Fashion Week Prop Kit

Also applicable for the daily grind


Behind every great stylist is a prop kit: a carry-on suitcase contraption with labeled baggies and plastic containers and removable zip-pouches, all stuffed with the unsung heroes that make a beautifully finished editorial actually come to life. Prop kits hold the tools that help stylists tailor an ill-fitting sample while teetering on some mountain for a photo shoot, then alter a hem and cover a nipple from a desolate, tick-laden field with a young photographer and an up-and-coming model.

The fashion week prop kit is similar. We wouldn’t exist without it. We wouldn’t make the shows without it either, or if we did we’d show up with half a shirt on and then have a panic attack halfway through.

So what’s inside these magical prop kits, Ryan Seacrest? Why, let us show you:

(And by show I mean tell.)

Almonds to eat/milk

For when hunger strikes, and nearby coffee shops don’t have dairy alternatives.


Either for you or your seat mate.


For blisters and Nelly tributes.

Safety pins

To save lives and make friends.

Boob lifters

Aka Bare Lifts. These are seriously one of the greatest inventions ever when you cannot deal with a bra but need your boobs up and at ’em. They don’t hide nipples but you can’t have it all.  

Binder clips

Fix clothes in a pinch. Literally. BADUM-CHA!

Double stick tape

Mend a hem OTG.

*OTG = prop kit code for On The Go.

Gaffer tape

You know, I have no clue what this is for but back in my assistant days I was always told to make sure it was always in the prop kit. We never used it, but I now like to carry at least 45 rolls in my own day-to-day excursions just in case.

Change of underwear

For dangerous situations, pants that you forgot were white or hot days.

Clip-on roller skates

There’s no better way to haul ass to a show.

Small Cornish Game Hen, roasted

Portable protein that you likely won’t have to share since your seat mate has a high likelihood of being vegetarian.

A Personal Porta Potty

We in the biz call this a water bottle you don’t mind throwing out.


To take a 20-minute nap during a particularly mellow show.

Metro card

You should just always have one.

Those sneakers with the toes

For running, because you will be late.

Cold brew iced coffee in a sippy cup

No yawning, no spills.

A papoose

A stroller is hard to pack, but a papoose is a lovely way to get around during fashion week if your friends or editors agree to strap it on and carry you. Bribe them with the above coffee.


An alternative option to the above sneakers with toes and papoose; particularly handy for street style photos.

Lavender scented incense

Ambiance is everything. Create your own.

Tide To-Go

For the blood portion of blood, sweat, tears.


Three kinds: the edible kind as a snack. The hair kind to fling at friends sitting across the runway to get their attention. And finally, the ass kind, because fashion week benches are hard…

But fashion week — with a properly packed prop kit — doesn’t have to be.

(Now what would put in yours?)

Photos by Charlotte Fassler

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  • GapToothedGirl

    As always I love this post!!

    I’m a men repeller addict!!

    XOX, Gap.

  • Chloe Johnston

    Ummmmmm….I guess a tiny bottle of mimosa mixings is out of the question?

    • Charlotte Fassler

      no I’d say that’s a smart addition for sure

  • Almonds, deodorant, and sunglasses…..YES! I would add chapstick of some kind. I am partial to the little tub they sell at MAC. Also, what about a kick scooter?

  • I especially love the idea of seeing a stylist tearing off a leg or wing of that cornish game hen during a show. How Medieval Times!

    If I were to ever be invited to a show (HINT HINT ANY DESIGNER REALLY CAUSE BEGGARS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS!) I’d definitely make sure to pack all of the above with the addition of a plastic rain poncho. You have to be prepared for those backstage celebratory champagne bottle popping!

  • charmystique
  • Ann

    This is so funny! I always have a bag full of stuff I MIGHT need in case of an emergency…..I never end up using them haha!
    AnnCates xx

  • Hahaha “boob lifters” – give me all of them. Also iced coffee in a sippy cup is my daily go to.

    Warm Regards,

  • Just like what I ALWAYS carry around: a water bottle with real water in it and a handkerchief. You never know when you`ll get clothes, is sweaty, or just when you want to hide your face lol

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ // I`m on Bloglovin! // IG: @jiaachacruz:disqus

  • I think I need to see the boob lifters in action. Are they just a sticker you put on the top of your boob?

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  • Sassique

    Love your selection!

  • Are those round sunglasses, @Charbarbar’s ?

  • Dana

    I’d stick it all, and my SLR, in this camera bag by 1701:

  • love the reason why you need to bring deodorant. “Either for you or your seat mate.” G-D forbid your seat mate is rank. perfect survival kit!

  • Guess who!

    classic @charbarbar assortment of items….glad the skateboard is getting some lovin already 🙂

  • These are great picks, thanks!

    Here is my list of must-have items that you need to survive during New York Fashion Week:

  • Marishka

    Funny! and sorry to be a rash but pleease take a moment to vote for me it would be greatly appreciated!

  • Griva

    You’re a retard but I love your humor to a point where I almost pissed my pants because I was laughing so hard. You deserve to be paid for being funny!