The 14 Words of 2014

The good, the bad, and the please never say again.


We all know the story of the Tower of Babel, right? Once upon a time the world had only one language, then something happened (please allow for vagueness/add your own interpretation here because I fell asleep in school a lot), so the tower came on down and made the kind of mess that Triscuit dust everywhere makes. Moms threatened their offspring, saying they’d be grounded if they didn’t clean this crap up ASAP and so, in the haste, things got jumbled and separate languages were formed.

Billions of years later, humans finally ungrounded, Internet privilege came into existence. This meant Blogspot, and then Tumblr, which meant memes, which trickled into viral Twitter and Instagram accounts, and thus, a new kind of language reunited all: social media slang.

This year in particular was a speakeasy doozy, so whether you love them or hate them, here are the top 14 words of 2014.

1. Fleek

Definition: on point.

Usage: Your nostrils are on fleek today. Did you just have them waxed?

Vote: Best of.

2. Goals

Definition: a literal use of the word. If you’ve never heard the word “goals” before, Wikifreakia defines goals as “a desired result a person or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development.”

Usage: Online, with the help of a visual image. One posts a photo (ironic or not) that indicates who they’d like to be or what they’d like to be doing, accompanied by the word, “Goals.”

Vote: Best of.

3. Mood

Definition: similar to “Goals,” mood is a literal use of the word. A mood ring or one of those curling paper fish can help you determine your emotions if you’re having trouble and your therapist is on vacation.

Usage: Online, with the help of a visual. Again, as with “goals,” one posts a photo (ironic or not) that best describes their mood, accompanied by the text, “Mood.”

Vote: Best of.

4. The return of the letter “u”

Definition: the letter “u” has been allowed back into the typed lexicon to replace the word “you” after an AIM and Blackberry-induced “u” overdose, followed by a hiatus.

Usage: Previously, the use of “u” was seen as immature and lazy. Now, it’s been reclaimed by efficient captioners, commenters and those restricted by a 140-character limit. Examples: “Literally u.” “When u wake up in the morning but stare at the wall for 5 hours.” “When u hungry but the bae is mad and won’t give u the Seamless pw.” Etc.

Vote: Best of. It’s economical.

5. When You [insert relatable action here] Like…

Definition: Best defined in context, see below.

Usage: As with “mood” and “goals,” this phrase is best-paired with an image that acts as your visual punchline. For example, I might post a gif of a sleeping cat who actually looks dead, accompanied with the text, “When you take too much Nyquil like…”

Vote: Best of. It has become impossible to describe oneself without a visual now.

6. Turnt up/ down

Definition: See here.

Usage: When referring to someone’s hyper-level. Frequently used in music. Often associated with alcohol, OR OTHER STUFF WE DON’T CONDONE.

Vote: On its way out, still hard to shake, though. Let’s call it best-of-the-worst.

To Review:

The below is my “current mood.” It also depicts my “friendship goals.” If I posted it to Instagram, I might caption it with, “Me when I’m secretely bad at something I said I was good at like…”


Both Mary and Mavis’ sweaters are “on fleek.” These women are also clearly “turnt up.” Finally, if a stranger posted this but Leandra found it, she’d “@” me and simply comment, “Literally u.”

Great job!!! Now you’re getting it! Continuing on with the words that need to STAY in 2014.

7. Bae

Definition: Crush/significant other/Danish for poop.

Usage: Frequently occurs when “bae” is late, though it’s also prevalent any time Bae does something cute or un-cute — like taking too long to text back.

Vote: It was fun for 2014, but the first person to use “bae” in 2015 will be voted off the island.

8. Dat ___

Definition: Slang for “that.”

Usage: Singles out a #blessed body part, typically followed with the words “tho,” or “doe.”

Vote: Ugh.

9. Tho/Doe

Definition: Slang for “though.”

Usage: The bookend to “Dat ____.” Common example, “Dat ass, tho.” Note: when alliteration takes form courtesy of both a “dat” and a “doe” in the same sentence, the user sounds like they have a deviated septum. “Dat stuffed nose, doe.”

Vote: Worst. It was humorous for a second, then as with most Internet things it was exhausted to the grave.

11. The Struggle

Definition: Struggle, verb. To make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction. The Struggle, however, is a hyperbolic noun referring to the state wherein one “can’t even.”

Usage: Typically in regards to a hangover, that is very much real. Example, “I drank all of the leftover eggnog last night, mixed with a fifth of Fireball and seasoned with extra cinnamon. Today, the struggle is real.”

Vote: Shut up.

