In Theme: Lord of the Dance

Point shoes and tutus


“All She Wants to Do is Dance,” sang Don Henley in his 1980s trench coat, and he was right. I do want to dance. Vicariously. This week in MR themes, I’m all about ballet.

Rent: Center Stage 

Are you sitting? Good, because this movie came out fourteen years ago, and no one could take that news on their feet. But it holds up — big time. For those of you who have never seen it (and never experienced true joy, I gather), Center Stage follows an innocent girl as she gets into the grueling world of New York City ballet. I don’t know about you, but that was the first sex scene that made me blush. To be honest, it still does. For the high brow alternative, there’s always Black Swan, but I’d rather indulge in some good old fashioned nostalgia.

Wear: Blush

You might not be able to walk to the kitchen without tripping three times, but you can approximate the grace of a ballerina by stealing her color scheme. For a 10/10, wear nude ballet flats as well.

Watch: City.Ballet

This AOL-produced web series about the New York City Ballet (now on season 2) is narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s nuts. Each episode is about six minutes of glory and drama. I highly recommend it. Let me know if you teared up because I totally didn’t, not at all.

Try: A ballet-inspired workout

The NYC studio, Ballet Beautiful,  is frequented by more than one Victoria’s Secret model. Miranda Kerr and Lily Aldridge’s Instagram have more proof for the success of this method than I could ever write. Lucky for us, Mary Helen Bowers, professional ballerina and founder of the method, has several DVDs available for purchase. Please try one and tell me if you get longer and leaner. Requesting for a friend. Also, if you’re the kind of person who likes to match her wardrobe to her workout (no judgement) Net-A-Porter sells the Ballet Beautiful line of leotards and other dance related things.

Do: A Ballerina Bun

If you need a refresher on what this says about you, we have your back. Look like the kind of person whose apartment is a study in beautiful beiges with this really polished ‘do. If the rest of you looks picked-this-shirt-up-off-the-floor sloppy, your hair will counter that, and people will marvel at your put-togetherness.

Look: Little Shao’s Ballerina Photos 

The Paris-based photographer’s series of ballerinas posing in city streets isn’t new, but it’s worth revisiting. Grittiness and grace, FTW.


If you need me, I’ll be practicing my Pirouette.

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