Office Apropos: Fall 2014

Five days, three girls, fifteen outfits and multiple interpretations on confusing transitional weather


Day 1

Leandra: Does my reciting the following verse to you mean anything: we love our bread, we love our butter (butt-ta), but most of all, we love each other. If the answer is yes, my Monday outfit should come as no surprise that does not indicate direct affection for Madeline. Sure, she wore a yellow hat but you know what they say about adapting style, right? You have to do what feels good for you. Enter the A.P.C. striped t-shirt, which comes from the men’s department, and a sea foam green leather Chloé skirt from last fall. The boots are Eugenia Kim and I am a human dance floor.

Amelia: Looking outside tells you nothing about the weather save for the fact that wet stuff is either falling from the sky, or it isn’t. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with this lately because I refuse to find alternate methods. “Hey Amelia, it’s called a weather app.” Well sorry my 26-year-old brain is still unable to catalogue varying degrees of how cold the air is based on some arbitrary number with a tiny circle on its right shoulder. This was my problem all week, as the extremely unhelpful sky did nothing to aid the process that was me-getting-dressed. This day I was a little bit hot but you win some, you lose some, you wear deodorant. I’m wearing an Equipment blouse as a wrap (instead of buttoned) with BDG jeans and a pair of Oscar de la Renta flats that I returned 3 times and they are still too small.

Charlotte: That shit-eating grin on my face is me saying, “Getting dressed this morning took no thought because my fall uniform has not changed in the past two years.” With the first chill in the air I thought “Ah, layers!” and threw on my old reliable plaid pants, a starchy collared button up (actually a school uniform shirt made for “husky” elementary school boys), a black sweatshirt and topped it off with a motorcycle jacket and Ray Ban sunglasses in attempt to be badass.

Day 2

Leandra: When I got dressed on this #blessed Tuesday morning, I am 99% sure I looked into the full length mirror that covers a door that closes my bedroom and thought to myself: self, this looks great. Stupendous, even. Now fast forward three hours, through at least three tears to the sleeve of my Wes Gordon sweater and that nagging, cling-feeling that pronounces a chest I don’t actually maintain and comes only in the wake of static friction and I am annoyed. Unseasonal, too. But only because it was too hot for a sweater. At least I’m still technically, according to the rules of a sequined (All Saints) mini skirt, a human dance floor, right? The shoes are Balenciaga and white socks are never a bad idea except while you’re losing your virginity.

Amelia: These Urban Renewal Levis were shipped to my dad’s house because my mailbox can barely fit an envelope in it. When they arrived, he texted me a picture of them with the accompanying text, “?!?!?????” I think that’s because they look like flared capri pants made for a scarecrow. I never wrote him back but I did pair said scarecrow pants with a Ralph Lauren hacking jacket, a button down and Bass loafers so that I look like my usual self but far more prepared for a flood. (Noah, I’ve got dibs on the horses. You have to handle the geese and shit.) Why am I making that face? Because I just told you I’m wearing flared capris. I feel like we’re not communicating well.

Charlotte: Here I am, a living personification of Leandra’s “What to Wear This Weekend” post. I woke up with a messy comb over and rolled with it. That little school uniform necktie is a relic of the days when I modeled outfits after Blair Waldorf (my head still has indents from all the headbands that punctured my temples), the military jacket is a Parisian vintage score, the overalls are Madewell, and the top and shoes come from Zara. Oh, and that starfish jutting out of my ear is Pamela Love! Fun fact: I wore that shirt on my first day to intern for Man Repeller.

Day 3

Leandra: It’s a sweater! It’s a scarf! It’s…a knit smock? There is nothing that I won’t try which is precisely where J.W. Anderson’s Pre-Fall knit thing comes in to play a little play. From the front, maybe I look like I’m wearing a dress over pants. That’s fine. From behind, however, full-frontal ASS! Made thrilling by a pair of vintage Levi’s 501s and a white blouse that I believe every woman should own by Tome. The boots are Chanel and it becomes increasingly more obvious with the repetition of that utterance that there is no way around sounding like an asshole when providing outfit credits.

Amelia: Oops wore my short pants again. They really might as well be jorts, or shants. I put on these Ralph Lauren wooden heels so that I wouldn’t be 4’7″ for once and added a denim shirt so that I could be mistaken for either Crosby, Stills or Nash. I am clutching my phone and Poppy Lissiman bag for dear life because someone freaky was doing something terrifying outside of “the shot,” and also because these jeans do something really attractive to my inner thighs.

