!!

  • Kirsten

    Slaying it per usual 🙂

  • Amanda

    Mindy Kaling is a great one to chat with!

  • Lua Jane

    Another great chatroom with inspiring woman. Plus the combination of her black outfit and platinum hair is amazing. It’s how I imagine a power lady.

  • annemaris

    Great advice for all women, not just women who want to work in fashion. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love these videos! Keep up the awesome work

  • Christy

    My favorite so far. I really look forward to these videos. It’s like when you receive a gift (in a bag w/ tissue paper) and you think that you’ve emptied the bag, but the gift giver informs you that there’s still a little something else left at the bottom!

    Also, does anyone know where Joanna’s necklace is from?



  • JS

    Unfortunately I couldn’t hear much above the loud background music playing. Shame 🙁

  • Marion

    Very interesting interview. My only comment is that the music in the video is way too loud and distracting!!!!!

  • Heather Chester

    The music playing in the background totally takes away from the actual interview. I spent the whole time trying to shut it the F off.

  • Marie

    TURN THE MUSIC OFF. I stopped watching the video because I couldn’t stand it. Is there a way you can re upload?

  • Jac Rabbit

    I am about 10 pounds overweight and I steer clear of white–even in Summer. WHAT IS UP with significantly overweight women (read 40+ lbs) insisting on wearing white? I see this on T.V., I see it in real life, and frankly it’s annoying. OK–I get it. You are OK with your weight–bully for you! But like I said–I don’t even try to pull off white with my meager 10 lbs over. I know I look better choosing something less optic–like say, tan or khaki. Please don’t push a white dress down people’s throats if you are at all overweight–frankly I am finding this increasingly obnoxious and distasteful.