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Coat Jokes and Other Ways to Wear Them

(Or drive them)


In partnership with ashley B.

A cold front is coming. It’s seasonally inevitable. As such, we can either rejoice in the fact that wearing the same navy sweater and black jeans every day will not just look appropriate but more importantly feel appropriate, or we can scramble to find the “perfect winter coat,” what Amelia calls this city’s equivalent of a car — where you stash your shit and need not to cycle in and out of a larger rotation.

We can also do both and become the cartoon characters of our wildest dreams, effectively sketching ourselves into frosted oblivion, renouncing favoritism in the direction of variety and solemnly swearing commitment to this coat — the coat.

But where to search, right?

A good place to start might be the Internet, where there are plenty of coats anticipating proprietorship. Why, just last week I came upon Ashley B where a twill oversize rendition proved its salt as the ideal I’m-not-as-cool-as-this-makes-me-look coat. Worn with a shin-length dress that features stripes of sparkle under colorful layers of velvet, it functions as a sort of quaalude — toning the dress down but only with the intention of allowing for fun socks (sorry, fUn SoCkSzsZS!!!!) to penetrate your feet and shoes.

Separately, there was also an ambitious cardigan, with its leather sleeves and knit back, which was arguably as versatile as, say, a white shirt can be. So, you know, being the chameleonic tiny dancer that I am, I tried it on backward and over a mandarin collar. Sure, when I moved my arms too abruptly, the knit created a brand new chest where my breasts used to be, but at least when I turned around, humanity was given an opportunity to learn of the relocation and remodeling of Notre Dame’s hunchback.

Will I stay warm? Only Ashton Kutcher knows.

He found his car, right?

In partnership with ashley B — coats available here.  Mandarin collar shirt by Adam Lippes, jeans by H&M, slides by NewbarK, socks from Topshop, brogues by Celine. 

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  • maria

    those jackets are chic as f-ck. Adding them BOTH to my Christmas List now.

  • Anina

    My coats are my best friends

  • Ajnira Muminovic

    I love the idea of a coat, life is so much better with perfect

    p.s. I have a feeling that something more than socks will be needed to stay warm. It’s too cold these days..

    btw I run interesting blog about dressing for the job you want not the job you have and I’m welcoming all kind of opinions :DD xx

  • I’m really into those sparkly socks


  • Et

    The natargeorgiou dress looks amazing with the ashley b coat

  • Both coats are da bomb! Celine make the best brogues. I also need those socks in my life!

  • andrea raymer

    I almost bought those socks the other day with the intent to wear with near-identical oxfords….twinsies?

  • lavieenliz

    I love your style

    giveaway on blog!

  • Amelia Diamond

    you’re not checking your texts can i borrow that dress and black twill coat tonight please i have a thing to do and need both

    • Leandra Medine

      …we work not even one step away from each other

  • I love fake fur coats during winter! I recently bought an oversized white one, it makes me look like a gigantic polar bear but I like it!

  • Ali

    Who is the dress by? So tznius 😉

  • Between the Blondes

    Obsessed with those Celine brogues.

  • I still have yet to get a long coat for my closet… gotta get on that

    — Michelle | MXP STYLE

  • Isabel


  • monkeyshines
  • Lua Jane

    The oversized coat, the fur and the leather combo… you slay me Leandra Medine.

  • The socks are so cute!

  • M.B

    Perfection as per usual!

  • Dawn

    LOOOOVVE the dress outfit–so cool, so perfect–you look beautiful.

  • SHOES.

  • deb

    Love the socks and shoes!

  • ░┌──┐░░░░░░░░░░┌──┐░░

  • Coats, I have plenty of great ones. But that dress! I need now!

  • The second outfit is something I could wear! Love that.

  • rifkanoa

    Aren’t the socks from Zara? On a different note – I am STILL obsessing over the Jil Sander coat (with gold stripe) you scored on YOOX last year – if there was EVER a reason to wear a coat in NYC…that one, please?

  • Ana

    VERLIEBT! (did you buy the black twill coat one size larger to make it look even more oversized?)