The Rules to Life

You take the good, you take the bad you put ’em together and what do you have?


We’ve covered the rules to style, the rules to cool and cool dads (no rules) too. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. 

If life came equipped with a giant textbook — one covered in rich fabric and gold lettering with a thick spine that stood out so prominently on your shelf you could locate it backwards while addressing any problem that stood before you (“Ah, awkward encounter with an ex? Yes, yes, let me see. Chapter 5, I have the solution right here!“) then things would be a lot easier. We’d probably learn less, but still. Easier.

Unfortunately, no such book exists. Apparently printing is really expensive these days and no one’s done a fabric cover since Belle made them go mainstream during her melodic soliloquy about libraries and literature. But there does exist a list of 10 rules to life; rules that don’t necessarily solve problems but offer preemptive strikes against 21st century headaches:

Rule #1: Never comment on a Facebook picture.


No matter how dumb your friend looks, how beautiful the sunset is or how cute So-and-so’s baby is, commenting on a Facebook photo is a trap. Until that pic stops proliferating, you, my friend, will be stuck in a cycle of notifications more impossible to exit than a group chat or Chandler Bing’s gym. Save the comments for Instagram and keep Facebook a safe haven of quiet stalking.

Rule #2: Smashing your keyboard or slamming your phone into a wall will not fix the technological problem you’re experiencing.


It seems counterintuitive, but trust me.

Rule #3: Don’t forget that no one can see you typing in an e-mail; take your time.


We’ve become so accustomed to the pressure of a text recipient watching our thoughts formulate via that evil, ticking time bomb of an ellipsis that we’ve forgetten no other forms of communication (save for in-person, perhaps) require such immediate wit. Take your time with an email. Let it marinate. Let the punchline come organically. If it doesn’t, you’ve got one free pass to cry 21st-century “wolf”: “It got lost in my Spam Folder!”

Rule #4: Stop analyzing Instagram “likes” from someone you IRL-like.


Nine times out of ten it doesn’t mean anything.

Rule #5: If you have a lighter, a Band-Aid, a safety pin and a piece of gum, you will always be able to make a friend.



Consider the amount of times someone has asked you for one of the above, then think about all of the times you said no. Missed opportunities. The Boy Scouts knew what was up when they said, “Always be prepared.”

Rule #6: If you want the booth seat, ask for the booth seat.


That moment before all parties are seated is an awkward game of being unnecessarily polite. Everyone wants the booth. …Everyone except someone with a serious bladder problem, and even then they want the booth if there’s a somewhat simple exit strategy. Moral: if you want it, just call it. The booth is like yelling “shotgun” — the slow bird gets the hard chair.

Rule #7: If you forget an umbrella, it will rain. If you bring an umbrella, it will not.


If you bring an umbrella and it rains, the umbrella will break.  Don’t argue with science and learn when to admit defeat.

Rule #8: A rule of thumb when drunk: you’ll never regret the text you didn’t send.


A fact of life: you will probably send it anyway. Blame your friend, then delete any evidence on your phone. If you can’t view it, it didn’t happen. Bonus points for deleting only selected parts of the conversation to make yourself appear like the one who truly has his or her shit together. Pray the drunk-text recipient doesn’t screen shot.

Rule #9: A cheap razor is never worth it.


Shortcuts are always met with actual cuts. Whether you forgot your razor while on vacation or you’re at the office wearing natural wool stockings that need to be stripped before a meeting, invest in an emergency razor that actually works to avoid bleeding, irritation, and coworkers pointing out that you missed a spot.

Rule #10: Don’t fall asleep in cabs.


Cabs are deceitfully familiar. They cradle you in comfort after long nights or red eye flights despite the fact that they often smell like soup, and with the window cracked and the soft television glow of Sandy Kenyon on mute, it’s easy to feel as though you’re cozy in bed with the tube left on. But you must stay awake. If not for safety reasons — a friend of mine once woke up to a drug deal between her driver and a stranger about 200 blocks north of home — then because no one in this economy has enough cash or credit to cover the cost of anything over a $30 nap.

Use these rules to guide you through the weekend, or throw them out the window with your 9-5 bra. Either way, add your own, have a wonderful Labor Day and we will see you Tuesday for the kickstart of a week/month dedicated to your favorite topic and mine: burritos. I mean bagels. I mean coffee. JK…FASHION.

For more rules, click here. Or you know, you can always watch an episode of The Chatroom. Or you can talk about brow gel. OR! Read about a new designer, because why not. We don’t make the rules, we just eat them.

Illustrations by Charlotte Fassler

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  • This is perfection, I’m putting it on my wall! 😀

  • Love this (especially the reference to Chandler Bing’s gym haha!)

  • Quinn Halman

    Amelia, you’re flawless, taking these rules with me. I’m keeping #4 in mind and I’ve learned lesson #9 the hard way.
    PS: Charlotte, you’re killing it with these illustrations

  • mollie blackwood

    These are great. Especially the facebook photo comments. Nope, that notification isn’t for you… it’s because you commented on your friends photo.