11. All of us

Definition: The unselfish version of John Legend’s popular song.

Usage: “This blob fish is all of us.”

Vote: The worst, partially because it’s overused but mostly because it’s scientifically impossible to prove. Stay in 2014.

12. Bye Felicia

Origin: “Bye Felicia” came from this scene in the movie Friday.

Usage: To dismiss someone who is bugging the shit out of you.

Vote: I’m torn here. It’s extremely satisfying to let a bothersome person know they can exit to the left with a sassy, “Bye Felicia.” At the same time, the joke got old fast so the punch doesn’t pack quite like it used to. Felicia will carry into 2015 regardless, but let’s pray for the saying to eventually dismiss itself.

13. Yaaaaas

Definition: A very emphatic, “yes.”

Usage: When you agree with someone and have forgotten your wits completely.

Vote: The Worst. Again, as with “tho,” it was great at first, like, 2 years ago. The Internet overdid it.

14. All the Things

Definition: I don’t even know how to describe this one because it’s so dumb. It literally means “all the things.”

Usage: If someone has on an outfit, you want to wear “all the things.” If someone posts a really awesome looking sandwich with chips and pickles and condiments, you want to eat, “all the things.” If something’s really sad, it gives you “all the feelings.” I just threw up “all the stomach acid” after typing those three sentences.

Vote: NO.

To Review:

If I posted this picture and was an idiot I’d say, “So bored, waiting 4 the bae and the struggle is real.”


Then people who I should probably de-friend would write:


“Dat hoola hoop doe.”

“This horse is all of us.”

“Man, 2014 was all the things.”

“Wow…Bye Felicia.”

Left image via Elle Italia, right image via The Telegraph

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  • I am loving fleek.

  • ReadER451


    • Michelle

      Seriously missing from this list.

    • Nah bro we’ve been vibin’ for a long time. The vibe is a timeless asset.

      • alex

        NAH is missing from the list.

        • Amelia Diamond

          “nahs’ been around for ages though!

          • Richard Jon

            not in the context of “you wanna smash or nah?” it hasn’t.

    • Amelia Diamond

      You’re so right. I HATE THE WORD VIBES.

  • Quinn Halman

    Where is thirsty, Amelia?!?

  • AlexaJuno

    You should send this list to the editors at BuzzFeed, the worst perpetrators of them all.

    • BuzzFeed is THE WORST!!!! LooooooooooooL.

  • Robyn

    I would ask Felicia to stay if it meant “Bruh” would go.

    • Sam


    • Amelia Diamond

      bruh like a lazy way to say bro?

      • Robyn

        Yes – less enthusiasm than bro. Also, I think it’s that “bro” really has no positive or negative connotation, whereas “bruh” is almost always associated with a disappointment or a fail.


  • Yaaaaaaaas. I’m so ready for that word to go “bye Felicia.” Have a great rest of 2014. :] // ▲ ▲

  • Dana Mannarino

    Hahaha, this is amazing. Couldn’t agree more.

    Pink Champagne Problems

  • Jo

    You forgot THOT and THIRSTY, lol, I love the list!

    • Amelia Diamond

      what is thot?!

      • Kandeel

        thot i think needs to go, we dont need another word to demean women

      • AGG

        That Hoe Over There = THOT….worst, #worst, @worst…only made worse by the horrible “that THOT” in which “that” is repeated twice by a horrible person

  • I just learned about Bye Felicia, so she can stay a bit longer.

  • camila

    love this, I am such a moron when it comes to all this new slang

  • belle_christina

    I hate the words fleek and bae and really – *all* of these! Does that mean I am just really old or something?

    • Amelia Diamond

      no ma’am

    • Richard Jon

      i hate all of them with a vengeance!

  • i feel like “all the things” was from 2007 and then i came back this year and it was worse than ever!


    • Amelia Diamond

      THAT SONG.

  • I don’t care how ‘economical’ using the letter ‘u’ is, it’s the redheaded step child of texting lexicon. Where the occasional misuse of ‘your’ and odd ‘tho’ might be acceptable (I’m saying this through gritted teeth), ‘u’ needs to be shut up in its room and left there for all eternity. Yes, I realise this rant makes me sound 80. Damn kids, get off my lawn…

    • Amelia Diamond


  • AMorse

    “This ____ is Everything”

  • Andy

    “bae” needs to be buried in 2014 forever

  • Lack of punctuation can be used with any of the above for emphasis. Example attached.

  • Eleanor
  • Amalie

    I’m danish, and I can tell you, it’s weird to see people writing poop all over the internet x.