Charlotte: I’ve come to realize that film directors adopted normcore far before it was mainstream and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say I resemble Steven Spielberg in this getup. I once read a Jezebel article that said we as humans are our ugliest on Wednesday afternoons circa 3pm, and seeing as I got so frustrated with my hair I opted to cut off a few inches when I got home from the office (I am not as talented as Leandra in this department and ultimately had a professional fix it) I don’t think this is untrue.

Baseball hat from a 99 cents store, J.Crew sweatshirt, Zara sweatpants & Vans sneakers.

Day 4

Leandra: This was the day of Alexander Wang’s grand H&M slam. We had happy hour at our office around 6PM with a recruiting company that operates out of the same building and many, many Whole Foods branded wheat thins were consumed. I’m wearing a Stella McCartney skirt, which I bought in London and was subsequently judged for buying at immigration on my way back into the United States, a sweater from Topshop which I almost didn’t buy but am so thrilled I did and the magna carta holy jacket — leather and shoulder padded and vaguely cropped at the sleeve, by Veda. The brogues are Celine. I just put a 20 in the douche bag jar.

Amelia: Looks like we’ve got a badass over here in the green turtleneck. (It’s by Fine Collection.) I put a striped shirt from Zara on underneath because I have this thing about needing cuffs lately, and I’m wearing white jeans (white jeans year round because I’m so punk rock) from McGuire denim and let me tell you: a girl could take a nap in them they’re so soft. My shoes are purple velvet loafers from Ralph Lauren, my sunglasses are the same Céline ones I always wear and my hair is singing the national anthem of PSL season. This outfit’s the general uniform from now until March.

Charlotte: This look is what I like to call the hipster version of “basic,” as it turns out every L-train-riding girl and her roommate appeared to be wearing some variation of my outfit. Sure, I felt clean and polished, especially compared to yesterday’s look (clean hair helps!), but perhaps those stark white Chucks need a little wear a tear for the outfit to feel more like me.

Karen Walker sunglasses, Zara turtleneck, Topshop coat, Mother leather pants & Converse sneakers.

Day 5

Leandra: Will referencing Rebecca Black when Friday comes around ever get old? I just don’t know. What definitely won’t get old is commemorating the reliable, weekly celebration that is a foray into the weekend with red leather (a skirt from The Reformation)! And eyeball shoes (Charlotte Olympia, of course)! And spray painted backpacks in the direction of paradoxically nouveau luxury! Man, I’m really going to miss you guys. Oh! And in case you’re wondering, the sweater is by Rosie Assoulin.

Amelia: It’s a Friday, and it’s a miracle, because I am not in fitness clothes per my usual end-of-week-attire. I had a work thing on this day where I had to look cool and shit so I was like, let me take a cue from Gloria Steinem. I’m wearing a black Raoul turtleneck and high waisted 7 jeans (although I want flares that are AT MY BELLY BUTTON, still on the mission). The vest thing is also a dress by this New Zealand brand Eugenie and I wore it almost every day this summer without anything underneath. Since it’s fall, however, I’m ripping this vest open like it’s a pair of Adidas snap-pants and I’m about to start a dance battle, which they basically are, and I basically am.

Charlotte: Sometimes I like to wear my emotions strewn across my chest and yippe ki-yay, it’s Friday. That smiley vest was knit with care by my great aunt in 1970, far pre-dating its newfound significance as emoji apparel. It’s layered over an H&M shirt dress, paired with Zara shoes and topped off with a vintage future farmers of America jacket because I’m just a simple cowgirl.

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  • ee_by_cc

    Wish I had read this before I got dressed this morning. I would’ve tried harder to be a human dance floor for my all day meetings with clients…

    • Hannah Cole

      If I were a human dance floor every day I would be the happiest person in the world

  • You guys, you GUYS. You people make my heart sing. Really, really. Three very different styles worn on three different body types, and so it makes for an accessible/highly do-able array of outfit ideas.

    A) Amelia, you look like a fucking babe on Day 3. Goddamn, love when you wear your hair like that. Keep rockin’ in the free world.

    B) Leandra you’ve maintained a level of Frenchness throughout the whole week, and I commend you for that. The look with the knit-thing leads me to believe that Serge Gainsbourg could emerge from a dimly-lit cafe and serenade you at any given moment. I think it’s because the ratio of jean-to-Chanel-boot feels so Francoise Hardy.

    C) Charlotte. Oh, Charlotte. Where do I begin? We’re definitely on the same page when it comes to whacky vintage finds. A mutual propensity for jackets with the names of places we’ve never lived, and for 70s needlework that is fun but certainly not timeless. Smiling is timeless, though.

    THANKS FOR MAKING MY MONDAY ROCK (……until I close this MR tab on my screen.)

    • Yes I agree with everyone’s sentiments that Amelia is killing it on day 3 and Leandra is French as fuck with the best legs ever. Also, I’m in love with Charlotte’s sweats-day outfit and her FFA jacket. There is a lot of outfit envy going on right now. Nicely done, ladies!

