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The Chatroom: Haim

Part 3 in our video series that chronicles conversations with women who are cooler than ice pops


In partnership with NARS.

Aaaaaand, The Chatroom is back — once again courtesy of NARS Audacious lipstick — this time with the band Haim, who serve as the ideal, three-pronged chaser for our first two contestants. Should your short term memory fail you, said contestants were Jenna Lyons, who can cuff a sleeve better than cereal tastes on a Saturday morning, and Rashida Jones, who can deadpan in the wake of a bad joke better than a stoic emoji who’s been cryogenically frozen in your high school AIM profile.

If you’re wondering what it is that Haim can do, may I just remind you that the band is made up of three sisters who are also college professors at liberal arts universities. They travel internationally to deliver dissertations on that which distinguishes an artist from an artiste. I’m kidding. About all of that. (Practice your Rashida-Jones-deadpan-face at that joke here.)

They are sisters though, and they’re musicians, and together they’ve been on the road for the past two years because humankind loves them and wants to hear them sing. They’re good at it, yes, but they have interesting stuff to say, too, so watch the video, cross your arms, flail your legs and say it with me: if we harmonize for fifteen more seconds, we might actually become sisters.

And because round three of a three part series has wrapped, it must be asked: who in the good name of people with good names do you want to see next on The Chatroom?

This series is sponsored by NARS. Este is wearing NARS Audacious lipstick in Lana, Danielle and Alana don Raquel, and Leandra’s sticking with Carmen

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  • Damn, they’re so rad. I love their sisterly dynamic, they just kind of play off of each other in such a heartwarming way. And ugh I know I’ve said this before, but so L.A. They’re on that Cali Vibe for sure, and interviews with them make me so happy because they frequently bring up things like *driving* the extra mile for a good taco,in addition to exuding an overall chillness that is not easily faltered.

    As for next up in The Chatroom? Well, Emily Weiss, Tavi Gevinson, Molly Young for starters. Thank youuuuuuu

    • Élodie

      tavi for sureee <3

  • Élodie

    I would love to see taylor tomasi hill, or mioslava duma, or garance doré. or amelia! sure you’ll pick someone great though.

    • Oh, I didn’t think of TTH! That’s a good one.

  • I would like to see myself in The Chatroom or those two singing/rapping little girls from the Ellen show.

    • CJKeys2 in The Chatroom. Now that would be highly entertaining.

      • Quinn Halman


      • Quinn Halman

        or liz.

  • My favorite band and my favorite blogger together? Today is a GOOD day.

  • parkzark

    Kanye for the next Chatroom? A gal can dream.

    • Or North West.

      (Actually, Kylie Jenner. I feel bad for her. She needs some attention. Her sisters consistently overshadow her — Kris like only posts photos of Kim and Kendall — so I feel like she has this urge to resort to really angsty nail art.)

      • she has 12 million instagram followers, i think she’s doing ok

        • Ahhh…but 12m insta followers does not equate to mother’s love (or business model, since they seem to be synonymous for Kris Jenner.)

          • her name is tattooed on her mother’s lower back! my mama didn’t do that for me. MOM.

      • Élodie

        me too. but then again am i sure that she will be the next big thing in a field we don’t know yet, and really blow up there (like, when people would feel like kim is just a side kick to paris a few years ago, where now she is huge). also i love a less regarded underdog. on the other hand would i have no idea what she would have to say that is genuine and interesting. kendall and her are both so robotic in front of the camera as to what they say is plain blah. but leandra would be sure to make it the best interview, their chat would be soo good

        • Ha, yes! I was suggesting both NW and KJ in the name of good fun, so I hadn’t thought of the consequences of actually bringing her on The Chatroom. The dynamic would be interesting, I think!

      • parkzark

        Or in the name of complete ridiculousness, I’d love to hear the wisdom of Kanye’s man boob at the Lanvin show.

  • love these girls. They’re really just cool and they can do a bold lip like no other.

  • lavieenliz

    they’re so cool and nice!

  • Quinn Halman

    ESTE, ALANA, OR DANIELLE IF ANY OF YOU ARE READING THIS, I LOVE YOU! May 15, Toronto, 6 hours of waiting in the rain to end up front row in front of Este was a fucking dream! But this collab is a dream come true, it’s literally my 4 favourite Jewesses! Sorry that’s a lot of exclamations points. Cute pic of me three of my personal heroes below.

    Next on The Chatroom, I would like to see the DANNIJO sisters on an SNL cast member

    • Kandeel


  • Charlotte

    Haha your reaction in the end!

    I loved every episode. Saw someone else mention TTH. That would be incredible!! I also have a girl crushes on Natalie Joos, Yasmin Sewell, Julia Sarr-Jamois, Dakota Fanning, Tavi Gevinson, Emily Weiss, Stevie Dance and the list goes on and on. But you seem to make a pretty incredible selection yourself so I just looking forward to future ones!

    Also, your shoes! Holy fashion!

    • Omg yeses… Stevie is insane. She’s just the coolest. Ugh.

      • Charlotte

        Right? She’s a denim magician!