  • your like a minderreader! I recently “experienced” number 8 AGAIN, I was so ashamed the next day!

    x Karen

  • Andddd out of all of the sites in the world, content like this is why this one is my favorite.

    Off on a backpacking trip now… Peace!

  • ee_by_cc

    Thanks so much, because I’ll definitely be singing the Facts of Life theme song for possibly the entire weekend now. I guess that’s ok, since I’ve had the Golden Girls theme song on loop in my head for about a month.

    Anyways…spot on post. For Rule #2: Every IT person I know has told me that turning off and then back on WILL solve the problem. I’m still in the testing phase of that hypothesis.

    • dustUP

      It’s true, but only partly, as that is a typical advice for adult Mac users only. Mac users that are younger than 12 can control their devices telepathically, and PC users of all ages need to employ some more profound and diverse troubleshooting techniques, some of which might include manual stimulation.

      • MSCFBeeches

        LOL!! @ “Mac users that are younger than 12 can control their devices telepathically”

      • ee_by_cc

        Extremely astute!

  • also, people who have aspirin in the office to help out all hungover friends! the beeeeeeeeest!

  • Love the one about Facebook! So true! And I’m putting some gum in my purse as we speak 🙂

  • yes i needed this


  • Natalia

    You can comment and then unfollow the post so that the notifications don’t harass you for a month 😛

  • MSCFBeeches

    The silent booth seat struggle is so annoying. The same people always want it! And the other people want a turn. So everyone approaches the seating looking so lowkey intense and suspicious like it’s an old western showdown. A lot of times I play the bigger, but disappointed, person and chair-sits. But I want to be the little person, happy in a booth damn it.

  • Marylou

    I love love LOOOOOOVE this post!!!!!

  • love the facts. your style of writing is hilarious too
    xx Anita

  • Bea Hervella

    With Whatoweather, a free app, you will avoid rainny troubles

  • alyssa

    These are all so accurate and so perfect. <3

  • Aisyah

    Hahahahahahaha!!! This had me laughing in stitches, such a great read 🙂 Thank you so much for this!!!!

  • #3. Those 3 little bubbles were the end of my happiness. So embarrassing. I adore the illustrations here!

    Warm Regards,

  • Jeanean

    Rule number five so totally true I am adding them to my pre-existing friendly kit. This currently includes: Backup Feminine Hygiene Products, Tylenol, Motrin and a tiny Military Sewing Kit! If I can get all this into an Altoid tin I will rule (except for the FHP, those always go in that little pocket at the back of my purse).
    Rule number seven is true unless you currently live or have lived in the Netherlands. Where it rains all the time! Once you’ve lived there you bond with your umbrellas and they are much more supportive.
    This was a really fun post.

  • Kristy

    Rule number 6 spoke to me, rule number 10 is creepy. Clearly I don’t live enough.

  • Luciana Safdie

    This is perfect. Kinda reminds me of a book my grandma once gave me called Debrett’s Etiquette for Girls – which even includes rules for dealing with a one night stand, or encountering your ex bff who ditched you for your crush.

  • I absolutely love ready this haha! Genius! <3

  • KatleenMara | The Modern Alice

    Most brilliant post ever!! (Seriously. I literally Lol’d!)

  • meg

    This is awesome. I love the bit about sending text messages while you are drunk….GUILTY over here and lesson learned!

  • Love this!

    Magee /

  • ariel cherie.

    Yes to ALL of this, especially the Facebook comments. I instantly regret it anytime I make one.

  • Z

    You can unfollow a picture/post you’ve commented on! Just click on “stop notifications” next to the like and comment button…possibly the best thing I’ve ever discovered.

  • thedailymiacis

    This is so good!!! 😀 Love the reference to Chandler´s Bing Gym xDD I’m still laughing, made my day!

  • Man Repeller is now officially my favorite site ♥

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ // I`m on Bloglovin! // IG: @jiaachacruz:disqus

  • Life Talks

    This is such a lovely post. I really like the pictures as well

  • I’ll just add to Rule #5: if you have bobby pins, hair ties and/or tampons you have immediately achieved best friend status in my Rules of Life Book.

  • Emily

    SO great.

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  • kartika

    loved it!
    check out my stuff too?

  • Melissa

    These are gold. So much better than the lists I’ve been reading on thoughtcatalog!

  • Vivianne

    You lost me at rule #2. Even if hitting the computer does not get rid of the spinning pizza of doom, it will help.

  • lizzy benjamin

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  • Man Repeller – Always telling it like it is.

  • Megan Small

    Really funny, charming, self-deprecating writing. My favorite kind to read.

  • shayna121

    So good. As usual.

  • Margogogo

    The boy scout motto is actually just “be prepared”. There’s no “always”. Just FYI! 🙂


    • Amelia Diamond

      they’re just testing you!!!

  • Melike Çulcuoğlu

    sorry, number 2 doesn’t work that way in turkey. we fix most of the technological stuff by hitting

  • nerelle

    Rule #1: Feeling so popular when I open up Facebook in a new tab and see all these notifications (not) for me!

  • MilkVelvet

    Love these but rule no. 7 is the best and so true! 🙂 Damn that rain man!

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