      • Loved Charlotte’s sweats outfit mainly because I like the dollar hat and the Vans. Gotta love Vans.

        • Charlotte Fassler

          gotta love vans.

      • Charlotte Fassler

        I accidentally wore that sweats outfit on a date and it worked out well. A win for comfort!

        • Killing it!

        • Char gettin’ da mans when she’s comfy and confident.

          • Hey Emma! I know this has nothing to do with anything, but I wanted you to know that my Disqus profile was hacked. That comment on Style, & a few subsequent comments elsewhere, were not made by me. I don’t know who did that, but I’m not an ass like that! I hope we can chat soon.

          • Hey Lady!

            I actually didn’t see any nasty comments, so all is well! See you around! X

          • Dombala Brava
  • Quinn Halman

    I’m really happy you gals do this because my “school apropos” would be literally the same thing everyday besides the one day the zipper on my skirt broke so I jus untucked my shirt. Exciting stuff.
    Shout out to day 3 Amelia- you make me proud to be the of the nationality from which your tuxedo was named after

  • Lou

    Leandra, you kill it every single time. So inspiring!! What are the socks you’re wearing with Charlotte Olympia flats? Are they sort of sheer? It’s the little things…

  • Lua Jane

    As Emma Hager said Leandra’s level of frenchness is unparalleled, and makes me happy just a little bit, even though it’s monday. Amelia’s shirt for the day 1 is also a thing of beauty. But I have to say this: How great are Leandras legs?! She is the person, of non model variety, with best legs out there. I cant get past that! Also, Amelia’s hair!!

    • AlexaJuno

      Agreed. She can wear the shortest of skirts without ever looking vulgar. Even with the flattest shoes, my thighs constantly make me look like walking sex. ‘Tis a bummer.

  • Christina Storm

    Great street style shots!
    The Style Storm

    <3, Christina

  • AlexaJuno

    Such a fun read, as always. Styles to suit any personality or body type which I will shamelessly copycat for the next two weeks.

  • P.S. Char your 70’s emoji shirt reminds me of my 70s crochet Shroom Bag, which would make sense. Hopefully one day my shroom bag and your emoji top can meet.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      <3 <3 that bag!!! Also WHAT is that cool sleeve attached to??

      • Leandra Medine

        co-sign this q.

      • Attached to the dirdnl top I got in Amsterdam (for 1 euro!) that I wore in “Ask A College Freshman.”

        (Just a girl tryna be from the 70’s)

        • Charlotte Fassler

          so good

  • I’m in a (high school) fashion class reading this as our totally uninterested teacher has let our class have a “free day”, and I can definitely say I find more inspiration/education in these MR articles than I ever do in this class..Haha rock on girls, your clothes are amazing and the writing is hilarious as always. Happy, happy Monday when there’s a new Man Repeller post to laugh at and enjoy!

    Amelia, you so owned that button down wrap – I’m inspired! I’ve got to find the perfect striped shirt to try out (steal) that look. Plus, that green turtleneck is pretty gangster. Gangster green $$$$

    Charlotte, your military jacket made me do an double take as I’m wearing one I found at Mendocino that looks so similar! And I’m going through a Blair phase right now as I’m on season 2 of Gossip Girl, she’s so adorable. Another jacket of yous that i loved – that pimpin cheetah print!! PS – those plaid pants are rockin. PPS – that crochet smiley shirt is insanely adorable and UNIQUE!

    Leandra, those 501’s are amazing! I’m still hunting for the perfect pair of vintage Levi’s. Also, dying over that leather skirt, sequin skirt and Celine brogues. As for the Day 5 outfit.. I NEED IT ALL!! SO cute.

  • Love this! All their outfits are really cute

  • I love all the looks! so inspiring for getting dressed today =)

  • Liz Warners

    All fashion aside… Amelia. Your hair is so majestic it kills me.

  • ashli

    amelia!!!!!! look 21 is everything!!!!!!!

  • Kandeel

    YESSS to all of these outfits all. Of. Them

  • Amelia, day 3, you are all I’ve ever dreamed of. And Charlotte, I agree with you about the white Chucks, they only look their best after a few scuffs and stains. I wear mine every single day because right now they’re in the perfect state of distress and they look good with everything. Also, diggin’ the eyeball motif. You guys are the bomb.

    • Feel you. All shoes look better with a few scuffs. I feel like “awkward” is the only word to describe most shoes sans wear.

      • Charlotte Fassler

        Yeah, I get a new pair every 9 months of so because once they finally look worn in they begin to smell offensively awful. I wind up throwing them out and starting over. It is a sad cycle.

