I Found the Perfect Jeans

Here’s how to wear them five ways


Fact: locating perfect denim is akin to achieving ideal companionship, but here’s a question worth canvassing: what happens after you’ve uncovered your happy ending? Do all the fireworks and salsa dancing emojis continue to populate the movie screen that is your life? Do Taylor Swift songs play every time you and your loved one (be s/he human or cotton) are reunited? Are there fights? Ruts that seem insurmountable?

I met my perfect jeans in the beginning of fall. They were folded among a selection of much darker, more rigid denim in a pile labeled size 29 but they looked small, you know, so I gave them a chance. They deserved a chance. And upon slipping them over my legs — right, then left — I learned that in spite of their tag, which suggested my waist size had inflated four sizes in the last 28 seconds, these jeans were IT. They stood tall — heroically hovering over my belly button, accentuating the female region that facilitates procreation famously with a zipper and two vaguely acidic pockets. The pant holes stopped short just an inch above my ankle and flared like a saucy new cohort, which it was.

And though it is still early, I’m thrilled to postulate a statement about the veracity of the aforementioned Happily Ever After. Because, you know, the fireworks, the salsa dancing (and Salmon Salsa), the Taylor Swift songs remain. There are no ruts, very few fights and much the same way a slice of whole wheat toast will never disappoint your gauge of expectations, neither will these pants. I think. Above you’ll find five ways I wear them to do what you want with. Below you’ll find descriptions and credits.

1. For When You Don’t Want to Get Dressed but Still Want to Look Cool: Jocelyn jacket, Rebel and Crown t-shirt, Saint Laurent belt and Eytys sneakers.

2. For When You’re Going to a Theme Party in Brooklyn and the Theme is Theme Party in Brooklyn: Wolfold turtleneck bodysuit, Sea New York plaid shirt, Annelise Michelson bracelets, Zara boots

3. For When You’re Having Drinks on a Saturday Night Right After the Gym and Want Everyone to Know You Worked Out Like This: Maison Martin Margiela net sweater (one left! On Yoox!), Nike sports bra, Rochas boots (also from Yoox), Anya Hindmarch Coco Pops clutch

4. For When It’s Not Fashion Week but It’s Also Not Not Fashion Week: Wear a dress over your pants, duh! Max Mara sweater, Acne scarf, Proenza Schouler slip dress, Chanel shoes, Olympia Le-Tan box bag

5. For the Other 361 Days of the Year, When You Want to Look French but Also a Little Western: St. James striped shirt, Hermes bandana, Isabel Marant pumps

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  • Fernanda

    You look like Taylor Swift and her micro shorts and her camel toes… Not your best jeans pictures. 😉

  • Oh hi, Leandra. Those are the perfect jeans. And I am loving Look One. They look great with the Eytys sneakers. Makes you resemble First Mate Gilligan in the best of ways.


    • Leandra Medine


  • parkzark

    I need these jeans.

    ALSO Tinker Tailor Solider Spy Olympia Le-Tan bag?! Be still my heart. I want all of those beauties.

  • The jeans look perfect on you!


  • Jeans – yup. But the Cocopop clutch – wowee!! Now that’s what I call cerealist fashion!

  • lavieenliz

    they are perfect!! you styled them so perfectly!

    giveaway on my blog!


  • Royal Wang

    you are a great style teacher


  • Anita

    oh yes it is true, you found the perfect ones for you!

    x Anita


  • Lulu

    Hey!! I am so jelly!! I want these!!

  • Vicki D.

    the taylor swift references neeeeed to stop. dope jeans doe.

    • Leandra Medine

      but she is our city’s “welcome ambassador” !

      • Vicki D.


      • I feel like there should have been a vote. It could have seriously spiced up last week’s ballot.

  • Charlotte Fassler


    • Lulu

      Pick it and flick it!!

    • Gold digger…..


    Perfection! Where did you get them?!?!

    • Leandra Medine

      The reformation

      • ashleymaciejewski

        The slim or the mom? (that sounds weird)

  • OMG OMG OMG, but you have the Anya Hindmarch cereal box clutch!!!!



  • I know this is about the jeanz, but your hair is killin’ it

  • Pick that nose, girl. Work those jeans, girl. Gimme your size 25 body, girl.

  • Stephanie Taylor

    1. Which Saint James tee is that? I have a kids-sized version but the fabric is a bit thinner looking than that 2. WHERE ARE THE JEANS FROM?! They really do look perfect, and who would guess that the length would be so badass?! K thanks.

  • monkeyshines
  • Rebecca

    Glad you gave them a try even though they suggested you went all the way up to a “huge” size 29…

    • Leandra Medine

      29 is not that big!

  • such adorable ensembles, Leandra. the jeans ARE perfect !


  • Love the jeans, love the looks. You make me want to wear all the shit in my closet at once, but I don’t think I’ll look one tenth as chic as you with your layering.


  • Between the Blondes
  • Lua Jane

    It’s that Jocelyn jacket and the Marant pumps that haunt my dreams, though. There is also that internal battle whether or not I need those cuddly Zara booties. Life is hard.

  • claudia

    Love those jeans! They´re not too baggy or tight! Love how they look both with sneakers or heels!



  • Beautiful look! Great styling


  • Those are great jeans. Love them with the white ankle boots. Still looking for my fave pair!

  • Gabriela Grębska
  • rs

    are those 501’s? they look Levi-ish

    • Leandra Medine


      • adina

        is it the mom jeans from Reformation?
        Thank you 🙂

  • Danielled

    Who’s jeans?

  • Alicia

    That is quite a nice camel toe, I must say.

  • Aylin Citanak

    Lovely outfits! Take a look at our website filled with fashion, beauty and lifestyle.


  • ginch victim

    I kind of like the legs, but really….. camel toe the new… baby leg?, peice sign?

  • ginch victim

    typing with cast on, i know, spelling mistakes make you look stoopid

  • Brocka

    Horrible honestly. All of it

  • I need jeans like this. I currently only have 1 pair of jeans, dark wash.

  • melissa k.

    So glad I found you, I thought I was alone in this life with no one who sers this world as I do. Thank you for making me feel at home.

  • Gianna

    Who are the sunglasses by?

  • Becca Huang

    Love the fur coat more !! where did you get it?