  • Tsui

    Most definitely, I think we should leave ‘bae’ and ‘turnt up’ in the past…

    Fashion Ganache.

  • Hahaha, I hate whenever someone talks about how the struggle is real! I was just getting used to bae though 🙁

  • And what about all black everything? I hate when people hashtag it!

  • Ali

    #NotAll[insert here]

    That ish was funny for like 5 seconds (and yes, I’m bringing ‘ish’ into 2015 with me)

  • I vote to remove fleek and turn up….they have been overused unfortunately.


  • Have to say I was guilty of fleek, goals, vibes, on point and probably more in 2014… RIP
    – Grace xx

    P.S Would love it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow if you feel so inclined? <3

  • AlwaysMe

    agreed, we all need to leave bae behind.


  • Styleenthusiast

    “Face beat or beat face” are we really going to not acknowledge it at all? How about “or nah”? “0-100”? “A week ago”. List is rather incomplete me thinks.

    • Nah Bruh

      Bruh and nah have been around forever not new to 2014

  • Aubrey Green

    I hate all of them. I’m surprised schools haven’t started teaching this in class.

  • Eden

    How did you miss “bruh” and “… Or nah”


    I’m gonna be real… Most of this stuff the women and gay men on the Black side of my family have been saying for years and probs will keep saying for years to come, completely unaware of blog posts like this. Parts of our lexicon might be considered “played out” after the masses finish playing with them but I guess that might be best compared to a child who bores of a shiny new toy a few weeks after Christmas.

    cue “bye felicia” lol.


  • Guest

    I’m gonna be real… Most of this stuff the women and gay men on the Black side of my family have been saying for years and probs will keep saying for years to come, completely unaware of blog posts like this. Parts of our lexicon might be considered “played out” after the masses finish playing with them but I guess that might be best compared to a child who bores of a shiny new toy a few weeks after Christmas.

    cue “bye felicia” lol.


  • I loved this list of words! Hilarious! X

  • Ruth

    The word “hack” should be banished.

  • Khaliha Hawkins

    I didn’t know half these things existed and now I feel like I wasn’t around for 2014 at all. oops

  • aitanni

    Seriously and literally are the most misused words, also totally but I can’t help but use it.

  • Nadine

    Can we PLEASE ban ‘SLAY’. ??????

  • Mariana

    Forgot aesthetics tho

  • Alya

    You missed out on SLAY! I will always love YAS!

  • Brilliant post!
    I teach high school English, so I can appreciate the repelling of said words that should buried in 2014. I also have to commend the mad photoshop skills that created these illuminating illustrations to the piece. Perfect.
    An amusing read!

  • Aanya

    Fleek rlly is spot on!

  • Aanya

    Agree w/ vibes, must add “chill” before tho!

  • Tamsin

    Best article of 2015

  • bunny

    ITT: white people taking black slang, using the words until they lose their “novelty”, and then branding them #over like they’re theirs to declare hip or not. *eyeroll*

  • Having a serious laugh…made my day (Should have been included. I’m hearing this too often :D).

  • Not gonna lie, “doe” might have to come along with me in 2015.

  • Marianela

    other phrase was ..and I hated it.. that SKIRT IS ERRRTHING
    ( meaning that skirt is everything)

  • I loved this post so much I featured it in my link round-up this week!

  • Remember the blog Hyperbole and a Half? I swear that’s where ‘all the things’ came from: ‘CLEAN ALL THE THINGS’. Which then became a very enthusiastic meme! The imagery is so powerful I only save this phrase for special occasions

  • felicegranados


    featuring my most recent OOTD video:



  • Guest

    sorryyyyy but YAAAS is still so good.

  • Vicki D.

    also a solid year for short unnecessary abbreviations such as AF (as fuck), RN (right now), TBH (to be honest), etc….

    • Vicki D.

      ugh. this was posted a month ago. i’m so late to the game – why am I just seeing this now? #NotOnFleek

  • xyz

    turnt up/down is from 2012

    all the things is from 2010

    yaaaaas is old af

  • Andrea Salsbury

    I knew Felicia should show herself out when a local news anchor exclaimed “Bye Felicia!” at the end of her segment. RIP Felicia. RIP.

  • Jo

    Proof of Idiocracy as an oracle tho.

  • tkoco

    and amaze. end the amaze.

  • doni810
  • Mariu Nasthas

    this article was def. on major Fleek !

  • Richard Jon

    glad i read this. people are getting dumber by the week. hear one stupid phrase on facebook, next minute their using it in every other sentence chatting too their grandparents like it and all sorts.



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