5 Things We’ve Already Learned From NYFW

And we’re just scraping the surface of day zero


The first day of New York Fashion Week has barely happened, but there’s already lots to learn. This next month is going to feel like running a marathon (in heels — or not), so let’s get a head start by looking at what’s already out there. It’s not cheating if everybody wins.

1. Eyesight Is Out

We already know that the bucket hat is back in a big way, but if you’re going to REALLY embrace this trend, sacrifices will have to be made. For Band of Outsiders, this means your eyesight. And as the Margiela diet proved, sartorial is blindness not as easy as it looks, pun intended.


2. Early Retirement Is In

We should have seen this coming with the rise of Birkenstocks, but old age swag has never looked so good. Duckie Brown’s collection makes us want to book a one-way flight to Boca Raton for a post-fashion week retirement.


3. Gary Graham Is a Football Fan

If you can peel your eyes away from the clothes for one second, lookbooks can be like a game of I SPY. In Gary Graham’s lookbook, I spy with my little eye a New York Giants bumper sticker.


4. Sneakers Can Be Weapons Too

Stilettos have already proven themselves to be the best self-defense weapon, but these new sneakers from Valentino work too if you’re on the move and feel the need to threaten someone with your footwear.



5. Fringe Dances Even When You Aren’t 

There appears to be some paranormal activity happening with Sachin & Babi’s fringe pieces. This model doesn’t even look like she’s breathing, and yet her shirt has got some serious dance moves.



Images via Style.com