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The Chatroom: Jenna Lyons

New MR Video Series!


This series is sponsored by NARS.

Welcome to The Chatroom, a new video series that will chronicle conversations with women who are cooler than cucumbers but better because they’re also more interesting. Each woman has demonstrated a strong sense of personal style, intelligence, and overall wit. Roll those attributes into a human and you, my friends, have an icon.

If you learn one thing about me, let it be that I like lipstick and love words.

Red lips.

Big words.

I tell you this because The Chatroom includes both — partially thanks to NARS and a new line of lipstick that possibly consulted the thesaurus of life when it decided to call itself Audacious Lipstick. Since the adjectives used to describe the lipstick (all named after iconic women, mind you) are the same words one might use to define the women I admire — “Dramatic Depth. Unstoppable Character” — together we decided to celebrate the audacious ladies with glitter. And hummus. And a video.

For our first installment of The Chatroom, I sat down with the inimitable Jenna Lyons, President and Creative Director of J. Crew, to talk through style, inspiration, and the perfect way to cuff your button-down. Go watch!

You already did? Then there you have it: if the lives of both Jenna and myself depended on blind lipstick application, she would continue to live and I would not. Thankfully, however, life-dependent on lipstick we are not — not literally at least — which should give me ample time to step up my game. Most likely with Carmen in hand.

New installments of The Chatroom will be released on Mondays throughout September which should make Sunday nights especially more enjoyable.

Next up: Rashida Jones.

This series is sponsored by NARS.

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  • I am crying. This series is so good. All I wanted in life was more MR videos (beside, like, basic emotional and physical needs), and here they fucking are! With Jenna Lyons! My FaVoRitE SiTe Everrrrrr.


  • Christina Storm

    I absolutely love this! Jenna Lyons is such an icon. I love her cuffing technique! I’m going to try that next time I wear my blazer or button down top!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  • Cristina Feather

    Cool, cool, cool! I so wanted more videos from you!! [wish come true] Can’t wait for more!! And just loooooove Jenna!

  • Nat Way

    Ditto to the Lyons/MR video love!!

  • ClothesHorse

    Lyons/Leandra best combo – – –


  • deb

    fabulous! Lips lyons and leandra. Does it get any better.
    Just wondering, did jenna have anything on under her perfectly cuffed blouse?

  • Bekah

    So good! More videos please!!!!!!!

  • monkeyshines
  • Jenna is such a rock star.

  • there is nothing better than lyons in the morning, add a leandra, and you can call tuesday done. #lyonsftw

  • Merce Cobian

    thanx for the tip ! i always did the NO NO for rolling up mi button-down shirt.

  • Amelia Diamond

    Guys my arm is famous

  • Alarive

    Leandra, you are LUMINOUS. Loved this.

  • karmiii

    Too much girl crush on one page!!!

  • Betrayed in Brooklyn

    Et tu Leandra? In a world where everyone is inundated with people trying to sell stuff, your honesty and guilelessness has been a breath of fresh air. But c’mon — how on earth are you claiming this is a video series without admitting you’re doing an ad for NARS? Can you fill us in on the deal here? Are all the videos going to plug a product? Or just this one? I love JL (and MR for that matter) and am rarely without heatwave shellacked lips but I gotta say my gut lurches when I watch something like this and am further nauseated by the comments because people don’t seem to notice they’ve just been forced to swallow a big ol’ ad. Could you please be transparent with us and tell us how much NARS paid you to do this?

    • Leandra Medine

      Hey! This is a series I’ve been eager to make for years; given the cost of production for video I could not have done it without NARS’ sponsorship for the first videos of the series, and for that I’ve been entirely transparent. You’ll notice that while we don’t talk about NARS at all in the video — that was something important to both me and the brand, that if we made this series, and approached the women I want to interview, the video content would not be branded.
      Given the launch of NARS lipstick line the partnership made sense for both of us, so yes, absolutely I explain and link out to them in the copy. But the video content itself is all Man Repeller. I wouldn’t have done the series otherwise!

  • Alba B.

    While I noticed that NARS is making a great word (sorry) color of mouth propaganda, lately representing iconic tricks (rolling a sleeve by a master and be a long life-dependent survivor).

    And if practice makes perfect, I wonder what is going to be the next iconic trick you will show us on Rashida!!!!

    Maybe a Julie?!!!

  • Leandra, you are so funny! I suck at putting on lipstick, regardless of whether or not I have a mirror in front of me.

    • Same. It takes so many modifications. Swipe some off there, swipe some off my chin there hahah

  • Trilby16

    That new way to cuff shirts? Mind! Blown!

    • Jenna styled the shirts like that a couple of collections ago – actually life altering stuff for me. 🙂

  • Kandeel

    I loved this and I can’t wait for Rashida Jones because I LOVE HER

  • Rebeka Osborne

    I’m currently wearing a J Crew jacket cuffed the wrong way. I feel so much shame right now.
    Also, this was totally magical (Jenna Lyons = heart eye emoji/role model status) and I can’t wait for more!!

