Awkward Hair

So off, it’s in


Just like LL Cool J once demanded, the awkward kids have too: don’t call this a comeback. They’ve been here for years.

The revenge of the nerds was settled long ago, refreshed annually at various high school reunions and from a recurring sartorial standpoint, on the runway too. The bobby socks, knit polos, strange shoes and flooded pants that make frequent appearances on September and February catwalks don’t come from the same table as the cool kids — rather, they stem from the very wardrobe of those who once got teased for how they dressed.

This Spring season the clothes varied in direction; it was more about capturing decades and their different nuances, less about a group of people and their cafeteria hierarchy. But the hair, however, was a different story. The hair was about a specific girl, and you either knew her or you were her. This girl was awkward.

Always running late. Always flustered, in a rush, loose papers flying out of her backpack as though she didn’t have a binder…or if she did, she probably left it in the library. She was funny, smart, Diane Keaton-neurotic. She hung with the wallflowers and was shy. She had a nervous habit of tucking her hair behind her ears, but as with her binder or her permission slip, she always left chunky pieces of hair in front of each ear as though she’d forgotten to grab those as well. She probably had.

How hard was it to do an accidental-sideburn double check? Why couldn’t she pull her all hair back like the other girls? Wasn’t she annoyed by the errant strands of the elfen appendages that stuck out from her head? Apparently not — the models at Creatures of the Wind, Coach, Prada and Miu Miu looked like they’d whack anyone’s hand away that went in for the assist in a deliberate defense against the interruption of styled chaos.

Buy why? Why wouldn’t she just fix. Her. Hair?

Because she was awkward?

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That, or she knew all along it looked cool.

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  • Too cool, Amelia and Leandra. Too Cool.

  • Love the GIF at the end. Love awkward hair.

  • GapToothedGirl

    I love this messy hair!
    XOX, Gap.

    • Kelsey

      Yo Emma, Im really happy for Twigs and Imma let you finish………..but J LO IS THE QUEEN OF BB HAIR OF ALL TIME…OF ALL TIME

      • I don’t know, Kelsey, I am sticking with Tahliah Barnett on this one. Although your Kanye-fied persuasion is highly enticing.

      • Chili is the true queen of baby hair, hands down.

  • horusfitzfancy

    Oh the unintentional payot… My young life in a nutshell.

  • ee_by_cc

    I have had unintentionally awkward hair my entire life due to being genetically gifted with lots of baby hair along my hairline. I always have this argument with my baby hair like, “Do you want to be real hair or not? Are you trying to be bangs? WHAT ARE YOU?”

    • Amelia Diamond

      baby hairs r like “NO”

  • monkeyshines
  • I have Bret Michaels hair. Is that cool?

    • Probably at a more regional level.

    • Esther Levy

      Bret Michaels is LITERALLY my hair-spiration

      • let this sink in. not to be confused with a pirate.

        • Kelsey

          Youre my Rock of Love, great snap game

          • thanks, i try really hard.

          • Amelia Diamond

            you guys, the comments section is the best part of my day.

          • mine too!

  • lavieenliz
  • Kayla Tanenbaum

    I spend so much time trying to get wispy stray hairs to come out of my bun, pull out too much and end up with awkward chunks. Happy to hear this could look purposeful

  • Love it! I was an awkward hair girl, still am and rocking it. xo

    Warm Regards,

  • andrea raymer

    Yeah, I am definitely not awkward hair girl. I have the gift of pin straight hair that looks like its flat ironed even if I don’t even brush it. I always looked like I had spent an hour doing my hair even if I literally jumped out of the shower and ran straight to school.

    All the cool girls in high school were so jealous of me.

    Now I have to take tremendous efforts to make my hair look undone and cool instead of “basic”

    • Amelia Diamond

      hahah. dry shampoo!

  • Jamie Leland

    Not sure if the hair exactly qualifies here, but I couldn’t keep this to myself.

    • Amelia Diamond

      oh yes girl

      • Jamie Leland

        I carted that Costco-sized case of gel pens around with me for well over a year.

  • well that’s good news because my hair is always 100% awkward

  • I wore my hair like that all through school because my Dad is morally opposed to hairdryers. Apparently wasting that much energy is like shooting the Earth in the face. Wet hair from morning showers + flattening effects of school boater (+ let’s be honest, me trying to curtain off my forehead acne) = seriously awkward hair.

  • I went to an all girl high school so I feel like an expert on the topic of female awkward hair as I had endless hours to observe the creature in its natural habitat. In my case. my theory is the latter: she knew it looked cool all along because one or all of the following: a) she doesn’t care what you think – her hair was an act of rebellion; b) she’s too busy juggling school and all her extracurricular activities to bother with social stigmas on hair – she was above all that; c) she’s suggesting she went out the night before but didn’t want to miss the AP Cal test she would later find out she aced because after all she was smart; and/or d) it served as comic relief between classes in the hallway when Nun Katherine would reprimand her in the sweetest way she knew how on her appearance – which I think was a political move to have both the school administration and student body remember her by. I might also add all “awkward” hair girls in my school had really good skin and hygiene which is why I am sure it was on purpose or at least not NOT intentional. I was never that awkward = cool.

  • Love this look- tuck it in- leave it messy and get out the door

  • Yasmeen Mjalli

    Awkward is sexy. Awkward is in. It’s so sexy it’s even become it’s own form of being. I once received advice that the way to have a boy fall completely and madly in love with you is to be totally immersed in what you’re doing. Watching you work away, completely pre-occupied and unaware to the rest of the world is utterly mesmerizing. The awkward girl who is “Always flustered, in a rush, loose papers flying out of her backpack as though she didn’t have a binder” is too busy for everyone else–so busy that she’s caught off-guard when anyone approaches her, hence the awkwardness. I say “hell yeah” to the emergence of this girl because in reality she is everyone. Anyone who’s ever woken up late and rushed to work, forgotten it’s her best-friend’s birthday and is rummaging through her closet for something to gift, or answering the 456 unread emails in her inbox is this peculiar, engrossed girl. I love absolutely love this post, Amelia.

    • Amelia Diamond

      I love YOU

    • Alesia

      I see u and I feel u, and I am so engrossed in the notion that finally people are seeing all kinds of women as sexy, but this just seems like a kind of forced trendy version of the manic-pixie-dream-girl perpetrated through a male scope. I am really trying to fight the little part of me that’s is saying hot damn I hope I’m that awesome

  • The hair is really refreshing because it’s different, easy, and simple. We also love what Marc Jacobs is doing with COACH!

  • There was a company-wide meeting last week at my downtown NYC e-commerce/tech job. There’s a “wear what you want within reason” policy at work, but most of the women clearly put in more effort than I do – high heels, on trend ankle booties, blazers… MAKE UP. With one glance I noticed three women with flat ironed hair, ponytailed with a perfect poof at the crown of the head to add volume. Then I realized …I am the girl at work with the awkward hair.

  • Emily

    God you’re awesome

  • Daphne Blunt

    I like it, in fashion you have to take risks so why not take a hair risk!


  • that gif is too cute. all hail awk hair

  • Tracy

    The GIF is amazing, it really made me laugh!

  • Mae

    I always have awkward hair- it takes a real expert (who I found through to make my hair even look some semblance of good! Mostly just my awkward bangs, but it always looks so good after!