        • I did that with my last pair but this time I decided to be a little more sustainable and do a couple of baking soda scrubs as well as letting the baking soda sit in the sole soak up the stench. Not sure if this is damaging the canvas in any way but they smell ok and haven’t ripped yet!

          • Charlotte Fassler

            Baking soda, noted!!!!

  • Thamsa

    you girls are so cute! I just want to pinch your cheeks ><

  • lavieenliz

    You all have such cute style!

  • Thamsa

    Seriously though, I love your outfit posts because you genuinely look like you’re having a good time. It’s refreshing!

  • Lulu

    Lookin sharp ladies!!

  • Eva

    Charlotte! When did you buy the zara sweatpants? I NEED them for days like today aka Mondays..

    • Charlotte Fassler

      I bought them just 2 weeks ago!! I couldn’t find them online but I imagine stores still have them.

  • OMG, you guys are so on point with every single outfit! I can’t believe that you are all so funny, intelligent, and stylish. It’s like… most of us just have to pick TWO, you know?!

  • Still kinda want that backpack, but as I whined until I got the Moschino cow print backpack with jingling charms that spell out moschino, and I hardly EVER carry it, I know its just a waste for me… BUT I WANT IT!


  • GiuliaG

    Oh Amelia! Despite my many attempts I’ve never managed to master the blouse as a wrap… Please show me (us) the way!

  • These posts are always my favorite. And the white socks/losing your virginity comment literally made me spit out my iced tea in the Oil Change waiting room. Thank you for that, Leandra. Xx

  • Also… My new job doesn’t allow any type of denim, so this Fall/Winter are going to be very loooonnnggg and painful. More Office Apropos posts sans denim will be greatly appreciated!

  • Oh my god you guys are so cool. You’re like the BSC girls all grown up, if Kristy had shut her cakehole every now and then and let Stacey and Claudia educate the group about the proper way to tsuzj, layer and accessorise. Can I join? I promise I’ll be a Jessie and not a Mallory!

  • charmystique

    Dats a lot of leg Leandra. In a good way!!! Love all the different styles <3.

  • Roxy Menhaji

    you three give me REASON

  • Jamie Leland

    Amelia, I’m obsessed with your scarecrow pants.

    • Amelia Diamond

      they are obsessed with you

  • Anais

    Charlotte!! I love your style so much, so inspirational. High five, girl. More Charlotte on the blog pleasepleaseplease
    It’s so cool that the three of you have such distinct styles. I have to say though, I do dream of a feature/challenge where Leandra lends Amelia one of her more outrageous pieces of clothing (colourful, embellished, fringed, ect, ect, I know there must be something that’s all of the above and more) and she has to style it for say, three days of a week then write some hilarious post about how she loves/hates it.

    • Amelia Diamond


  • Emilia Petrarca

    Now that I’m not in the office I can finally tell you guys that I’m like, REALLY attracted to all of you.

    • Charlotte Fassler

      Girl, itz mutual

  • Vanessa Basanta
  • Immigration clearly doesn’t know whats up – that Stella skirt is fantastic.

  • I adored this post SO much. So much variety, humor, and kick ass clothes. Do you guys ever make a bad post seriously? | fashion, beauty, and everything under the sun.

  • Abc

    Horrible outfits I strongly recommend not wearing any of this to your workplace.
    I know this website is supposed to be humor but some women on here seem to take it pretty seriously.

    But you all can be glad that we live in a free market economy, you can do what you want and some company will serve the demand.

  • María Belén

    I have found that my style is definitely the same as Amelia, she has everything I would buy, I would wear, and that I actually well.. do wear. It’s that chic simplicity that I dig. But I would definitely turn to Leandra for inspiration, and I would wanna be Charlotte with the inspiration I subtracted from Leandra, she is basically that cool chic that I see on the streets and meanwhile I stare with my mouth open, wishing I could pull that off.

    Charlotte, you are just so kewl.

    This section should be called: “Are you a Leandra, Amelia or Charlotte?” right?

    Anyway I just adore your style, girls!

    • Amelia Diamond


      • María Belén


    • Charlotte Fassler


      • María Belén


  • mercy

    nice street style, i like them
    kemeja kerja wanita

  • Alison Mason

    freakin’ funny, as usual. Love it

  • every time you put up new office apropos I get up and go to my closet and put together a new outfit. The MR ladies are among the best most inspiring sartorially minded humans whose style I have had the pleasure of knowing. 🙂

  • cvfonseca

    I really don’t know why I’ve only read this now, but better late than ever.
    Leandra, I love you
    Amelia, I love you.
    Charlotte, I would like to be you. Not in a creepy way though. 🙂