How to Wear Socks in Sandals this Winter

You can start by putting them on


Socks and sandals are so relevant that they have their own Wikipedia page. This page dates the trend back to Romans and then follows them to England. But there is merit in crediting the Germans and their country, home of the Birkenstock, for the institution of the marriage between leather and cloth, especially in the 21st century when such champions of the trend as Céline and Isabel Marant have modified them to reflect a high fashion point of view.

And, of course, with the perpetuation of a trend comes first infinite offshoots and then, the solution for unseasonalability. That’s not a word, but who cares?

In the case of Birkenstocks, which became slides and then turned into sandals at large, the solution is simple. It’s just socks. Where difficulty arises is in striking the appropriate balance — what do you wear inside chunky sandals? Dainty sandals? Printed sandals, or vice versa, what do you wear outside cat socks, or camp socks, or bright socks, and so forth. Here are some suggestions.

For your cat socks (though any print will likely do): try a dynamic (as in, featuring more than one strap across the foot) suede sandal that is winter inappropriate even in its dearth. Because the socks are whimsical, balance them out with a more serious shoe. This is like the equivalent of pairing a denim shirt with a silk faille ball gown skirt, or something.


Valentino sandals, Living Royal socks

For your bright socks — and here’s a PSA — if you don’t yet own red socks, get them: locate a shoe that reflects the color of your sock, which should be solid but doesn’t have to be. If it is solid, there’s more room for creativity where shoes are concerned, see:


But if it’s not, that’s fine too.

Brooks Brothers socks, Laurence Dacade flatforms

For your camp socks: Have a tassel? Does it come tricolored? That’s fine. These socks are like the Switzerland of the sock world in that they’re neutral. Wear them with anything! Or with nothing if you know what I’m saying.


J. Crew socks, Tod’s sandals

Do you know what I’m saying?

DG8S2V on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

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  • Lulu

    I love that you guys love this look, cuz I have for so long!
    MEOWWWW to those cat socks!

  • I need to know where the cat socks are from PRONTO! You are the sock and sandal master.

  • ThisPersonSleeps

    I’ve always wanted to try this!!

  • dustUP

    There is only one universal rule to follow for wearing socks with sandals any winter, and it’s : sock must be new and worn only with sandals. You can’t reveal piled heels of the socks you wore in sneakers or boots, regardless the amount of house pets printed on them.

    • Leandra Medine

      That’s a pretty solid ground rule.

  • Claire

    Step 1 for wearing socks in winter: Move the hell out of Minnesota

  • Oh, I’m sorry, did I offend you?

    • Oh please, be my guest!

    • babylove04

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  • Weird as, but I am finally getting the MR posts back in my Bloglovin’ feed after they’ve gone missing for the past couple days. I’ve had to manually check the site for updates, but it’s okay because you guys are soon worth it xx

    P.S.: Love the socks with sandals look!! Wish it was cold enough where I’m living to try.

  • The grey socks with the black-and-white fringe heel works for me, but that’s the only one I can get behind. And socks with heels is a big difference than socks with sandals–the heels have enough style to make it work, but regular sandals just make me want to scream, “INVEST IN A PAIR OF BOOTS!”

    But to each their own–I think I’m the minority on this one haha, I just adore boots and can’t see any purpose, stylistic or otherwise, to not wearing them (and imagine stepping in a huge pile of slush in a socks-and-Birks combo).

    • Fatjeta haxhaj


  • I like the last ones.

  • andrea raymer

    I wore socks with penny loafers today. They have reindeer heads on them

  • lavieenliz

    just did a socks with sandals post!

  • So cool, I love it

  • Ali

    I’ve been eyeing these pretty hard the last couple of weeks, but I already wear sandals and socks to work a lot and I’m worried this is crossing over in to ‘I’m pretty much wearing slippers today’ territory. These shearling Birkenstocks represent a point of no return for me

    • Leandra Medine

      wait yeah i actually really want these. so perfect for camp socks a la emma

  • Cute! And kinda dutch!

  • Love those Tods shoes! Who knew I would be ordering shoes from Tods… LOVE. xo, Amanda

  • Ama Poku

    Those cats socks are just crazy cool haha xD

  • I want those shoes! I am about to freak out!


  • I hate to be a practical old hag, but anytime I’ve wanted to wear socks+sandals, my sandals are always too tight for socks, so I would have to buy MORE sandals in a larger size to accommodate the sockage (especially in the Crew+Tod’s example above). Then, I’d probably have a crisis when I wanted to wear them without socks, because they’d be far too big.

  • Jen

    Okay I just fell I love with the cat socks!

  • HAVE TO TRY! Its a new year, I am going to be brave!

  • Alexis

    This trend has been my holy grail for years…my friends think I’m insane!! lol.

  • beaker

    Love it ttt