5 Funny Things at Fashion Week So Far

If you weren’t sweating today, you were laughing.


“Street Style Photographer” was not listed in Forbes’ online list of deadliest jobs, but considering the way they run backwards through traffic-packed streets with the ferocity and agility of an over-caffeinated college tour giver who is monumentally behind schedule, I’d like to argue that they be added.

There was one photographer in particular on Thursday who stood out among the back-traveling crowd at Lincoln Center. Not only did she crouch in front of cars like a tiger battling dressed up dragons, she had on a spectacular pair of high waisted flared jeans. They were so good that after Leandra and I shouted “CAR!” as a sedan narrowly missed our girl, we asked if she could tell us who made her denim.

Then a bike almost hit her. Dangerous job, remember! (Forbes are you listening?) But she was fine because she’s a pro, and when she made it to the sidewalk she had us check the back lining of her pants for their label. They were Seafarer. We ordered them on-site.

…Meaning, the middle of Broadway between 62nd and 63rd.

Back in the Cadillac where dreams have been coming true for the past 48 hours, our gracious driver Marky Mark (and we, the Funky Bunch) shared tales of the old New York, pointing toward current fashion week venues sprinkled across Chelsea by the West Side Highway that saw their heyday as bumping discotheques.

In one such venue, it all came full circle when a show goer seated to my left might have been a relic from those heavy warehouse party days. If he didn’t look like it (no disco ball paraphernalia in sight) he smelled like it.

Later, at Sally LaPointe, Leandra did a round of yoga. I’m not sure if this was funny so much as it was her demonstrating the uh, ironic use of our fav word “cool.” But still, it counts as a number in this list if you’ve laughed at the appropriate points.

Number four was finding out that the Apple store on 14th Street welcomes us show goers who lost Mophies or wasted battery on Instagrams with wide, open arms. I calculated a total of 6 people from varying publications wearing very fun shoes.

The last funny thing of this scorching hot day is a joke that someone next to Anna Wintour told her at Jason Wu, because although my lip-reading skills aren’t sharp enough to have caught the punchline, I did catch her smile — a toothless smirk with both corners of her mouth turned so far North that I can only imagine it had something to do with a chicken who was crossing the street style photographer-laden road.

Bonus round, #6: at Misha Nonoo, a man walked down the runway with an iced coffee while wearing socks and heels.


(His name is Dustin Yellin, by the way, and when he’s not modeling he’s being an artist in Brooklyn / inspiring Misha’s Spring 15 collection.)

Original image shot by Tommy Ton for Style.com

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