The Chatroom: Jenny Slate

Marcel the Shell’s mother talks relationships, technology and belly rings with us


If you’ve ever contemplated a lentil as a hat, or whether you’d prefer to ski using toe nails from a man or hang glide on a Dorito, there is a fair likelihood that you are familiar with a series of viral YouTube videos in which a tiny shell wearing pink sneakers, aptly titled Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, shares his microscopic lament and offers sound life advice.

Since inception, Marcel the Shell has been spun off into a children’s book. And its narrator and part-brainchild, the ineffable Jenny Slate and most recent subject of Man Repeller’s The Chatroom has seen success that mirrors Marcel’s. Best known for her recurring stints on Parks and Rereation, House of Lies, and Kroll, Slate’s most recent creative endeavors include a film that premiered at Sundance called Obvious Child and a role on the FX series, Married.

Though her policies on Internet-use are more liberal than those of the previous Iris Apfel’s, she maintains that due to its vastness, the Internet can be fairly intimidating. Thankfully, this doesn’t inhibit the multitude of anecdotes she generously shares on the proper way to wear a thong, what it really means to “boot up” a computer and a Y2K impulse piercing.

Watch, laugh, learn, discuss.

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  • Quinn Halman

    I think you two should both leave your husbands, marry each other, and adopt me. Everything about this video epitomizes what and who I want to be
    I’ve got so much love for Jenny. “Obvious Child” came out while I was out of hemisphere and three people sent me messages all along the lines of “you would love this movie also you remind me of her!” High praise. I recently spent a night in my room pretending to do homework but laughing out loud (to myself) watching her Late Night with Seth Meyers interview

  • AlexaJuno

    This should have been an hour-long special.

  • You two together and this video made my morning spectacular. Thank you! This could have gone on for hours and I’d still be glued to my screen. And now excuse me while I embarrass myself by doing a terrible attempt of Marcel’s voice.

  • kbz

    Leandra, where’s your shirt from?

    • Leandra Medine
    • banana1

      $345.00 in yo faze!

      • Leandra Medine

        Shopbop is sale-ing!

        • banana1

          I LOVE YOU LEITA!

        • banana1

          i dont like flushing bt my butt either genius

  • Lenka

    Parks and Creation? That is obviously a typo… Thanks for the interview, i love it!

    • Leandra Medine

      Eep. fixed

  • lavieenliz

    omg she’s so funny! I loved her in Hello Ladies…which I’m so bummed got canceled but they made a tv movie so whoo hoo! I didn’t know she was Marcel the Shell!

  • andrea raymer

    This might be my favorite in the series. You two are hilarious together.

  • so funny together! Love your top too…

    Xo, Belen

    A Hint of Life

  • These chatrooms are my favorite. The guests are all so amazing. I can’t wait for the next.

  • Emily

    I could honestly watch another hour of this… you two

  • I love how Gray Malin shots are appearing everywhere too… sneaky sneaky backgrounder there!

  • Natalie

    Jenny has amazing hair. I couldn’t stop looking at it (but I was still listening and it was still funny).

  • I loooove yooooou Jenny Slate! (And Leandra Medine!)

  • AHHHH the Kroll show is my favorite show!!


  • too short, I wanted this to last forever.

  • Samantha H

    I literally just googled “Man Repeller Jenny Slate” because I figured you two would be funny together. How psyched was I when it paid off. and HOW DID I MISS THIS. Thanks!

  • Ajnira Muminovic

    I adore her 😀