    • Élodie

      natalie joos would be “a not so terrible candidate” 😉 i would love to see that!

      • Charlotte

        Same! Also super interested in the combo Leandra and Natalie. I think the world will either implode or explode because of the amount of style in one place.

  • I love them! Great dynamic just like Emma said.

  • Katie

    Jenny Slate!!!!!!!!

  • I love that they are inspired by their grandma. My grandma was also incredibly poised but a boss in her own right (she raised horses, loved to fish, and traveled around France via bike when she was younger). I think its so cool when I hear friends or awesome celebs like the Haim sisters attribute their style/life inspiration to “strong lady genes.”

    And I second bringing one of the SNL ladies on the Chatroom! Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer…

  • Hudson Berry

    To quote H Duff, this is what dreams are made of

  • I’ve always liked how Danielle is traditionally quiet in interviews but gives the most gritty, badass, mind-blowingly talented performances when she’s on stage. They’re all just so so coool. Also, can we see some of Aidy Bryant from SNL or Tavi Gevinson plz n thx

  • Janine

    The total get: Sofia Coppola

  • Jamie

    This is just the best series… Please keep them coming!

  • MzHK

    Love, love, love the chatroom sessions! Your joy exudes through the screen, and it’s so fun to watch. Jenna was def. my favorite. Other possibilities for guests could be Lena Dunham, Emily Weiss, Yasmin Sewell, Rosie Assoulin….I could go on for too long with this list.

  • Michelle L

    This made my day!! My favorite band and style icon together, thanks!!!

  • Rachel

    Yes I realize another singer/songwriter, but if it’s possible, Lorde. I saw her perform at the same festival this summer as HAIM and both artists blew me away. Their albums AGAIN are on repeat on my Spotify queue. Lorde is crazy young, talented, so humble, and probably a great conversationalist.

  • Kandeel

    I loved this so much omg theyre always so chill and their whole vibe dAMN. Ya’ll should check them out in Chromeo’s new video for Old 45’s. Especially ESTE AT 5:06

  • Celeste Yeung


    • Élodie

      laura brown would be amazing!

  • toni

    we need to see Lena Dumham @the chatroom yo.

  • Caroline

    Tavi Gevinson or Lena Dunham!!!

  • Like always…The Chatroom are enjoyable!

  • Zoe

    The Chatroom: Kanye

  • Mila

    Anna Wintour

  • Anna

    ALEXA CHUNG, POPPY DELEVINge (how the heck do you spell that), and TAVI GEVINSON!! ALSO LENA DUNHAM + MINDY KALING

  • pamb

    Thank you, Leandra, for asking how to pronounce their name! I’ve been saying ‘Hame’, like ‘Haimish’ (along with others, I”m sure).

  • Joan Didion.

  • I think I would kind of die if either Tina Fey or Amy Poehler was in the chatroom. They were both in the chatroom at once OMG. YES.

  • Rebeka Osborne

    Loving this series. I only wish they were a bit longer. You’ve had some really awesome people on here so far – I can’t wait to see who’s next!

  • Amy

    eva chen!!

  • Trovea

    Love them!They look great – real girls, and real musicians!

    I like their look and attitude!

    They will be perfect with the Stallion shoes from Mumut!

    A good combination for their trendy/rock look!

    Shop new designers from places you’ve never been on:

  • Hattie Hayes

    Ilana and Abbi from Broad City! That would be fantastic.

    • gabby barikian

      ^^^ Yes!!!!

  • Amy

    Loved hanging with them at the H&M launch in Australia.

  • Abigail

    The Chatroom is funny and Man Repeller is funnier, not to mention informative and vivacious, but I think it’s important not to devalue a large part of the website: the followers. I think it would be pretty flippin’ neat if the Chatroom featured one of the witty, opinionated people who frequently comment on MR posts and have made it a fun little community. We all know who these people are: the ones who notoriously read and comment on every post and who seem to live/embody the MR lifestyle. Just a thought. Celebs are cool too, but they just aren’t like us.

    • Abigail

      My other idea is Oprah

  • Greer

    Where are Leandra’s shoes from?!?

    • Leandra Medine


  • Haim are so so cool.
    I’d love to see Tavi Gevinson, Mindy Kaling, Alexa Chung, Rihanna, Sophia AND Gia Coppola, and FKA Twigs in The Chatroom!

  • Inside You

    i would kiss the blond on the left side…mmmuach interior consultant

  • Amanda

    Ruth Crilly or Bobbi Brown in the Chatroom please! These are amazing videos.

  • Kuh Del Rosario

    Hello Leandra, I like what they said about their grandma- a Betty and a Boss! The person that fits this criteria would be Isa Genzen! Super cool and has been trailblazing for quite some time

  • Liz Mikerchan

    Love Haim’s music so much! and their style as well, especially Danielle’s! I saw them walking in my street where I live in Tel Aviv, but realized they came for a family visit.. wish they would play here one day! Oh and next chatroom, can we have Taylor Swift? 🙂

  • yoyoyo

    lol “im in a band” 🙂