Style Icon: Diane Keaton

God she’s good.


What an idiot I was for preferring Goldie Hawn over Diane Keaton in the The First Wives Club. I guess Goldie’s character was the obvious choice — blonde, boobed, kind of drastically a mess in that late-’90s-Kate-Moss way that never really will die (and let’s give the Fitzgeralds a shout out here because I’d argue Zelda is the one who started all that). But I won’t blame young Team Hawn. It takes at least 13 years of life for one to accumulate enough guilt, stress and neurosis to truly appreciate Diane Keaton’s nervous charm that seems to work its way into every character she portrays, and at least 7 more to respect the turtleneck clause she’s worked into all contractual agreements.

Keaton made Annie Hall synonymous with the words “Style Icon” by virtue of being her. A vest on any other woman plus a pair of khakis and a tie could have easily swung to the claims of a T.G.I.Fridays waitress had it not been for DK’s way about her: a slightly awkward body carriage married with a confidence that’s in no way related to arrogance but rather, self-acceptance of one’s weird things and flaws.

She made pants suits a fashionable style choice as opposed to the following: some kind of rebellion; a failure to adhere to red carpet standards; a “borrowed from the boys” sentiment; a statement. The cliché stands here that she wears suits rather than suits wear her. Nor do they define her.

Necks — long, bare, graceful necks have always been a sign of aristocratic beauty, and certainly (unless you’re of the Elizabethan rash-era) never something to cover up. Yet Diane Keaton has made it so that a bare neck looks lost, like it’s missing a best friend. Naked. Afraid? Ok, that’s dramatic, but she does make it a life goal of mine to learn the Tao of Wearing a Turtleneck in the Summer Without Sweating.

Diane Keaton is one of those people who wears a hat, and suddenly you need a hat. A belt — and suddenly you’re properly cinching your trousers. She’s probably one of those people who can say the same thing you “literally just said,” that everyone ignored, and yet everyone internalizes her remarks with the reverence of a royal bow.

But you wouldn’t even be mad about it. You’d totally get it.

Because you get her. Finally.

What a woman. What an icon.

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  • shayna gonsalves

    No one has ever been able to understand the thing that I have for Diane Keaton – I want her to be my best friend but also my grandmother. Beyond perfection.

  • Leanne

    Finally — a post on one of my favourite actresses/people. I’ve made several statements throughout life that went something along the lines of, “When I grow up, I want to be Diane Keaton.” This article only reaffirms my reasoning — she adds a new level to the word style, she is effortlessly gorgeous and kick-ass and, maybe most importantly, she is unabashedly herself at all times. I think we’ve all got a lot to learn from DK.


  • AlexaJuno

    Agreed. Her style is polarizing to those who don’t get it, but I have always adored her. I remember watching Annie Hall for the first time and knowing I had to dress exactly like that or, at the very least, adopt some element of her style. As I sit here typing this in my favorite turtleneck layered under a vintage Dior blazer with shoulders for days, I’d say mission accomplished. La di da, la di da, la la….

  • Diane Keaton has been my style icon since I first set eyes on her in “Annie Hall.” I actually saw her shopping in a store one time so OF COURSE I had to follow her to see what she would buy. (I’m not a crazy stalker. Really, I’m not!) And she was shopping for striped tights just like the ones I had just purchased for myself! I almost fainted with joy. Then I walked away. Because I am not a crazy stalker.

  • elizabeth

    My grandmother’s signature look was a turtleneck (typically pale pink, turquoise, or coral) and white trousers. All year long. And always lipstick.

  • She is perfection!

  • Janine

    Diane Keaton is a true original. You can’t say that about anyone anymore. Never contrived, always original. Her own style and self. Plus, she hasn’t had any work done! My entire life changed when I saw “Annie Hall” as a kid. Omg. Everything about her. On one end, “Annie Hall”…the other “Something’s Gotta Give.” Obviously, unique style isn’t “repellant:” She’s dated some of the most talented, attractive men ever. Thank you, MR!

  • Rhodes

    She’s the best!

    • Lua Jane

      Oh I love this pic!

  • Like an angel dressed all in white


  • Emily

    I love her so much! She can do no wrong in my eyes


  • Allie Fasanella

    Ugh, the love I have for DK. She’s just irresistibly herself.

  • Lua Jane

    Great post. Love her style, and love her in Annie Hall, partly because it also features Woody Allen. Come to think of it, how about an article on how Woody’s style affected men repelling females around the globe! High waisted, belted pants, birth control spectacles, button ups, courduroy jackets with turtlenecks?! Woody rocked it all.

    • dederka

      yes yes and yes once again, i always found his style incredibly inspiring and i must admit to having copied several of his outfits from Annie Hall – green checked shirt + khaki clumsy pants is one of the most memorable outfits of the movie. and i certainly find his nerdy ensembles women – appealing 😉

  • Jenna

    Every day can’t be a great style day

  • Ruth

    Plus, she still has great legs and..she reminds me of my aunt. Always classy.

  • Diane Keaton is such a beauty! We can’t help but be attracted to Goldie, first. I mean that woman exudes sexuality (in yo face) but DK really is the classy, underdog at least in that movie. <3 Annie Hall is one of my favorite characters!

  • ladylumps

    The scarves! I immediately tried a little scarf around my neck after watching And So It Goes. Not sure I can pull it off.

  • 4nna

    I fell for her when I saw this meme. <3