  • lessie

    jeez i adore you ladies a lot

  • Julie

    sorry for the overused phrase but this is EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is awesome, good job!

  • starryhye

    Quite possibly 2 of my favorite fashion peeps in 1 video! Loved it. Looking forward to more 😀

  • red lips. and big words. couldn’t have said it better!

  • This cuffing technique will change my life. Love the video, cried tears of laughter and can’t wait for more of this goodness!

  • “Red lips. Big Words.” Needs to be a print on my wall. You girls are the sweetest! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Warm regards,

  • Sarah

    Jenna’s hair style is one I have worn for years. Glad to know I am in the know–and to learn a proper cuff–I’m set.

  • Nathalia

    hahhaha love i!t Now I feel ashamed of how I used to cuffed my shirts! Never again! … can’t wait for the other videos

    The Key Item

  • Lauren Ann Long

    I will never cuff my shirts in a tube shape ever again.

  • Tricia

    The cuffing! Change my life!

  • The video made me smile and laugh like crazy!! Man Repeller is the place to be!!

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ // I`m on Bloglovin! // IG: @jiaachacruz:disqus

  • Aubrey Green

    You can see how excited you are, I’m very happy for you that you get to do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time, i.e. this series of Interviewing. Loved this and you and Amelia’s arm ;).

  • This is epic… Why limit the series to September only? The other eleven months of the year are saddened. Just saying.

  • Genius! Saddened that the whole shirt cuffing thing is now common knowledge though….thought I’d cleverly nailed the copycat cuff but Jenna’s gone & let the rest of the world in on it too now…thank the lord you didn’t talk shirt tucking too.

  • Ivy Lee

    Leandra, you’re the most unsnobbish, unprentencious, the most sweet in undiabetic way of all fashion personas I’ve seen so far. LUV!

  • I love seeing you in videos Leandra! Your personality is just perfect. You must be the most unpretentious fashion blogger on the block <3

  • Colleen, Alix
  • Love this!!! entertaining…cute! adorable!

  • charmystique

    You both are hilarious. You guys should do a “Tonight with Leandra & Lyons” talkshow. Can’t wait to see more of this series!

  • Rebecca Egbert

    Yay! Love it!

  • Kathleen Simmons

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best way to start my hump day!

  • WATCH THE THRONE. What a great collab this is.

  • Trilby16

    I ran home to try out that cuffing last night. It totally doesn’t work IRL. So sad…..

  • SarahLagen

    This is so funny! and cute — I loved the lipstick contest!

  • Benjamin Holland

    Awesome Video. Keep them coming. Can I get a lesson on how to cuff for guys?

  • I really enjoyed this! Kinda makes me want to go buy an ass load of button down shirts and red lipstick!

  • It will be good series

  • Love this!! Can’t wait for more!

  • Vanessa Basanta

    very nice post!
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  • ihavenobones

    That how to cuff situation is actually massively helpful.

  • Solene

    Awesome! I am laughing to death thanks to your amazing talent of putting lipstick without a mirror. Seriously, I couldn’t be better. Thanks Jenna Lyons for the shirt trick!

  • gema bahns

    Leandra, I adore how you can make fun of yourself and be so amazing. You are iconic! Also, THANK YOU, for making Jenna tell us about her cuffing technique! I feel like a fashion insider now.

  • AH

    So glad she finally showed the world how to cuff. (This goes for jeans too people!) It’s a shame how many people get that wrong. Haha. 🙂

  • Perry

    Everyone working in retail knows that trick. Way to spread the word Lyons.


    Such a cute interview.
    Jenna Lyons /Nars/Man repeller.. so many things to LOVE

  • Lauren Jaine
  • Bella

    Brilliant! Even I could kick your ass at blind lipstick application though ;).

  • Ahh, the J.Crew cuff. I remember this from working retail there years and years ago. Good stuff!

  • sleepless in singapore

    Leandra, I LOVE your top. Where is it from? Video was awesome. thank you.

    • Leandra Medine

      hey! its blk dnm

  • Alex

    I love these videos! Sorry if I missed it – what color is Jenna applying in the blind lipstick-off?

  • Gab_Bel

    Love your sense of humour. Amazing concept.

    Those are the real questions we want to know, how to roll those sleeves. Great tips.

  • Ana Lu Garro

    You rock! You should have a talk show for sure! I can see that coming in the future… hell yeah!

    Ana Lu from Things&Crowns

  • Monica

    Pretty awesome

  • MB

    This is SO awesome. Love the Woody Allen style, fabulous!

  • Chary S.

    Ugh, why does the camera focus and then unfocused? Is that supposed to be an aesthetic? Waaah.

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  • friend request

    Leandra this is unrelated to the post but your latest video “So who makes your outfit” killed me! you’re hilarious, the Vêtement dhl part killed me. Pleeeaaaase pretty please make more of those !

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