Cowboy Crotch

Celebrate the Deep-V


Flattering is a frustrating word. It’s either followed with a but: “Oh that’s so flattering on you, but,” or it’s in reference to one’s butt (double t’s here), as in, “I like these pants, but they aren’t very flattering on my butt.”

When we attach the word “unflattering” to clothing, no matter how much we like the items in question, it takes the fun out of getting dressed. It erases the picture that was once so clear in our minds of the looks we hoped to approximate, or the outfit that we were piecing together. We knew who we wanted to be and then poof! — the word “flattering” went and married itself to the prefix “-un,” and just like that: we are without identity.

But Leandra recently recently asked the important if not entirely simple question, who cares if the pants you love look bad?

With the recent rise of belly-high denim waist bands — and mark our words, that 501 look is baby-got-back —  the f-word (no, not that one, or that one) seems to occupy much more mind space than frankly, it should be allowed. Sure, with the advent of high waist denim comes the mirrored crevices that form (absolutely unavoidably, regardless of body type, height or weight) when you have two legs and with them, a pair of thighs. But what I’d like to argue is that we celebrate this crease. We declare it a badge of honor, a deep-V for Victory. Let’s call it the Cowboy Crotch.

It’s not a camel toe (which is uncomfortable), and it’s not really a FUPA (which is a part of life). Rather, it’s a goal. A thing of beauty. Something to show off.

So saddle up and own it. After all, it is you who wears the high waisted vintage pants in this relationship.

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  • Dude, I love this. So sick of worrying about camel toe for the girls who care to point it out all the time. Why are they looking at my crotch anyway?! Cowboy crotch has arrived!

  • I am the most confident version of me when I have my Cowboy Crotch jeans on. I feel unapologetically satisfied with my physical vessel when I wear them, even a little sexy/sexual (?), too. It’s a look that’s both subtle and blunt. Which, if you think about it, is what any remotely calculated nod to others’ attractiveness (or your own) really is.

  • Carly Van Loe

    Such a funny post…I can’t help but chuckle as I read along.

    I’m cool with wearing whatever you like and whatever is comfortable, but I’m not sure I will ever feel comfortable “saddling up”. I”ll be leaving the cowboy crotch to the cowboys

    The Doctor Diva

  • Ashton

    My boyfriend recently referred to his upper crotch area as a FUPA. hahahahahaha

  • Ashley

    That’s my favorite part of the look! It’s that which determines the pairs that I choose to buy *stands up in office chair and yanks down 501 crotch*

  • Kelsey Moody

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for the cowlady that can rock those jeans, but my butt is far too long. My years as a thigh-based athlete (hockey, field hockey, rowing, lacrosse…yikes) has left me stuck in door ways and makes people taking my photo question if their camera is stuck on “zoom in”. Im going to leave you MR beauties to the jeans that you inexplicably make work but UNFORTCH I look like this:

  • P.S. I have this overwhelming urge to dance to the Tennessee Waltz in a pair of Cowboy Crotch jeans. A timeless song; Patti Page has the most melancholic voice.

  • Discowhale

    You guys already saw the Real Deep V Cowboy Crotch from MM6 MMM 2015 SS collection, right? I thought they could be sold from H&M if they lose the side fringes and tan color (and the belt).

    • Discowhale

      When I say “sold from H&M”, I mean catering to the mass, general, BASIC taste of the 99% like me who shop from places like there.

  • joydoll

    It would’ve been cool if you could’ve thrown a couple plus size girls in there instead of all gorgeous leggy models. Just sayin.

  • Jamie Leland

    I JUST realized that FUPA is an acronym.

  • Jaquelyn Swartz

    this made me very happy and aware of the fact that we should not be self-concious wearing something we love

  • FuquinFuquinbe

    camel toe is disgusting! if your pants ride up your crotch it is never a good thing even if they dont feel like a frontal wedgie.

  • Thank youuuuuuu for this Amelia (this is like a more detailed response to my comment on Leandra’s post from yesterday), I’m proudly gonna go around flaunting dat Cowboy Crotch!

  • Lyric

    Yes! You can pry my ugly high rise jeans from my cold, dead, hands!! Some girls at my work are like “Guy’s don’t like girls who wear those,” And…..

  • Love me a cowboy crotch! Can only get that in my 501s, a little on the tight side (all the better to Cowboy Crotch?) but still good.

  • gail.

    One of my favorite pairs of jeans from high school/college actually looks a lot like like the first photo (complete with holes that emerged organically whilst studying g-chem on the floor of my dorm room). Feeling all new inspiration to keep hitting the gym.

  • Just got some jeans without knees… no one understands me


  • Dad jeans forever ??

  • rsb97080

    Deep-v, cowboy crotch…call it what you like. Ladies, I think it’s sexy as hell.